Tamil Bogus refugee scam and the destruction of Sri Lanka

Ben Silva UK

The pain, suffering, death and the economic hardships faced by the Sinhalese and other ethnic groups due to the Tamil bogus refugee scam is the main reason for writing this article. Terrorism [4] has brought about immense pain, suffering, mental agony and hardship to the weakest Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim members of the Sri Lankan society. Prabakaran has unfortunately, brainwashed Tamil children and young adults and trained them as killers, to create a racist kingdom for him. The Government of Sri Lanka and its citizens face serious problems in the human rights front, mainly due to the LTTE and its activities against civilians. The Tamil bogus refugee scam has given a massive unfair economic and political advantage to Tamils [10],[21].

The world economy is driven by wants, greed and money. The two driving forces that motivate Tamils to seek residence in Western Countries as bogus refugees are: the desire for things that are not available in Sri Lanka, and the desire for money.

This desire is not peculiar to Sri Lankan Tamils, but is also a feature of people from poor African Countries as well as people from various parts of the world. Evidence has shown that people from poor African countries, China and of course Tamils from Sri Lanka would go to any length, including risking their lives, telling lies, using deception and fraud to live in Western Countries It is indeed a natural human quality to desire better life and to satisfy ‘wants’. I have nothing against any one who wants to improve. The opportunities should be there for all and should not be created using lies and deception.

The motivation that drives LTTE is racism, greed and a taste for power and empire building. The emblem of the LTTE flag, derived from ancient Tamil invaders, their ethnic cleansing, their funding derived from global Tamils, give us an indication that LTTE are racist empire builders [15]. Unfortunately innocent Tamils and Sinhalese are the victims of LTTE terror, as LTTE have targeted peace loving fair minded Tamils and killed them [16],[17].

People have hidden in lorries, sailed in dangerous boats, hidden in undercarriages of planes, paid large amounts of money to human traffickers, to go to Western countries, as refugees. To get bogus refugee status, they have lied through their teeth, fabricated canards, and said anything that the naive and officials with a prejudice wanted to hear. In the case of Sri Lankan Tamils, there was a massive human trafficking network and also a LTTE network to support the bogus refugees.

Rory Clarke, of the Government’s National Asylum support service (UK ) says he believes only 5% of asylum seekers are genuine. Due to the abuses in the system he has resigned from his job [11].

References [10],[5] and [6] are essential reading material for any one who wants to find out about the true nature of LTTE,

An extract from Norwegians against Terror (NAT) [10], ‘The Norwegian Peace Facilitators in Sri Lanka, 13th Jan. 2006 ‘ gives a good insight as to the operating method of LTTE. The extract is as follows:

‘LTTE has in the last two decades built up an impressive organisation in Norway. They are gluing the parts of the Tamil Diaspora to the LTTE through various cultural organisations that provide services to the Diaspora from cradle to the grave. Thanks to strong leadership the Norwegian LTTE has been able to build a network of contacts among NGO's, bureaucrats and politicians. The LTTE has been able to sell their story more or less unopposed to the Norwegians. The LTTE successful propaganda work has resulted in Norwegian funding and most importantly political support from Norway.

LTTE has been able to get support from both sides of Norwegian politics. Norwegian politicians are competing with each other for the LTTE supporters votes. Norwegian politicians frequent LTTE fundraising events. The fact that these fundraisings are not registered, accounted and audited does not seem to bother the Norwegian politicians. Neither do the numerous international news articles and reports about the TRO funding of the LTTE terrorism.

Norway has contributed millions of dollars to the LTTE and Norway has admitted funding the terrorist organisation. Norway has also admitted to have funded and facilitated the LTTE propaganda trips to Europe.’

LTTE use similar techniques in other parts of the world. Due to LTTE contacts in various NGOs, the reports produced by various NGOs, including AI and HRW appear to be biased in favour of LTTE and against Sri Lanka.

