Jayalailitha the AIADMK Leader is a Tamil Nadu Indian, and a Patriot of India.

By Charles.S.Perera

Karunanidhi had said that AIADMK Leader Jayalalitha is not a Tamil for not condemning the Lanka Army Commander for calling Karunanidhi group of political jokers, jokers. We can understand Jayalalitha's reluctance to condemn the Sri Lanka Army Commander for calling the Karunanidhi group of Tamil Nadu politicians jokers.

It is because, Jayalalitha the AIADMK leader is not a joker. It is those Karunanidhi Group consisting of Vaiko, Ramados, Kanimozi etc., who are the Tamil Nadu political jokers.

Secondly Jayalalitha did not join the Karunanidhi group of jokers, not only because she is not a joker, but also because she is a Tamil Nadu Indian, who is a patriot of India. There is no need for her to interfere into to the affairs of the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka to save a group of ruthless terrorists, who had killed Rajiv Gandhi, and have discredited all Tamils, whether they are the Tamils of India, Tamils of Malaysia, Tamils of Canada, Tamils of Australia? Tamils of Netherland , or Tamils of UK.

The Karunanidhi group of jokers are not patriotic Indians but Tamil Nadu Tamils, who do not know how to mind their own business.

Tamil Nadu Tamil politicians following Karunanidhi, are the jokers who have forgotten their responsibility to the Tamil Nadu Indians who had voted them to look after their political interests. They have suddenly realised they have a greater responsibility, to the terrorists in Sri Lanka, than to their fellow Tamil Nadu Indians, and are hell bent to save the ruthless terrorists who had been terrorising the people of Sri Lanka for the past three decades.

If the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh shivers in fright before the Karunanidhi and his gang of jokers, they will next propose Prabhakaran to attack New Delhi. Therefore it is high time that Manmohan Singh wakes up to tell the Karunanidhi crowd of jokers, where they get off.

These Karunanidhi Group of jokers, after pretending to help the Tamil Civilians in Kilinochchi, now want Manmohan Singh to intervene to ask the Government of Sri Lanka to give the Eelam State to the terrorists.

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