Crushing The Tamil Tigers The Rajapaksha Way Courtesy Of The Sri Lankan Armed Forces

Insight By Sunil Kumar For LankaWeb

Sept.14th 2008

A man of his word, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has categorically ruled out negotiations with the Tamil Tigers, saying the Sri Lankan Armed Forces would soon destroy the rebel group and end the country's long-running insurgent war. In the same manner as the Commander of the Army, Lieut Gen.Sarath Fonseka, the President's dedications towards the objective has never wavered as the end of the Terrorist group which has plagued Sri Lanka for decades seems drawing ever closer with each passing day and the relentless armed forces onslaught.

Not mincing his words while addressing the media, the President has implied that the time for talks was over where the only option left for the rebels was to put down their arms and surrender or face total annihilation. He has been quoted as saying he was confident of imminent victory in the 25-year-old war with the rebels.

``I know they are getting weak,'' he said, "We can crush them, there is no question that we can't'' as the Armed Forces with aerial support pushes within a few kilometers of the rebel's central hideout in Kilinochchi.

Defence and military analysts, while acknowledging the government's recent military victories, have however expressed concerns that the separatist guerrillas might retreat into the Sri Lanka's northern jungles and continue their guerrilla war, while launching sporadic bombing attacks on civilians in government-held areas which has been a tactic used by the terrorists in the past but it is unlikely that they could maintain the intensity of belligerence they were previously known for towards any appreciable effectivity as their numbers are dwindling, their resources are cut off vastly and their morale shattered and there needs to be effective and swift mopping up operations effected by the Armed Forces which of late has indeed been a feature towards routing the vermin which continues even marginally to plague the Nation! " We won't allow them to go to the jungle, we will follow them until we get Velupillai Prabakharan and Pottu Amman,'' the President has said referring to the head of the Tamil Tigers and the rebel intelligence chief respectively.

Earlier Tuesday air force fighter jets bombed a rebel communications center and a logistics facility in two strikes further crippling the capabilities of the terrorists according to the latest military bulletin.

President Rajapaksa has said also said that he had no intention of letting the war simmer indefinitely which is indicative of his resolve and determination towards the objective.

Meanwhile, pro -terrorist websites have plied on the intensity of their exaggerations and innuendo that the terrorists are putting up a fierce resistance by showing falsified statistics of casualties and despite this the so called rebels' de facto state 'is headed towards a 'nil facto ' status as annihilation looms and the terrorists options dwindle towards no options.

With much of the communication to the North cut, it was not possible to reach rebel officials for comment which even with vaguest possibilities would in all probabilities have only resulted in falsified news reporting of a pro terrorist nature.

The official military reports indicate that the Armed Forces push continues across the northern front lines where there have been heavy terrorist casualties as well as some incurred by their own.

In Akkarayankulam village in the rebel stronghold of Kilinochchi district, soldiers have advanced about 4 miles into LTTE territory after battles killed 18 rebels and three soldiers, Fighting in three other areas killed 17 rebels where a total of 35 terrorist have been killed.

It is assumed that some 160,000 people have been displaced by the war with the terrorists forcibly confining many towards their role as human shields and slave workers about which aid workers who have been ordered out of the areas of heavy conflict expressed concern that the move could lead to a humanitarian crisis in the area.

President Rajapaksa has however countered by saying that relief organizations would be allowed back in once the rebels are forced out. The humanitarian crisis has in all probabilities been projected by the LTTE's forcible confinement and oppression of the people trapped in areas where they maintain their hideouts and the President has outlined his plans towards a quick response towards the humanitarian need once the terrorists are removed from the areas occupied by them which stands to reason.

The emphasis towards an imperative need to crush the LTTE terrorists is synonymous with the needs of the civilians trapped in the Wanni towards liberation from their pretended saviours ( the LTTE)which has motivated the direction of the Armed Forces and their CEO towards the impending big CRUSH!

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