Now, let us examine the activities of LTTE in UK The network of Tamil organisations, dominated by LTTE , were supported by Govt. grants and also local authority grants for training etc [2],[3],[4] . i.e. State or local authority money was flowing into Tamils. Bogus refugees received free housing, free education, free health care and may other benefits . A Sri Lankan under normal circumstances would have to pay dearly for most of the above. The benefits received by bogus refugees, would give ample reason for them to lie through their teeth to become refugees. Deception and fraud to get benefits is not peculiar to Tamils as it is generally known that many people use deception to get disability benefits. There is a clear link that some people have used deception and fraud to get benefits. I have been extremely polite and gentle, in my last statement. Various free things given to bogus refugees, enable them to have a disposable income to fund terrorism.

I would say nearly 100 per cent of the Tamils who claimed refugee status are bogus refugees. They used fraud and deception to obtain refugee status. Please see appendix 2. There are news items in the press [11] that indicate 95% of refugees are bogus. My view is nearly 100% of Tamil refugees, which amount to nearly 1 million, globally, are bogus refugees The bogus refugees are merely economic migrants. The bogus refugees fund the terror war in Sri Lanka [13].

Because of this link to money, Tamils were prepared to lie and say or do what ever to justify their stay in Western countries. The ability of bogus refugees to earn money, made them contribute to LTTE as well, as LTTE was linked to Tamil groups

So this system that has refugees and war are interlinked by money and fuelled by money. Money is the driving force of LTTE terrorism.

Now the terrorism network simply boils down to a money generation and a criminal business system, with the war providing ample excuses for bogus refugees to seek refuge in Western countries and then fuel the war by contributing to the war effort of LTTE.

Of course in this system there were parasites having a good life from money contributed by bogus refugees.

Not only the war provided employment, holidays and good life for Tamils in the war machine, it also provided employment for HR operatives and many NGO’s. As an example, AI is probably making money from the crisis in Sri Lanka. Some of us, who are unpaid have to spend our time and money defending the truth and exposing the errors and omissions in reports produced by various NGOs.

Many HR organisations and even the UN appear to lack the ability to do valid research and appear to have erroneous techniques. They are unable to distinguish between fact, hearsay and LTTE propaganda .In fact published reports/comments by HRW, AI and even UN indicate that they are unable to verify the validity, authenticity and accuracy of the data they receive. They also appear to swallow secondary data, without checking for accuracy. So many HR reports and UN reports have errors and omissions that their value needs to be questioned.

One example is the Alan Rocks accusation that Sri Lankan Govt. helped in recruiting Child Soldiers. Another is the factual errors in ICG report 135 on Sri Lanka.

Ultimately, the heavy price for this indulgence is paid with the lives of poor Sinhalese, Tax payers of Sri Lanka. The patriots, world over having to sacrifice their time and money exposing the corrupt system and exposing errors in reports generated by clueless HR organisations. The fact that many HR organisations are either biased towards LTTE and or are clueless have been expressed by many and has appeared in many publications including Asian Tribune, Lankaweb etc . As it is a well established opinion, I do not wish to claim any credit for stating the view given above..

An unbiased, real situation in Sri Lanka has been expressed concisely, in an audio clip by Paul Harris [12].

So the UN and HR organisations aught to hear his views rather than regurgitating LTTE propaganda.

The GOSL should indicate to decision makers that there are alterative views other than regurgitated LTTE propaganda that is in many UN and HR organisation’s reports.

As a result of this war, which is funded from money generated in the West, the human rights of many Sri Lankans are abused or violated. It has to be pointed out that although many Sinhalese may like to live in rich Western Countries, they have not been given the same opportunity as Tamils. This is clear racial discrimination against the Sinhalese. They are at a double disadvantage:

Bogus Tamil refugees get money. Sinhalese in Sri Lanka get terror, bombs, economic ruin and death. This situation is extremely unfair and unjust.

