While Terrorists are cornered in Kilinochchi – there are those who still try to protect terrorists, without demanding them to lay down arms for the sake of the civilians.

By Charles.S.Perera

As Kilinochchi gets too heated for the LTTE terrorists, with the approach of the government forces, a plethora of websites carry articles to find ways and means to draw the attention of the International Community to help the terrorists to save their skins.

National Security Advisor of India, M K Narayanan predicts that Sri Lanka may win the battle against the Tamil Tigers but not the war as 'they haven't got the Tamil population on their side. To go with it was a opinion poll by a news paper in Tamil Nadu showing a large percentage of the Tamil Nadu Population against Sri Lanka.

Narayanan is of course playing to the Tamil Nadu, which if not correctly handle will be a hotspot for India's future existence . If the Tamil Nadu claims independence from the Central Government of Indian, there would be many more State to follow. In such a situation India will disintegrate like USSR. Therefore it is in the interest of India to be supportive of Tamil Nadu and dance to its tune.

Manmohan Singh, shamelessly snubbed Pillaiyan the Chief Minister of the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, and received the LTTE Terrorist Agents of the TNA, to score political mileage. That was not in keeping with the decision taken at the SAARK Summit to fight against terrorism.

India is unable to stand up erect as a "Nation of United States", to take decision affecting its foreign policies without fear or fervour. As far as Sri Lanka is concerned, India's political decisions are weighed to please the Tamil Nadu politicians –Viko and the rest.

The plight of the LTTE terrorist with the advancing Government, has become the concern of many terrorist lovers fanning on with their humanitarian dribble, to make the heat on the terrorists in Kilinochchi tolerable, seeking a possible way out from their sure fall to the government forces.

Strangely, none of these humanitarians who are ready to criticise the government, and the Security Forces, demand the terrorists to lay down their arms and surrender, instead of holding the civilian population as a human shield to save their unworthy lives.

Nor has the Government of India asked the terrorists to lay down their arms and agree to negotiate with the government for a peace settlement instead of putting the lives of the civilians in danger. MK Narayanan could have very well mentioned that in his interview to the Straits Times.

Everyone seems to want to implicate the Government for the situation in which the terrorist are now in without pointing a finger at the terrorists as they are responsible for the suffering of the civilians in Kilinochchi,. Some of the headlines of the reports appearing in number of websites today-the 14 August,2008 seems more sympathetic towards the terrorists.

Reuters- Thousand s displaced by fresh Sri Lanka figting.

Tamil Week- Aid Agencies struggle to cope as numbers of displaced soars in Kilinochchi.

BBC – Desperate plight of Tamil Civilians.

BBC- CAFFE predicts a most violent election.

Bottom Line- The Mood Change in Tamil Nadu.

LNP- Secret Talks with the terrorists-UNP

Bottom Line – Unemployed graduates vow to fight till end.

Tamil Week- Prayers to safe return to own villages.

Tamil Week- Civilian Population must not be compromised by military agencies.

Lanka Guardian- Kilinochchi receives greater number of IDPs

Lanka Guardian- Toronto's Seminar: Solution now, or never at great peril.

Lanka Guardian- Toronto's Public Meeting on Peace in Sri Lanka.

ICRC assists thousands of displaced civilians.

JVP –As conflict accelerates combined effort to counter government oppression

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