Open Letter to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, UN

By Ben Silva UK

Dear Sir,

LTTE terrorist and racist activity in Sri Lanka, INGOs and statement by the UN Chief

I am referring to the recent statement on Sri Lanka, Sept. 08, made by the UN Secretary General.

I am glad that the UN is concerned about the situation in Sri Lanka, and shall be thankful if you would kindly consider the content of this letter. The Sri Lankans had to face the terror of LTTE for over 25 years and they feel enough is enough. War is nasty and should be avoided if possible. Sri Lanka has no option but to defeat the terrorists, as no one would be safe if the terrorists are allowed to exist. Please do not forget that LTTE agents mingle with civilians, pretend to be civilians and kill civilians, key Politicians and key GoSL officials. LTTE is known to possess chemical weapons and their aircraft could be used as flying bombs.

In a nut shell, in a manner similar to the racist mind set of Hitler, LTTE is on a mission to carve out a part of Sri Lanka, for a mono ethnic, racist state.

It is rather sad that many feel the protection UN gave to Sri Lanka, a country run by a democratically elected Government, to defend itself from empire building racists, is very similar to the protection UN gave to the people in Srebrenica. This is however not surprising as UN has Mutts in charge of education, who protested when the terror propaganda radio station was silenced and had a clueless madam in charge of HR. It is fair to ask, has the UN expressed concern, when the terrorists killed seven innocent civilians in Kotiyagala. Did the UN express concern when US forces killed 20 civilians, including women and children in the village of Angoor Adda.

It is vital that Sri Lanka eliminate the terrorist threat, even though there could be collateral damage. Do I need to remind the UN that two atom bombs were dropped in Japan to stop their aggression and this bombing resulted in deaths of over 220000 people. Many have suffered and died from radiation related illness. UN need to be aware that allied forces dropped in excess of 3900 tons of high explosives over Dresden causing over 40000 civilian deaths, so that the world war could be ended early. Also do not forget that the recent invasion of Iraq has resulted over 100000 civilian deaths. These figures ought to be seen by naive officials in AI and HRW who merely parrot LTTE propaganda. Any potential collateral damage in Sri Lanka would be tiny and negligible. AI and HRW have lost credibility in Sri Lanka, and many feel that these bogus Human rights groups may have been infiltrated by LTTE agents. Some even suspect that LTTE money is oiling corrupt INGOs, who act as the mouth piece of LTTE.

Many feel that the pain and suffering in Sri Lanka is due to the failure of UN to deal with terrorism firmly and also due to UN turning a blind eye to terrorist fund raising and arms procurement.

In fact both AI and HRW have been silent on the recent massacre of civilians at Kotiyagala, by LTTE. The biased and anti Sri Lanka stand of AI and HRW was visible, when they campaigned against Sri Lanka. Many see them as bogus, biased terrorist supporting groups. Many feel that AI, HRW and other LTTE supporting INGOs are parasites, making a living from the misery faced by Humans. Because of the apathy shown by UN in dealing with terrorism, Sri Lankans had to suffer pain and death. LTTE has used stage managed propaganda, lies, deception and disinformation to mislead the world. Ms Arbour, who was attached to UNHRC, regularly issued pro LTTE and anti GoSL statements. Her statements clearly indicated that she was clueless about the true situation in Sri Lanka, and her statements displayed her arrogance and monumental stupidity. It is thought that UN officials get their information from INGOs. Many suspect that some INGOs are corrupt and sympathetic towards terrorists and feed UN officials with false information. There have been many instances where INGOs have provided the terrorists with food and machinery. INGOs have been accused of imperialism, neo-colonialism, carrying out Western foreign policy, conversions of the poor to Christianity, vilifying Governments, even funding anti-Government political campaigns & most recently aiding & abetting terrorist & separatist doctrines [10]. Unethical conversion, brazenly carried out by some INGOs seriously damage the culture, heritage and the unity of Sri Lanka.

It has to be said that UN has double standards. It maintains deafening silence over U.S. Special Forces carrying out ground assaults in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the large number of civilian deaths, in excess of 100000 in Iraq.

It is rather sad that GoSL has no structured mechanism to deal with highly organised and influential disinformation and propaganda machine of LTTE. LTTE has used the illegally acquired wealth of LTTE to buy influence and carry out disinformation. A system is needed to convey information on bombings, massacres, destruction to public property, destruction to the railways, electricity supply system, public transport system, damage to the economy caused by LTTE to the world. This system could be in the form of exhibitions, news bulletins, video clips, audio clips, Web pages and so on. In my view it is absolutely essential that Sri Lanka has a coordinator to inform the world about the true situation in Sri Lanka.

Libya was induced to pay for the victims of its terrorist activities. It is well known that funding for LTTE terrorism is from Western countries. If there is any justice at all in the world, then these Western countries that allow fund raising to be carried out should be made responsible and requested to compensate the victims.

If there was no terrorism, there would be no human rights abuse in Sri Lanka. The obvious solution to stop human rights abuse in Sri Lanka is to eliminate terrorism.

Almost every day we hear of terrorist bombs or murders committed by terrorists against innocent civilians. Media reports ( indicate that LTTE terrorists have massacred seven defenceless, innocent farmers in cold blood. This is unfortunately a routine occurrence in Sri Lanka. If the terrorists are allowed to exist, then bombings and the murder of innocent people would be the norm. It is time that UN and bogus HR organisations such as AI and HRW remove their blinkers and ear plugs and recognise the true nature of LTTE. The LTTE terrorist group want to emulate the Chola invaders and want to carve out a part of Sri Lanka, for their racist, fascist, mono ethnic Tamil state. By using deception and lies, nearly 2 million Tamils have managed to obtain bogus refugee status in Western countries. UN has failed to recognise that nearly 2 million bogus refugees fund the terror war and UN has done nothing pragmatic to stop the fund raising by LTTE.

Lesson on human rights to UN

For people in developing countries, the basic human rights would be have food, water shelter, security and a job so that they can pay for food, water and shelter. UN officials should stop being the mouth piece for terrorists and should work towards providing food, water and shelter and jobs for all humans.

If UN officials bother to find out about Maslow’s theory of motivation and human needs [3], then they would know that what the average Sri Lankan want most is having enough healthy food, air, water to survive and physical safety & security. Thousands of poor Sri Lankans are dying in NCP, due to poor quality water and we do not hear much from UN about solving their problems about basic needs to have clean drinking water. Bogus HR organisations such as AI and HRW are completely silent about the plight of the people in NCP, who are dying in thousands, due to lack of clean drinking water.

Hundreds die in Sri Lanka due to terrorist action, resulting from insufficient safety and security. When the GoSL is taking appropriate action, all we hear from UN officials is meaningless statements. Ms Arbour ignored the kidnapping by LTTE of Tamil children from their homes , temple festivals, roads , playgrounds and the schools and brainwashing them [12] to become killers and suicide bombers

It would be beneficial if UN officials deal with eliminating poverty in the world, rather than become the defender of empire building racist terrorists.


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