Parties with Sinhala Majority should speak with one voice against terrorism.

By Charles.S.Perera

Problem of Sri Lanka compared to many nations of the developing world, is its inability to speak in one voice. At least the Sinhala dominated political parties, despite the accusation by the Tamil diaspora of being racists ,should rally together when the existence itself of the motherland is at stake.

The UNP, and the JVP have really turned traitors to the motherland at the most crucial hour of her need. They are fighting for price hikes of essential commodities when the enemies of the motherland are getting ready to divide the country. They are more worried about filling their hungry stomachs, when the poor soldiers risking their lives to fight the terrorists in Killinochchi are going without a decent meal for days, or perhaps weeks.

The UNP and JVP have no respect for the thousands of war heroes who had died in the effort to free the motherland from terrorism. Every incident is made an occasion to condemn the government and the President, even when it is quite evident the shameless massacres against the innocent people are carried out by the one and only enemy of the people the terrorists UNP yells from house tops that it is the government that is suspect.

The racism against the Majority Sinhala does not come from the ordinary Tamil people of Sri Lanka, be they the IDP in Kilinochchi or the ordinary Tamil people living elsewhere in Sri Lanka. It is a fact that should be seriously taken note of by the Sinhala people. Therefore, the Sinhala people should help and come to their assistance when ever a situation, to help, and assist the ordinary Tamil people arise. The Sinhala people should harbour no ill will against them.

The virulent racism against the Majority Sinhala comes from the Tamil diaspora, Tamil Nadu, and the local politicians of the UNP, SLMC,TNA. UNP (?) yes they are also racists of a special type, because they are with the terrorists , and is out to help the survival of terrorism.

You can see how these deplorable UNP politicians accused the government for the massacre at Anuradhapura where the Late General Janaka Perera and 27 others met with their tragic death, when all evidence showed without a shadow of a doubt that it was the work of the terrorists:

It was not only at the late General Janaka Perera's death but at all assassinations which pointed the one and only perpetrator ,of such crimes the terrorists, UNP jumped to the conclusion that the Government had a hand in it:

Tissa Attanayake UNP, General Secretary:

At the assassination of the MP. Late Mr.T.Maheswaran: Tissa Attanayake Said:

"The government had reduced his security after he was being critical of the government and the president, so the government should be held responsible for his killing," UNP general Secretary Tissa Attanayake told Reuters news agency.

At the Assassination of Late General Janaka Perera:

UNP General Secretary Tissa Aththanayaka said:

…. we have no trust on the investigations of the government and we believe they will lead to hide the culprits. Therefore, an independent investigation is essential and we urge to appoint an international

Rauf Hakeem, the leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress said

, "All the political killings of the recent history had a similar pattern. Without any probe the culprit was named as LTTE. The police that should commence the probe with an open mind, first of all ruled that the killing was carried out by LTTE. This stance is not in favor of an independent investigation."

Mangala Samaraweera SLFP-PW leader said.

"We are not definite if this killing was carried out by LTTE.
"Those who were killed in this attack are a few that were headaches to the government. It is exposed that the government had hand in the killing of MPs also. Karuna Group provided people to that act. Therefore, there is a reasonable doubt that the shadow of state terror is behind this murder.

Ranil Wickramasinghe Opposition Leader said, "We have suspicions over this bomb attack and the investigation regarding it.


United national Party (UNP), Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) and Sri Lanka Freedom Party People's Wing (SLFP-PW) charged the President in his caliber as the Minister of Defense and the Secretary of the Ministry of Defense for not providing security for Major General Janaka Perera

John Amaratunga, UNP , MP said the government should take the full responsibility for the assassination of Maj. Gen. Janaka Perera as it had not provided him with adequate security allowing a suicide bomber to take his life and those of a large number of UNP officials including Dr. Johnpulle

S.B. Dissanayake, UNP National Organizer alleged a government hand in the incident four days ago, noting that police were still clueless about the attacker.

Fortunately, these men of the UNP who had been making allegations are only masquerading as the leaders of the UNP, they have no qualities of leadership having taken side with the terrorist, and covering them, whatever would happen to the motherland..

But the words of Rukman Senanayake in this sad situation where the UNP seems to be acting without proper direction, are fresh and encouraging.

Rukman Senanayake of the UNP said:
"As the main opposition party we are extending our unconditional support to the Government in its endeavor to eliminate terrorism, said the Chairman of the United National Party Rukman Senanayake.

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