Ranil Jumps from the Mouth of Janaka: I Support the War, But not This War!

Dilrook Kannangara

The extent of Ranilisation of Janaka Perera can be seen from his recent statements and conduct. Like Ranil he supports what is popular but quits when it comes to what matters; he keeps secret his religious affiliations as Ranil does and he has inherited greedy ambitions of Ranil unseen from great military leaders. He says he supports militarily crushing the tigers. Then why on earth is he not joining hands with Gotabaya Rajapaksha and Sarath Fonseka at this decisive moment? It doesn’t matter what political camp he belongs to as long as he actually supports the war. There may be hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the armed forces supporting the UNP and it does not matter. This is a national endeavour shouldered by all Sri Lankans to defend their dear nation from LTTE terrorism. Janaka Perera has no excuse to stay away from today’s unprecedentedly successful military campaign.

Further, the retired General heavily boasts about the achievements of his team. If he is as good as he purports to be, then he should know how much his constructive input can enrich the present military campaign. So why isn’t he interested in making that contribution?

He has made malicious allegations against Mangala Master, a candidate originally from the TMVP. TMVP has not only been an integral part of the present unprecedentedly successful military campaign, but also it has been a powerful political force in the liberated East. If anyone cannot accept that, he cannot support the present unprecedentedly successful military campaign. Strangely although he claims that his life may be endangered from the innocent TMVP candidate, he has not made it clear that he may be targeted by the LTTE! He has left it to the imagination of higher authorities. It should transpire to anyone that the UNP leadership is not concerned with LTTE threats and Janaka Perera will be safe as long as his new masters want his services. Pretty soon Perera will complain that the JVP is after his head for his part in the Rohana Wijeweera episode!

Comparing Pillaiyan (a former terrorist, now a firm supporter of the present unprecedentedly successful military campaign) with Perera (formerly a war hero, now a non-participant of the present unprecedentedly successful military campaign) is not appropriate. While the former has lived among the people and comes from within the people to represent them, the latter is a newcomer to the North Central Province just like the other Chief Ministerial candidate of the UNP. Also the former shares his name, religion and upbringing with the people he represents while the latter doesn’t. While the former considers it paramount to serve his people, the latter considers acceding to the post of Chief Minister is a springboard into national politics to hell with the people of the Province. Interestingly in the event of a UNP victory in the NCP, the Council may be dissolved before its term ends. That would be the acid test for Perera even if he manages to win this time.

Dividing national unity at this decisive stage is a national crime. LTTE knows very well that it cannot take on Sri Lanka as a whole. However, a divided Sri Lanka can easily be tackled by the terror group; higher the divisions the easier. Anyone knowingly becoming an instrument in this project thus commits that crime. In order to divide the support base for war, one has to be seen as supportive of the war. Obviously an anti-war propagandist cannot divide the public support for war. This shrewdness is amply displayed by Perera. At the last Presidential Election he considered contesting against Rajapaksha in which event the pro-Sri Lankan nationalist vote base would have reduced allowing victory to the other camp.

The old Sinhala adage, “yuddeta nethi kaduwa kos kotannada” (the sword that is not ‘going’ to war is only good to chop jackfruit) amply describes the predicament of Janaka Perera!

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