World Tamil Movement In Canada Incarcerated By Canadian Authorities As LTTE Terrorist Supportives Put In Perspective!

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April 15th 2008
Rhetoric laced innuendo and fabrications are the only response Terrorists Supportive groups in Canada can come up with quite expectedly when cornered by the authorities and to plead to the world that it was for Humanitarian aid, not for weapons is not in keeping with the realities which motivated the Canadian Authorities and Law Enforcement agencies to come down hard on the World Tamil movement in Montreal today.

Ongoing detailed investigations by many Canadian anti terrorist sources as well as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police point to the contrary that monies raised by certain Tamil groups in Quebec are not for humanitarian purposes as the leader of the World Tamil Movements's Montreal headquarters Siva, owner of the building leased to the World Tamil Movement, at 4160 Van Horne Ave. near Victoria St. has said to the media said today.This is in response to the crackdown on the organizations activities where their premises has been raided as cecond time in the space of two years.For the record, Quebec property listings also indicate that Siva bought the property in 1999 for $149,000. It's now evaluated by the city of Montreal at $352,500 where the conclusions drawn towards such an appreciable real estate value could handsomely offset the purchase price and the curiosities of who funded it in the first place perhaps needing further investigation.

This organization has been under investigation for six years and been previously raided in 2006 while operating as a non-profit organization and its membership has now been barred access to its headquarters since Friday by the RCMP who have reason enough to believe that the premises was used to propagate terrorist supportive activity.

That the RCMP has enforced a Federal Court restraining order against the group in Montreal and in Toronto comes as no surprise as both Toronto and Montreal for many years now have been hotbeds of activity for the purpose of fundraising for the LTTE terrorist cause back in Sri Lanka and up until the time they were officially banned in Canada many such organizations were blatantly going about their business of infamy at times steeped in nefarious methods involving drugs, prostitution, money laundering and other types of racketeering as well as intimidations and coercions on private individuals and went underground after they were banned but continued to operate under false pretexts and fronts as is the present case and what the Canadian authorities have done to clamp down on their activities need to be applauded as well as acknowledged as a tribute to Canadian Law enforcement and something which was a turnaround in response to the LTTE by the Conservative Government of Stephen Harper as opposed to the previously LTTE tolerant Liberals of Paul Martin.

When The RCMP accuses the WTM of funnelling money to the LTTE, better known as the Tamil Tigers, to finance a decades long internal armed terrorist insurrection in Sri Lanka they appear to have done so with tangible evidence and years of research and investigative procedures where the accused have no means to deny the RCMP claims purely by virtue of their arrogance, defiance and blatant manner laced in lame excuses that it was serving the Tamil Community as they also appear to have left a trail of guilt and liabilities towards the accusations and many Sri Lankans domiciled in both Toronto and Montreal have been aware of the goings on of such organizations although most of them would not come forward to testify against them for fear of reprisals. The Tigers are an outlawed terrorist group in Canada but in recent years especially after being proscribed have maintained a low profile about their public activities but it takes much more than that to fool the Canadian authorities as the turnaround of events in this case have proved.

There are no grounds for the World Tamil Movement to substantiate that "the raids are intended for the government to eventually confiscate the headquarters and that absolutely no funds go to military usage - everything is going for humanitarian use," beyond a response towards covering up liabilities which has also been the response of their legal representation which would obviously counter with legal jargon and excuses contrary to the direction of the Authorities and their investigation and in response to the news the Côte des Neiges premises of the WTM has been sealed off while the RCMP investigates the organization on more than mere suspicion of terrorist-funding activity as many believe they have left themselves open to this eventuality.

While Siva's rhetoric suggests that "it's more about politics than actually trying to find bad people." there seems to be much more to it that meets the common eye as the man's credentials aren't altogether legit being someone involved with another of the LTTE front organizations outlawed in the USA in the not too distant past namely the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization TRO.

By trade a heavy-machinery technician, Siva lives in LaSalle, Quebec a suburb of Montreal and is purported to be active in the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation, a charity that the U.S. government last November charged as a front for the Tigers while banning its operations in the USA.

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