During the 2nd world war England, France, Switzerland and even Germany rationed food supplies. The countries were at war. the people had to make sacrifices to rid the world of evil Hitler. The first priority was to get rid of this megalomaniac who despite all his promises to German people of Glory took his own wretched life with a bullet followed by all his close confidante Generals lighting up cigarettes at the sight of a dead Hitler.

The need of the hour in Sri Lanka too is to see megalomaniac Prabhakaran joining the dead. Since 1983 this blood thirsty evil man-in the name of Freedom to Tamil people -- have brought nothing but death, destruction, carnage, mayhem to not only the country but to the very people that he profess to lead to the mountain top.

President Premadasa, Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi, brilliant Foreign minister Kadiragamar, brilliant and promising would be Presidents Athulathmudali and Dissanayake and scores of Tamil and Sinhalese leaders, innocent women, children and clergy were blows off by this man through his death and suicide squads.

He conned Premadasa, Jayawardene, Ranil (very successfully), Chandrika, Senior Gandhi and Rajiv Ghandi all into believeing that he is a man of compromise and peace while expanding his territory and eventually blowing up some of them.

Any reasonable Lankan leader cannot do anything else but to take the war to Prabhakaran's door step and push him into total defeat.

When General Eisenhower proposed in 1942 that the only way to defeat Hitler would be to land a million men into France, all laughed but eventually that is what it took in 1945 to rid the world of Hitler within one year from the famous D day invasion of US and British troops. Thousands of innocent civilians died in the process, but such is the nature of war. People of these countries paid heavily for this inevitable victory.

Coming back to Lankan theater, Rajapaksha is doing the only option available to him which is to drive the LTTE out of this universe. Remember the infamous Wijeweera who in 1988 brought all of Lanka to standstill. But once he was exterminated the JVP crumbled within weeks. This is the ONLY formula to defeat the LTTE too. Kill Prabhakaran and the LTTE will be history.

There is no way at all to curb inflation and cost of living in Lanka but by expanding investment in the country. But in today's global economy who would invest a penny in war torn Lanka when neighboring India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and the like are stable and peaceful regions. It is indeed a miracle even the current level of investment is happening given the war.

So the opportunistic leaders of the UNP know that they are on a political witchcraft when they cry for the suffering masses. Remember many of these so called UNP leaders are either super rich or super idle or both who are shedding crocodile tears for the common man in the hope of gaining power. What I would like to know is just exactly how they plan to get rid of Prabhakaran - give him the North and East on a platter !!! ??.

Cost of living will continue to go up in Sri Lanka and all other countries including the mighty US due to external factors mainly due to the $110 barrel of crude. The one and only way to address this is by expanding the economy through more and more investment. Now that you cannot have when suicide bombers are all over the cities and that is exactly what Prabhakaran is doing. Weaken and unpopularize aggressive Rajapaksha and the UNP is just feeding into Prabhakaran.

Let all Lankans give Rajapaksha a Chance. Remember he won a mandate to defeat the LTTE so his action is legitimate. So far he has led our forces well. Let him finish the job that we sent him to office for.

Political games should and would follow after Prabhakaran has gone to the world below to be with his kind.

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