Melamine using companies - come out & admit without waiting for test results

Shenali Waduge

The world became aware for the first time that melamine was used in powdered milk, infant formula, ice cream & yoghurt in China. This was after the deaths of 4 infants & after over 54,000 children became diagnosed with kidney failure & respiratory problems.

The use of melamine first in pet foods was detected by the US Food & Drugs Authority following the deaths of over 8500 pets due to kidney failure in 2007.

This nitrogen based compound used to make plastics is now being used in food products to increase the protein reading. For how long have the customers being fooled by these manufacturers?

It cannot be by an accident that the melamine has ended up in pet foods, infant formula, powdered milk, yoghurt, ice cream, biscuits & chocolates. We can but wonder how many other brands must have melamine added to increase protein content.

Some of these companies have won accolades for their CSR, their productivity & even for their standards. As anxious consumers wonder whether each item they buy has a content of melamine or not it besieges these companies to be brave enough to come out & admit that they have fooled us by including melamine in the foods they produce & sell. All these years their profits have been gained by deceit at least now they should be truthful to global consumers.

It is no surprise that people suddenly fall ill; doctors are unable to diagnose what is wrong. The vegetables we eat are full of insecticide, the poultry has hormones injected, the fish with formalin & now all other food & dairy products having melamine!

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