Monumental stupidity of Ms Arbour and a lesson to her on human rights -An Open Letter to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, UN

Ben Silva UK

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,

Monumental stupidity of Ms Arbour and a lesson to her on human rights

Human rights are sacred and should not be used by individuals, organisations or countries to promote their own agenda or their own interests. Human rights should be for all and not merely for LTTE terrorists or their sympathysers.

Many, and indeed a large number of writers, have challenged Ms Arbours competency and judgement [1]. It appears that many are noticing her monumental stupidity. It appears that Prof. Meadows knowledge of Statistics far exceed Ms Arbour's knowledge on human rights.

Ms Arbour has demonstrated her lack of cognitive skills and her monumental stupidity by not being able to distinguish between the criminal and the victim: The extremely cunning, fascist, rich, manipulative deadly terrorist group LTTE, attempting to carve out a part of Sri Lanka for a mono ethnic racist Tamil State and the victim Sri Lanka. Since she lashed out at Sri Lanka, LTTE have displayed their true terrorist nature by regularly killing innocent civilians. LTTE recently killed 24 innocent civilians travelling in a bus in Sri Lanka, and attacked the railways and so on and the list is endless. LTTE unleashed hell on innocent civilians, yet Ms Arbour did nothing to stop terrorism [9] but lashed out at Sri Lanka. Ms Arbour has allowed herself to be deceived by LTTE con artists and LTTE scams. However, she is not alone. Due to the serious lack of measures by GoSL to counter LTTE propaganda, many in the West have been deceived by LTTE con artists and LTTE scams such as the bogus refugee scam.

Ms Arbour was not aware or did not recognise that India trained, armed and funded LTTE terrorists to destabilise Sri Lanka. Ms Arbour failed to recognise that funding for terrorism is from Western countries and these Western countries generally turn a blind eye to LTTE fund raising. Ms Arbour failed to realise that much of human rights violations are carried out by LTTE and that GoSL is merely responding to eliminate terrorism. Ms Arbour failed to realise that LTTE agents masquerade as civilians and carry out an undeclared war against Sri Lanka, killing officials, politicians and key people of the government, and made attempts on the life of the Army Commander and the defence secretary.

LTTE is now killing innocent civilians almost on a regular basis, confirming their terrorist nature. Ms Arbour failed to recognise that LTTE is denying many Sri Lankans, the basic human right of right to life. She has displayed her stupidity by failing to see that LTTE is killing civilians in Sri Lanka in a most evil manner, but preferred to believe disinformation fed to her by a network of LTTE agents that have infiltrated positions of power and influence. Why has she done so little against LTTE and merely lambasted Sri Lanka ?

Terrorist LTTE agents have raided poorest of the poor Sinhela villages in the night and taken little infants by the legs and smashed their skulls on walls/tree trunks so that the brain-matter from burst skulls spewed onto the wailing mothers, whose wails were also subsequently silenced by hacking them with swords and axes, including the pregnant ones, and some left to bleed all night long and die a slow, agonizing death [4],[8]. The above is LTTE conduct in a nutshell, and yet Ms Arbour took no action against them.

Yet with all the violence against the Sinhalese, Ms Arbour did nothing against the LTTE but lambasted the victim Sri Lanka. She failed to realise that Norway was biased towards LTTE [7],[8] and that Norwegian monitors tipped off LTTE when the Sri Lankan Navy was about to take action against LTTE arms smuggling. She failed to realise that the terrorism in Sri Lanka is an attempt by LTTE to create a mono ethnic racist Tamil State in Sri Lanka, in addition to Tamil Nadu in India. Ms Arbour failed to realise that there are over 100 million Tamils worldwide, who are potential donors to LTTE and the comparatively tiny (14 million ) Sinhalese are struggling to survive the terrorist aggression unleashed on them.

Ms Arbour failed to realise that fascist LTTE is on a Tamil racist empire building mission, getting its money from a network of Tamils around the globe.

Ms Arbour did not know that it was the LTTE which resumed fighting after deceiving President Premadasa and getting him to send back the Indian troops, killed 600 unarmed policemen who surrendered to the Tigers - that it was the LTTE that resumed fighting in 1995 by blowing up two Sri Lankan naval vessels in Trincomalee after talks with the Chandrika Kumaratunga Government failed - that it was the LTTE which ambushed Sri Lankan troops in the North soon in blatant violation of the ceasefire agreement after President Mahinda Rajapaksa came to power in 2005 and provoked government security forces into defensive action when the Tigers closed the Mavil Oya sluice gates in 2006. Ms Arbour does not realise that LTTE agents masquerade as civilians and carry out their destructive actions.

These are of course in addition to the assassinations of Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, Government Peace Secretariat Chief Ketish Loganathan, Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle and many others plus blowing up civilian buses and trains.

Ms Arbour has failed to realise that LTTE is a fascist terror organisation that is based on tribal thinking, that has killed over 25 democratic Tamil politicians. The poor voiceless, defenceless Sinhalese peasants who do not have the income of LTTE (over 200 million dollars - FBI), nor the organisation, nor the propaganda machinery, nor the potential fund raising capability (100 million Tamils worldwide) get killed mercilessly, and yet Ms Arbour does nothing and yet object when GoSL attempt to stop the mayhem.