Not only bogus Tamil refugees get economic advantage, they get political advantage, once they become residents. They are able to influence MP’s , as has happened in the case of Keith Vaz.

The whole system is heavily stacked up against the Sinhalese., and rather sadly, many are unaware of it.

This issue has to be raised with UN and also other Western countries that turn a blind eye to terrorist fund raising.

These victims of terrorism should be compensated by Western countries and should be an issue raised by GOSL.

I hope this article would trigger economists and others to clarify the link between money, refugees and terrorism and write to decision makers.

Any erroneous reporting by UN or HR organisations should not go unchallenged, as Sri Lanka has already suffered heavily due to lack of law enforcement and turning a blind eye to terrorism in Western countries.

In fact the whole LTTE terror machine is funded by bogus refugees, illegal business activities, business activities from LTTE fronts and of course Govt. and public authority funded Tamil organisations.

UK Asylum rules has granted refugee status to LTTE members, with thousands of bogus applicants hailing from well to do Tamil families, who sold and tarnished the image of SL and obtained all these benefits. For decades London has become the safe-house for all global terrorists, criminals and wrong doers under Uk's very flexible, tolerant legal system (Ack. yohanne, AT )

Yohanne also has some very interesting questions as given below.

“Explain why Dr. Balasingham was allowed to dwell in UK & sponsor terror using UK privilages against SL, a sovereign country with democratically elected governments in her whole history.Are they not aware of LTTE run shops & super markets in UK? British intelligence must apply the same treatment using the same yardstick to all wrong-doers , if not it is a shame on their chanting of so called democracy, freedom & equality mantras”

This bogus refugee scam of the Tamils have not only discriminated against Sinhalese and other ethnic groups, it has put the Sinhalses at a tremendoes economic disadvantage. This is a matter GOSL\could discuss with UK and give equal opportunities to all ethnic groups and not merely Tamils.

This discrimination is a serious issue that needs addressing by SLHC, UK.

Rather sadly, some Tamils have in effect taken UK authorities for a ride. No offence is intended against professional, law abiding Tamil citizens of UK.. I have respect for our peace loving Tamil brothers and sisters.

We can see that money is the driving force, and countries and organisations have their own agendas. They see the world through their coloured glasses, the way they want to see it.

The situation of the Sinhalese

The bogus refugee scam has put the Sinhalese into a situation where they are:

1. at a serious economic disadvantage, due to discrimination faced when they seek residency in Western Countries. (Tamils seek residency as bogus refugees and usually manage to hoodwink the authorities )

2. lack of voice in Western countries. due to the large number of Tamil bogus refugees allowed into Western Countries, and Sinhalese being deprived of opportunities.

3. Lack of influence on politicians, again for the same reason as above. Politicians support Tamils and LTTE just to ‘buy’ Tamil votes. Nearly all of the Tamils who arrived in Western Countries may have obtained their refugee status fraudulently, using lies and deception. The balance of political power, in Western countries, between the Sinhalese and Tamils need to be restored by allowing more Sinhalese residency in Western Countries. The numbers need to be monitored. This is an issue GOSL and Sri Lankan High Commissions could deal with.

4. Lack of opportunities for development for Sinhalese, as Sinhalese have limited access to developed countries. Large number of Tamils have obtained residency in developed countries using the refugee route.

5. Destruction and damage done to Sri Lanka, has affected the economy of Sri Lanka and the livelihood of many.

6. Sri Lankans suffer mental stress, living under threat of terror, funded by bogus refugees.

It is easy to deduce that Western Governments are indirectly funding the terrorists that are destabilising Sri Lanka. Clearly, the actions of officials in Western Countries, in granting residency to bogus refugees have destabilised Sri Lanka. This is an issue that has to be recognised and resolved. There is the real danger that politicians have lost principles and values and merely do things to attract votes. My fear is that it has already taken place and justice and fairplay has been replaced with ‘buying’ Tamil votes.

