Blake vomits out all that is rotten in his guts, talking about a political solution.

By Charles. S. Perera

Robert. Blake is an inveterate diplomatic meddler, and he is going to keep it up until he his recalled. He is like Prabhakarana in a way. There is a psychological term to explain some one when completely beaten up, turns back to fight to his last with his wall to his back like a cornered animal . That is what Prabhakaran is doing now. He has nothing to loose he will give the last of his remaining strength to fight back.

It is the same with Blake. He will keep up his cry of a political solution unto the last, ad nauseam, Because that is all that remains of what he thought would happen to the Government Forces of Sri Lanka, engaging itself for a military solution with Prabhakaran's massive armed force. So why should Robert Blake change now that he is also cornered, and finds himself in the same situation of the proverbial cat that " sh…..ted" on the rock ?

Worst of all he does not know where he would be after the 20 January,2009. Therefore he is trying to make his biggest lion's roar now, when he still has the chance to do so , with the diplomatic credentials he still wears.

He had, since he had opened his mouth first after coming to Sri Lanka as the US Ambassador, been telling the same thing, that there is no military solution to terrorism but a political solution. He will go on telling that until he gets into the plane on the day he departs from Sri Lanka.

Blake is one of those who thought that the President Mahinda Rajapakse will never be able to defeat the evil forces of terrorism. He was expecting to make the speech, justifying their warning for a political solution rather than a military one, when the Government Forces are defeated by Prabhakaran, beginning loudly as he can " I told you so……etc."

Now that the situation has changed, and the government Forces have proved that the Frankenstein, Blake had been painting, is only a cardboard image, he is left with no other words than those he had collected during the course of the two years of the war against terrorists, talking about a political solution.

Therefore, it is a sheer waste of time to tell Blake why it is not possible to come to a political solution with the terrorists, and that the terrorists are being defeated in a military solution that the terrorists themselves forced upon the government. Blake is only vomiting out his guts which he had crammed with his "bull shit" talk about a political solution.

We have heard it so much that our physical system get blocked from the stink that emanates the moment he opens his mouth to dribble out the old filth about the political solution. The International Community will never be the friends of developing countries. They want to keep the leadership of the world for themselves, and feed the puny developing countries from the bread crumbs that fall from their lavish dining tables.

Blake speaks highly of the INGOs, when we see from images coming from regions liberated by the Government Forces that the INGOs/NGOs seem to have done nothing. What surprises are the earth bunds built with tractors left with terrorists by the Norwegian NGOs.

The Government of Sri Lank has taken appropriate decisions at appropriate time in the war with the terrorists. And progressive development programs and projects have been executed. The Sri Lanka Government knows best when to take up the question of devolution of power.

The terrorists as long has they hold to their guns cannot assume to be the representative of the people. There are practical difficulties to make the people who had been suffering for three decades under the iron boots of terrorism, to accept a democratic system. They have to be inducted to it, and with the groups of LTTE terrorists still lurking in liberated areas including the East, the people are bound to continue to suffer from fear, distrust, and loss of confidence.

Every thing in the liberated areas cannot expected be without problems. Even communal relation ships are bound to remain strained. It will take a long time before the people would be psychologically apt to accept change from those hectic days under terrorism , sudden calm and peaceful existence that is being introduced into the regions.

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