Ms Arbour failed to realise that:
1. Lax immigration laws of EU countries allowed a large influx of bogus Tamil refugees into EU countries.
2. This large bogus Tamil refugee population in EU countries are able to wield a powerful political and economic influence. They play a major role in the propaganda war, fund raising and disinformation campaign of LTTE.
3. Large` Tamil bogus refugee population in EU countries contribute to fund the terror war in Sri Lanka
Surely, with such demonstration of stupidity and incompetence, why is she still in the UN ? Why was she not removed from 'power' in the same manner as Prof. Meadows was removed ?
Surely, it is time for GoSL to have a structured approach to dealing with the LTTE propaganda machine. This should be a priority job of our embassies, the foreign ministry and various Sri Lankan groups abroad.

The nature of the ruthless terrorists have been correctly identified by intelligent and competent law enforcement agencies such as FBI and the Canadian Police. Recognising the nature of LTTE is perhaps beyond the ability of Ms Arbour and it is way out of her depth.

Of course, she is not the only person showing their stupidity and lack of understanding of the situation in Sri Lanka.. AI, supposed to be a human rights watch dog was more concerned about press freedom, when thousands in the NCP of Sri Lanka are dying due to lack of clean drinking water. Surely, right to live and right to clean drinking water should be more important than press freedom.

HRW was more concerned about taking action against Karuna, a person who has given up terrorism than taking action against the fascist LTTE group.

What is evident from the conduct of Ms Arbour, AI and HRW is that LTTE agents in strategic positions are feeding the above or their information grapevine network with disinformation.

Lesson on human rights to Ms Arbour

For people in developing countries, the basic human rights would be have food, water and shelter and a job so that they can pay for food, water and shelter. Ms Arbour should stop being the mouth piece for terrorists and should work towards providing food, water and shelter and jobs for all humans. If she does that she can drop the 'stupid' image and could do something to justify her pay and Title in UN. After all, she is an employee of UN and not a Queen of the terrorists.

If she bother to find out about Maslow's theory of motivation and human needs [3], then she would know that what the average Sri Lankan want most is having enough healthy food, air, water to survive and physical safety & security. Thousands of poor Sri Lankans are dying in NCP, due to poor quality water and we do not hear even a whisper from her about solving their problems about basic needs. Hundreds die in Sri Lanka due to terrorist action, resulting from insufficient safety and security. When the GoSL is taking appropriate action, all we hear from her is threats, (She is afraid of LTTE). Ms Arbour ignored the kidnapping by LTTE of Tamil children from their homes , temple festivals, roads , playgrounds and the schools and brainwashing them to become killers and suicide bombers.

We do not even hear from Ms Arbour about the human rights of the peasants in NCP of Sri Lanka, that are dying in thousands due to lack of uncontaminated drinking water. We hear about protests from AI about press freedom, and they keep mum about the lack of uncontaminated drinking water for the people in NCP. It is not surprising that AI and HRW are known as clowns.

Sri Lanka is being destroyed by terrorists that raise their funds in Western countries. Yet Ms Arbour made no attempt to persuade Western countries to take action against fund raising by LTTE or their fronts. All Ms Arbour has done is to lash out at the victim Sri Lanka, and do nothing against terrorists. HR organisations have ignored the lamp post killings, burning alive their opponents, plucking infants from their mothers arms and bashing their heads among rocks by LTTE but continue to lash out at Sri Lanka.

UN bogus human rights ex-perts have ignored the malnutrition, high illiteracy, high infant mortality and poor health care for the poor, but simply defend the rights of terrorists.
Sri Lanka and other developing countries have to be protected from these neo colonialists that masquerade as human rights experts.

Ms Arbour did either nothing or very little against terrorism that has caused a human rights crisis, that affects all Sri Lankans:

1. Terrorism producing orphans, disabled persons, blind persons, and causing fear, mental illnesses and stress.
2. Ethnic cleansing, depriving livelihood and homes of innocent people
3. Loss of life of law enforcement officers and security forces
4. Loss of life, innocence and childhood of children due to child soldiering
5. Fund raising in the West that cause Terrorism and destruction in Sri Lanka .
6. Loss of Right to life of valuable Sinhala and Tamil National leaders.

The above are due to the utter in competency of the guardians of human rights, who have failed to distinguish between a fascist terror organisation and the victim Sri Lanka.

It is amazing that individuals and organisations that turned a blind eye to fund raising by terrorists, discrimination against the Sinhalese, that did very little to protect Sri Lanka from terrorists, that turned a blind eye to arms smuggling from India by terrorists, that did very little to provide food, water, shelter and security to the poor in Sri Lanka talk about human rights of Sri Lankans. Many Sri Lankans see this as an assertion of neo-colonialists to become masters of Sri Lanka.

How can Ms Arbour, who has demonstrated such stupidity and ignorance, make judgement on the actions of Sri Lanka ?

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8. Norwegians Against Terrorism
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