India digging her own grave

R Malhotra Mumbai India

As a responsible democratically elected leader, the Prime Minister of over one-billion of people in India, Dr Manmohan Singh should categorically reject, without any reservations or conditions, the racist demands made by some of the pro-LTTE politicians in Tamil Nadu.

The pro-LTTE politicians in Tamil Nadu, who seem to be in the LTTE pay-roll, demand that India should interfere and a ceasefire agreement (CFA) be made between the Government of Sri Lanka and the world deadliest terrorists, the LTTE, who assassinated the former Indian Prime Minister, Shri Rajiv Gandhi, and many other Tamil political leaders, religious leaders and innocent Tamils who opposed or, did not support their terror activities.

The so-called CFA, as in the past, will definitely provide a breathing space for LTTE to re-arm, re-group and continue to their terrorist activities.

Our Prime Minister should be fully aware that LTTE has very well established business links with many other leading international terrorist organizations in the world. Therefore, any actions taken by you to protect the LTTE which is in the verge of collapse will help to development of terrorist activities in Indian soils as well.

About two weeks ago, I myself witnessed the suffering of innocent Indians during the Mumbai terror attacks. Most of the victims were ordinary civilians and none of them were politicians neither from the central Government nor from the state of Tamil Nadu.

Being the Prime Minister of India, you have the moral responsibility to protect all the countries in this region, rather than being selfish retain in power. So, the world expects you to discharge those responsibilities as the Prime Minister of India and not as another "cheap" politician who will do whatever the "dirty" work to be in power.

I am sure, you have not forgotten that the leader of LTTE Pirapaharan is wanted by India with regard to the assassination of Shri Rajiv Gandhi.

At the moment, as a result of LTTE, every Tamil in the world is branded as a "Terrorist" by the international community. If the demands by pro-LTTE politicians are accepted by Dr Manmohan Singh, all Indians living in India and in other parts of the world will fall into the same boat and our credibility will be lost.

Dr Manmohan Singh should be fully aware that the next episode of the pro LTTE groups will be demanding the state of Tamil Nadu as an Eelam (Separate country solely for Tamils). If Dr Manmohan Singh surrenders to these racist demands of pro-LTTE politicians in Tamil Nadu, our grandchildren will definitely be reading Indian history books where your name is documented under the "Traitors of India"

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