Shripal Nishshanka Fernando


As the history belongs to Time, neither it can be changed nor distorted. Never there was a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka and never there will be one. Sri Lanka , the blessed country which does not boarder any other country but surrounded by the ocean is one of the most fortunate countries in the world. From the brief scientific geographical history of the world, one billion years ago, the supercontinent Rodania was formed and two hundred fifty million years ago formation of the supercontinent Pangaea took place with surrounding ocean Panthalassa.

Then two hundred million years ago, Pangaea began to split into separate continents: Gondwana to the south and Laurasia to the north, separated by the Tethys Sea . And then thirty four million years ago, Gondwanaland finishes breaking up, with Australia and South America separating from Antarctica and the tiny island Sri Lanka separated from the main continent ever since.

For thirty four million years Sri Lanka was a separate island and this is a unique geographical benefit. Blessed with a superb natural weather, the island enjoys beautiful landscape everywhere. As such, it is definitely a fact that the people living in this beautiful country are also heavenly fortunate to live there. Not only are they blessed with natural weather but also the people have an extraordinary sense of kindness and hospitality. The Sri Lankans give a broad warn welcome to any guest and prepared with a helping hand always. These are super human qualities. But only coward guests can misuse them.

This is the cause for the current terrorist problem in Sri Lanka today. When the South Indians (Tamils from TamilNadu) started migrating to Sri Lanka due to discrimination from the North Indians long time ago, Sri Lankans offered them more than a welcome and helped them to live in the north of Sri Lanka . Some of these Tamils who settled down in the north moved towards the south as they enjoyed the association of the Sinhalese and started living among them.

As centuries passed, the Tamils started to rebel against Sinhalese mostly due to pity religious reasons. That time, all Sinhalese were Buddhists and Tamils could never understand a bit of this philosophy. Tamils started massacring Buddhist monks and destroying Buddhist worshipping places thus causing a tension between Sinhalese and Tamils. Then a few wars took place between Sinhalese and Tamils and in many occasions, Sinhalese kings not only won the battles, but also ruled parts of the south of India as well.

These factorial truths belong to the history owned by the time.

In the light of the above, in today's crucial moment of national security of Sri Lanka , all peace loving people in the world should support the Sri Lankan security forces to unite the country and give the innocent Tamils who live in the heinous grip of the terrorist the freedom.

A united Sri Lanka can provide every Sri Lankan the value of freedom and liberty and everybody shall be able to live like brothers and sisters irrespective of their race or religion.

As brave Sri Lankan forces prepare to celebrate the final victory, we shall pray for their strength to protect the country.

Today the bold actions implemented by President Mahinda Rajapaksha as the Commander of the Armed forces with Secretary of Defence and Commanders of the forces to liberate the country from the terrorists are unprecedented and unique.

The world has realized that the Sri Lankan forces are not fighting with an ethnic group called Tamils but terrorists, the same way they had to fight with Sinhalese terrorists in 1971.

As a matter of fact, within few days, Sri Lanka will enjoy the victory.

May the Triple Gem and All Good Guardian Deities protect and guide Sri Lanka , the President, all security personnel and all peace loving people till eternity.

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