By Walter Jayawardhana

The pro-Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) website, The Tamil Net, is so angry with Norway these days and they do not think Norway is such a good friend after all.

In an editorial, that reflects the LTTE hierarchy’s thinking the Tamil Net asked, “Why a country such as Norway should take side against an ongoing struggle of a people, by officially coming out with statements on territorial integrity?” By the struggle , the opinion piece means the current war between them and the Sri Lanka armed forces. Their reference to territorial integrity is Norway’s support for the Sri Lankan territorial integrity.

In a strongly worded opinion column written by Chivanadi, the LTTE’s unofficial organ obviously expressed its growing frustration of backstabbing by friends such as Norway in the midst of the worst crisis it is facing currently, i.e. the loss of bastion after bastion in the ongoing war.
The LTTE is very upset over a statement published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway that said, "In light of the recent public debate about Norwegian policy towards Sri Lanka, the Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr Raymond Johansen, would like to stress the following:

"The policies guiding our engagement with Sri Lanka remain firm and will not change. Norway is committed to assist Sri Lanka in finding a solution to the ethnic conflict while respecting the country’s territorial integrity.”

The Norwegian government had to issue that statement since during a pro-LTTE Pongu Thamil rally during the previous day a Norwegian ruling party councillor had stated that the “Tamil people deserve a free and independent country.”

Since the LTTE is fighting for a free and independent county not only in Sri Lanka but also in Tamil Nadu, no doubt the foolish councillors uttering gave them something big to worry about.
The pro LTTE editorial attacked all Western countries and India who are making statements supporting Sri Lanka’s sovereignty as “powers aspiring for international imperialism or regional imperialism.”

The pro-LTTE editorial chided Norway by telling, “Whatever the compulsions may be, such a stand is likely to seriously affect the image, reputation and the role of Norway as a just facilitator of peace. Today’s world badly needs at least a few sane, neutral and upright countries as a last refuge of oppressed peoples all over the world.”

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