It is indeed a sad situation , as the Sinhalese have no ill feelings towards Western Countries.

Because money is involved, there is motivation and reason for LTTE to become good communicators and also carry out disinformation and propaganda war against Sri Lanka. LTTE have become experts at disinformation and propaganda warefare that any unsuspecting person becomes a victim of their propaganda.

For Sinhalese, there is nothing to gain and they have to spend their own time, money and energy defending the truth.

In the case of Norway, there is strong evidence that Norway has been supporting terrorists.

Terrorists and their leaders do not have to work honestly fpr a living, as they get paid by the glboal terrorist network.

Where as nearly all of us that attempt to expose the truth, spend our own hard earned money and time.

All the above points out that Sri Lankans need to defend their country, themselves, and develop their own technology, so that Sri Lanka is truly independent, just like the Indians have done.

Sri Lankans also need to help fellow Sri Lankans to escape the poverty trap so that they can stand on their own feet and be counted and have their say. Many are already doing that but Ibelieve more need to get actively involved, so that we can keep our self respect and dignity as a Sri Lankan. Sri Lanka need to question past assumptions and practices, be receptive to new ideas, build up partnerships, recognise globalisation, move forward rather than stay static.

Tamils were favoured because the politicians or the officials were so busy that that they did not want to find out the truth, but simply believed LTTE lies and propaganda.

Recent LTTE terror campaign has produced victims. These victims need to be compensated by those that fund terrorism or turn a blind eye. Perhaps some lawyers could take an initiative. Certainly UK and Norway has a responsibility as it gave support to LTTE.

This open favouritism to Tamils and discrimination against Sinhalese is plain unfair and has caused massive economic favour for Tamils and massive injustice and hardship for Sinhalese. This favouritism for Tamils has caused massive imbalance in the habitat Sri Lanka. This is a clear example of where action in one part of the world has a drastic effect on a community in another part of the world. These are matters the GOSL should take up with Western Governments. To create a balance, Western countries should allow an equal number of Sinhalese and others to Western countries.

Recent terror propaganda event in London, in Excel, attracted 25000 people and the authorities turned a blind eye

Western countries that harbour terrorists and that turn a blind eye to terrorist propaganda and fund raising need to be politely told that they are responsible for the death, destruction and mayhem in Sri Lanka. [Western countries used the same principle to invade Afganistan and Iraq ]

Communicating with these Western countries that fund terrorism may involve a fair amount of work and specialist teams need to handle it with appropriate evidence.

Until Western countries are held accountable for their actions and apathy, they will allow fund raising and terrorist propaganda and other terror activities in their countries resulting in massive destruction and damage to Sri Lanka.

Money for LTTE terrorism must come from somewhere. Already it is known that money for terrorism is generated in Western countries. Therefore, it is reasonable and logical that Western countries should be made liable for the death and destruction to Sri Lanka.

LTTE fund raising is covered in: Tiger taxation 1 Tiger taxation part 2

It as to be investigated if reports produced by HR organisations had any influence on this miscarriage of fairplay. Accuracy and validity of reports produced by HR organisations are questionable, and their role has been questioned by many.

Also legal persons around the globe could suggest means of obtaining compensation for the victims who are mostly poor and defenceless. Could ICJ help the victims..

If bogus refugees are allowed to get legal aid, then legal aid also should be given to victims of terrorism, as the funding for terrorism was raised in Western Countries.Western countries that harboured terrorists and who turned a blind eye for fund raising activities must be held responsible for the deaths and destruction in Sri Lanka. There is extreme injustice done to the victims of terrorists.

It is amazing that LTTE has managed to carry on with human trafficking to Western Countries and no one has challenged the UK authorities. One begins to wonder if the overseas representatives of Sri Lanka has been effective. I am aware that Sri Lankan high commission has informed UK authorities on certain occasions, but the human trafficking in favour of Tamils has continued, causing serious instability in Sri Lanka.

