Another humanitarian effort by the Manel Mal Movement

Shenali Waduge

In a symbolic effort underlying a need to unite as a nation the Manel Mal Movement on Tuesday 16th September at the National Library Services Council Board made an appeal to join their efforts to help Sri Lanka’s citizens now displaced as a result of the hostilities taking place in the North.

In another first the Manel Mal movement will leave for Vavuniya in a convoy that will reach Vavuniya on 20th September to distribute the essential items collected through its “Jana Udaya Ranagosa” program. The present exercise is a precursor to the successful program launched immediately after the Vakarai liberation in the East when the LTTE forcefully kept Tamil civilians as human shields.

Manel Mal movement’s decision comes as a backdrop to the hyped up “humanitarian crisis” being internationally projected by NGOs. Thus, the organizers message is loud & clear & is calling for the citizens of the country to unite & help their own.

The Manel Mal Movement is also preparing to undertake a train journey from Matara to Medawachchiya & stop at every station to collect essential items to be given to all Tamil brethren who have managed to flee LTTE custody.

When the country has reached a very critical & decisive juncture there is no better time like the present to show to the world that we can look after our own & this is the message that the Manel Mal Movement organizers wish to convey to the public.

Manel Mal Movement is calling upon all communities to unite in this humanitarian gesture that will once & for all show the world that united Sri Lanka cannot be divided. The move is a bold step towards national reconciliation where an island nation has suffered 25 years of unprecedented loss & misery. The healing process needs to start & what better way to unite the country’s people than the present humanitarian drive that calls for the support of all its citizens.

The 16th September press conference was conducted by Ven Bengamuwe Nalaka, Dr. Gunadasa Amerasekera, S.L. Gunesekra, Col Anil Amerasekera and Dimuth Gunawardena.

The list of essential items needed include unused clothes, toiletries, mosquito coils, dry rations, infant milk powder, mats, sheets, candles. Manel Mal Movement can be contacted at No. 18, Rodney Place, Colombo 08 - Tel / Fax : +94 (0)11-266 7512 or

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

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