Why Take on Dr. Dayan J?

Sisira Pereira, Panadura

It is with great concern that I read the news article by one Mr. Salem Chetti Jagan in the Lankaweb on a possible fallout of Dr Dayan Jayathilaka with the Foreign Minister and the High Commissioner to the UN as a result of a letter penned by the former in response to the British Foreign Secretary. As a laymen who has been following the battle of the GOSL against the LTTE in many fronts both locally and internationally, I have come to the conclusion that Dr. Jayathilaka has been doing yeoman service from Geneva to efficiently tackle the immense challenge of defeating pro-LTTE led fronts trying to belittle the sovereignty of Sri Lanka at a drop of a hat.

If the story is true that the SL foreign minister and the High Commissioner are “pissed off” by what Mr. Jayathilaka has had to say in a letter in response to the words of the British Foreign Secretary, I saw nothing “appaling” in what Mr. Jayathilaka has said. Mr. Jayathilaka has been quite vocal in answering many “opportunistic” critiques in the print media and in many forums at the UN, which is what Sri Lanka lacked for many years but only saw kowtowing to foreign interference and malicious propaganda critics of many guises. As a nation, I believe that Dr. Jayathilaka has done the right thing in speaking his mind in response to what he believes as “unfounded” criticism of the actual ground scenario in Sri Lanka. When the western forces are ready to bark at the GOSL allegeing that it is violating the “supreme” rights of the media to freely express what they want to say, even at the risk of jeopardizing public security and national security, what harm does it do when Mr. Jayathilaka chooses to wrap some British aristrocat on their knuckles a bit for taking evasive action instead of praising a land, once they ruined for over 150 years during their rule, for trying to stand up in the face of gruesome terrorism of the highest order?

If people like Matsuyamas of the UNICEF can take the liberty to condemn the destruction of a terrorist transmission centre by the legitimate security forces of Sri Lanka, if Kofi Annan of the UN could take the liberty to send his sympathies to a dead LTTE terrorist in Sri Lanka , if Louis Arber of the UN could take on the SL forces for doing its legitimate job of destroying terrorists and choose utter nothing against the terrorists, if the Canadian High Commission could take the liberty to “enforce” itself behind a person like Rama Mani, who had stealthily conspired against the SL state,

What’s wrong with Dr. Jayathilaka, being our ambassador to the UN, taking the same liberty to speak his mind against all these foreign forces who have proven their track record of siding with the separatists rather than with the democratically elected GOSL?

On the other hand, Britain has housed two notorious LTTE criminals for many a year now, namely, Late Anton Balasingham the terrorist and his wife Adel Balasingham the terrorist without even thinking to take any legal action against them. And What has the SL High Commissioner in UK has done about those things? Still Adel Balasingham is in the UK, and her terrorist husband died in the UK and got a decent Burrial with the participation of many local and foreign delgates. What has the SL HC has done about them?

And, more importantly, what has the Foreign Minister done about them? Why take on Dr. Jayathilaka, instead, for doing what is right?

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