What could be done

Investigate to determine if assets of terrorist fronts such as TRO can be used to compensate the victims.
Carry out detailed tracking of fronts of LTTE and their assets.
Inform Western Governments that they have nurtured LTTE by turning a blind eye to their fund raising activities and their organisations. Western Governments allowed LTTE to grow in strength, due to uncontrolled influx of bogus Tamil refugees, to Western countries. The communication with foreign Governments may be done through Our embassies in Western countries

Discuss with Western Governments how the victims of violence caused by their ‘baby’ LTTE can be compensated.

Communicate with Governments, Politicians and media in Western Governments about the true nature of LTTE. Make them aware of LTTE atrocities. The effort of the Govt. need to be supplemented by the efforts of individuals and action groups. It is essential that decision makers are approached and kept informed..

The favouritism shown to Tamils has caused extreme instability in Sri Lanka, and our embassies should discuss with Western Governments as to how this imbalance could be mitigated. Perhaps Sinhala people, facing economic hardships due to terrorism, could be allowed residency in Western countries.

Western countries must be held accountable for their actions and apathy, for allowing fund raising, for allowing terrorist propaganda and other terror activities, for allowing terrorist organisations and networks to exist in their countries resulting in massive destruction and damage to Sri Lanka.

Discuss with Western Governments how to mitigate the serious discrimination against the Sinhalese. The situation of the Sinhalese, as a consequence of the bogus refugee scam, has to be brought to the notice of Western Governments and seek redress, for the injustice faced by the Sinhalese.

Discuss with Western Governments the ways to halt discrimination against Sinhalese and discuss means to bring about a balance of numbers of Sinhalese and Tamils in UK.

In summary, I believe the countries that allowed the bogus refugee scam, allowed fund raising to be carried out in their countries should be made responsible for the death and destruction in Sri Lanka. These countries should compensate the victims of terrorism. I wish to thank sincerely, Norwegians against Terror (NAT) for telling the truth to the world. I appeal to the just fair minded people in the world to help the Sinhalese defeat racist terrorists. Various Sri Lankan organisations in the world could bring the discrimination against the Sinhalese, to the notice of the authorities and request that the authorities stop discriminating against the Sinhalese. Norway could be requested to allow more Sinhalese into Norway to balance the Tamil effect.


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Appendix 1

LTTE often use repression as a reason for starting the insurgency. However over 25 years ago considerable proportion of professional jobs were done by Tamils and also large part of business operations were Tamil owned. Tamils are capable people, well networked, and I doubt if they were repressed. Further economic hardships faced by Tamils were also faced by Sinhalese and other ethnic groups.

Saying that the Tamils were repressed is an easy excuse bogus refugees could use to hoodwink gullible officials, and Tamils used this excuse very effectively.

The Government or people of Sri Lanka did not have a policy of discrimination against any body. There was extreme poverty amongst the Sinhalese as well. The hardships faced by Tamils were not peculiar to them., but shared by others in Sri Lanka. Please see regarding discrimination

Appendix 2

Tamil Refugee Training and Education Centre
Supported by the European Social Fund, the Tamil Refugee Training and Education Centre (TR TEC) was established in 1991 to meet the training and employment needs of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees. By 2001, TR TEC had trained 1,879 people in IT and English language. It also offers advice, guidance and assistance on job search and finding places for further training and education.
The Tamil Refugee Training and Education Centre (TR TEC) was established in recognition that many refugees lacked the IT qualifications recognised in the UK, as well as verbal and written skills in English. This was an additional barrier to a deprived group of people at risk of exclusion from the workplace, as well as from society as a whole. Supported by the European Social Fund, which is administered by Government Office for London, the project aims to provide training and support to improve the job prospects of those taking part. By 2001, TR TEC had trained 1,879 people in IT and English language. It is also able to offer advice, guidance and assistance on job search and finding places for further training/education and has a dedicated career advisor.

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