Raju Selva

There was a time I was proud of my Tamil heritage and took a pride of calling myself a Tamil. But now I am ashamed to call myself a Tamil when I see the elite of the Tamils living in affluent countries like UK, Australia, America in luxury, sending their children to best schools and universities are still supporting LTTE financially and doing propaganda for LTTE. The Tamil Diaspora never protested when innocent poor children as young as 10 years were recruited for LTTE’s child brigade and used use them as cannon fodder. They never protested when Tamil Leaders were killed by LTTE and treated them as traitors for Eelam cause.

LTTE is facing an acute shortage of men women and children to fight the gallant Tri Forces of the GoSL. They are therefore, not allowing any civilian (all civilians are Tamils in the LTTE controlled areas) to leave the LTTE controlled areas. Irrespective of the gender and age, they are forcibly ordering old and feeble men, children and women to join their fighting cadres to use them as cannon fodder to save the lives of the LTTE leader Prabhkaran and his top hierarchy. As reported today in the Daily Mirror (17/9/2008) “The Residents in Kilinochchi told BBC Sandeshaya that the Tamil Tigers are increasing pressure on families with two children to hand over one child to the movement to fight against the government forces.

"The Tigers come and take the children by force. Forcible recruitment of children has been worsened since about a year ago. It wasn't that bad until recently," the resident said.” Will the Tamil Diaspora who sends out media releases one after the other in support of LTTE send their children to Wanni to fight for LTTE?

Innocent civilians are barred from leaving LTTE controlled area to Government controlled areas despite UN General’s Secretary’s request asking LTTE to allow free movement of civilians to safe areas wherever they wish to go, for the following reasons (a) to use tem as cannon fodder (b) if a civilian dies in cross fire, LTTE can make a mountain of a mole hill for their propaganda to International Community to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka (c) LTTE is aware even as internally displaced person (IDPs) they will be well looked after by the Government than the hell they were living under LTTE. It has been reported by the Government circles that all logistics are in place to meet all contingencies of the IDPs by the GoSL.

I recently saw a Media Release by AFTA (Australian Federation of Tamil Associations) alleging the GoSL for genocide and asking the Australian Government to take appropriate diplomatic steps to stop. I can vouch being a Jaffna Tamil residing in Eastern province that the Government forces liberated Eastern Province from the clutches of LTTE without a single civilian being killed. This is a record that no country has ever achieved in a war situation. Therefore the claims by AFTA is appalling, baseless, utter false and only propaganda to boost the LTTE in their last stages of life. There is genocide by LTTE and not by the GoSL forces. Ashamedly, these Tamils living in affluent countries have started to lobby the UK and the Australian Government against Sri Lanka in order to stop the final assault by GoSL forces on LTTE.

I wrote a letter to Daily Mirror on August 5 2006 titled “Prabhakaran Leading Tamils up the Garden path”. It has become true today. As Island editorial very rightly mentioned, “Prabhakaran should be ashamed of hiding behind helpless men, women and children”. Prabhakaran now hiding behind innocent Tamil civilians including children and women and old people and make them as human shields to save his worthless life. What a coward he is and a cowardice act?

It’s the LTTE who brought misery to the Tamil People. The son of father of separatism Mr. SJV Chelvanayagam once said that more Tamils were killed by LTTE than all other ethnic groups. Mr. Anandasangaree endorsed this point of view and it is the stark truth. I read an article by one. Dr. Noel Nadesan who is of the same view and asking LTTE quote“Let My People Go in Peace to wherever they want to go"unquote. As Dr. Nadesan admitted, I was also a LTTE supporter at the beginning overwhelming with joy that Tamils will finally have a nation. But I was disillusioned of the fascist and tyrannical nature of the LTTE and its leader when LTTE started decimating the Tamil political leaders. Now LTTE is using our Tamil fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children as cannon fodder by not allowing them freedom to choose with whom they want to stay. Any decision by the innocent Tamil to remain in the areas under LTTE control would definitely be under duress and by force.

A recent media release by AFTA in the LTTE website Tamil Net (Australian Federation of Tamil Associations) says “Sri Lanka escalates genocide of the Tamil Nation and appeals to the Australian Government and the International Community to take appropriate diplomatic steps to prevent it. Firstly there is no Tamil Nation as such (albeit I am a Tamil like Dr. Noel Nadesan). Secondly this organization and British Tamil Forum (BTF) do not have any concerns for the innocent Tamil civilians who are being used as human shield (as they and their children are safe in Australia and London) to protect Prabhakaran. Simultaneously reports coming from London, British Tamil Forum (BTF) has also planned to meet some British MPs namely Thomas and Evans to get their support to speak against the Government of Sri Lanka in order to last minute attempt to stop the GoSL assault on LTTE. Instead, the International Community with one voice should ask LTTE not to use innocent Tamil civilians of all ages as cannon fodder and reprimand LTTE and those organizations operating in UK and Australia supporting LTTE overtly and covertly.

Knowing the mind set of Prabhakaran, I predict that within the next few weeks there will be mass killing of Tamil civilians by LTTE in the areas under their control in order to put the blame on the Government forces with genocide. Prabhakaran will do anything and stoop to the lowest level of humanity in the midst of his fear for death.

I wish to reiterate Dr. Nadesan’s appeal “Let My People Go in Peace to wherever they want to go”

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