Is LTTE laying claim to whole of India?

Prof. Hudson McLean

The two articles published in LankaWeb, go to prove that the attempted formation of Eelam in Sri Lanka is just the begining of a global campaign to create a Federation of Tamil States in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Canada, UK, Norway etc.

Sri Lanka with the assistance of Norway would have given the LTTE terrorists to govern the entire Indian Ocean shipping.

Now the latest claim on India will set a dangerous scenario, unless Prabhakaran & Co are silenced for ever.

The governments in India, China should give all the assistance to Sri Lanka government to anihilate the vermin, once and for all!

Tamils are slaves in India: LTTE leader

“In ancient times the whole of India was a Tamil land. And the Chola kings (from Tamil Nadu) ruled over Sri Lanka for 70 years. Today, the Tamils are slaves in India and are fighting for their liberation in Sri Lanka,” Tamil daily ‘Sudar Oli’ quoted Thamilendhi as saying.

The finance commissar of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) , Thamilendhi has identified the group?s struggle with the Tamils of India and Malaysia and has accused India of enslaving the millions of Tamils living in India. In India?s Southernmost state of Tamil Nadu, the origin of Tamil Language, more than 60 million people speak the language and in Malaysia more than 3 million speak it.

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