Office of President or Chief Justice cannot change man , but man can change Office of President or Chief Justice.(Speaking of Office, as an Official Position).

By Charles.S.Perera

Every Office is after all held by a man. But the man must rise to be worthy of the Office he holds, to embellish it. The Office itself cannot raise the man to be worthy of it. Man is small physically and mentally. The physical smallness could be enhanced by mental greatness. However, the physical size alone cannot make the man fit into an Office. But mental greatness could even outsize the Office he holds. Office cannot spoil the man , but the man can spoil the Office.

It is so whether it is the President of a Sovereign State, a Chief Justice, A Commander of the Armed Forces, Director of an Enterprise, or even a religious dignitary. An Office has no distinction, it may be a high Office, or a lower Office. There was the Soldier who hit Rajiv Gandhi with the but of his gun, when he was inspecting the Guard of Honour. That soldier was not worthy of the office, and the office had not made him a worthy man.

The Office carries power and if the man is not worthy of the office, he will misuse his power. But if he is a man of worth, he will use the power that goes with the office with humility for the good of the many, without rancour or jealousy. A man has both goodness and badness within him. Hence the office that a man holds will be a mixture of the goodness and the badness of the man who holds it.

In Illinois in America a Governor is being charged for attempting to sell the President Elect Obama's Senate seat for the highest bidder. This Governor is not worthy of the office, and the office had not made him a worthy man.

Put the wrong man in an Office to which he is not suited, you may not know what results would come out of it. A man's mind is influenced by attachment, desire, aversion, jealousy, hatred, and delusion. These emotions control a man's actions by body, word, or thought . When the emotions of anger or jealousy is present in the mind , the Office he occupies will be affected by those emotions. That may put the country and the people in danger.

It could happen any where, with any Office. If you make a man not worthy of the Office a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He could make any judgement, make any one do any thing he wants. If you do not obey his judgement, he can condemn you to prison for contempt of court. No body can check him because he is the law.

He can interfere into the affairs of the Legislature, affairs of the executive, as well as those of Justice. And if his mind is overcome with emotions of jealousy, he may become jealous that the President has more power in that Office as the Head of State, than he has in his.. He may then use his Office to dominate the President, using his Office to make legal decisions to control the actions of the President.

On the other hand if the man who is put in Office of Chief Justice, is a wise and worthy man he will make the Office he holds a gem, the Office will make the man greater, and make him a beacon of justice.

Office is made for a man according to his education, and qualifications, but education, and qulifications alone do not make a man suitable for the Office.

It is the same with the Office of the President, if you put the wrong man in to the Office of President, he will make the people and the country miserable. In Chile, in South America a man not worthy of the Office, became the President. He suspended the Parliament and became a dictator, ruled the country with an iron hand for 16 years, during which period 3197 people who opposed his regime were killed , and 967 people were reported to have disappeared.

There is the story of King Yasalalake who wanted to make a practical joke and got his door keeper to put on his Kingly dress and pretend to be the King. And the King stood at the door. The door keeper was not suitable to the Office, and his emotions of pride, anger and jealousy rose in him to make use of the temporary Kingly Office cast on him, to kill the real King, and rein the Kingdom in his place.

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