President Rajapaksha's Resolve To Eliminate The Tigers Seen In No Uncertain Terms!

Insight By Sunil Kumar For LankaWeb

August 19th 2008

When Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksha asserts to the Nation in no uncertain terms that "the War will continue until the last Tiger is killed!" it is no idle prattle.They are the words of a determined and astute National Leader who has tried every option open to him towards resolving the LTTE issue within fair and compassionate means and has now taken this stand as the only option available to him as well as it being in the best national interests of his Nation.

It is also based on all his invitations to the LTTE towards dialogue being repudiated in an arrogance by both the LTTE as well as their supportive elements which has irked the wrath of a benevolent leader who has seen his beloved Nation, her people and economy almost laid to waste due to the once destructive forces of the LTTE now on the verge of elimination at the hands of the relentless drive of his Armed Forces as a clear pattern emerges towards the well being of the Nation once the LTTE are eliminated.

It is indeed a path he must pursue with no prevarications in a manner which necessitates urgency as the terrorists have been cornered in what they somewhat amusingly continue to call a de-facto state which belongs to them~ once again an exaggeration as one surmises how it is rationally possible for anone on the run could claim control of a de-facto state! They are a band on the run with no means to retreat nor negotiate through their own seeking where there is bound to be huge infighting within the terrorist enclave apart from their confrontations with the Armed Forces and the more sensible terrorist cadres are more than likely to surrender to the military power of the SLAF and the end for their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran subsequently inevitable.

There is also a viable option for the more determined terrorists towards coming clean as there are leaders who once were part of the same misguided outfit they belong to but have chosen the path to peace and unity with the present administration through sane and rational means as the true representation of the Tamil Community and it is expected that sense despite the resignation it entails will prevail and only the hardcore elements within the LTTE will be vanquished as the Rajapaksha Administration continues to offer an olive branch to those who even this late in the day are prepared to relent, denounce their terrorist objectives and throw in their lot with the rational objectives the Administration presents to all of the Nation which has no tolerance towards terrorism anymore than the rest of the world involved with the same challenge!

It has become clinically evident that whilst riding high on public support for the ongoing Armed Forces Drive to eliminate the Tamil Tigers, President Mahinda Rajapakse has made his intentions very clear that the military campaign will continue ( quoting his own words at a recent public address ) “until the last rebel is killed and every inch of land unlawfully annexed by them is regained ”which more than endorses his resolve.

While being ominous for the LTTE as a sign of the direction the Administration is moving in towards closure of the terrorist issue.Many analysts believe this is the only means towards settling an issue which has stalemated and gone sour due to many extraneous forces and their interferences as well as falseley projected bargaining tactics by the terrorists who have always regrouped and continued their attrocities rather than mediate towards the tranquility it may otherwise have resulted in for all Sri Lankans but not so due to the vicious megalomaniac of a leader whose mentality has virtually signed the death warrant of the LTTE through his own mendacity and selfish motivations towards power neither he nor his pitiful followers have any entitlement to or any legal mandate to acheive!

It is indeed a very assertive President Rajapaksa who has made these remarks indicating his resolve to wipe out the LTTE while addressing an election rally of his United People Freedom Alliance (UPFA) at Ruwanwella in the Region of Sabaragamuwa in the coming weeks. Provincial Council elections are scheduled to be held for the Sabaragamuwa and North-Central provincial councils on Aug 23 . and his ruling UPFA is being challenged by the United National Party (UNP) of former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and his political allies whose manifesto despite the rhetoric towards capabilities of restoring a normal order to Sri Lanka in what he sees as a prevailing detrimental Rajapaksha regime, does not carry the credibilities of President Rajapaksha who in the eyes of the Nation has more than proved his mettle towards its preservation and posterity. Not so with the former Prime Minister who together with many of his consorts has a notoriety towards many contradictions relative to collusions with the terrorists and has reneged on the all important obligation of a national leader's patriotic duty at all times to preserve the unitarity of the Sovereign Nation he leads and has come close to betraying the Nation to her enemies!

This in all probabilities will not augur well towards the UNP's chances of any victory conducive towards any balance of power in its favour in the regions being contested and the end results will attest to the real mood of the voting public ( perhaps also a precursor to any subsequent general election ) who view the policies of President Rajapaksha as being Nation Beneficial not Nation Destructive!

The state-run Daily News has quoted the President as saying at the rally that “We liberated the eastern province and will liberate the north too very shortly. There is no turning back under any circumstances or influence now, until every inch of land is recaptured and each and every terrorist is killed or captured,” Elaborating that it was by no means an easy task and that the troops have to face daunting challenges and obstacles as they proceed. The President was confident that the Armed Forces would end up victorious!.

These remarks by President Rajapakse, who is also the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, have come at a time when advancing troops are locked in fierce fighting with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the North.

The Tamil Tiger rebels have now tacitly admitted that they were losing ground in the face of a major military offensive but resorted to their usual tactics of attempting to mislead the world by warning that thousands of civilians in the North were at risk. which was a distortion of the facts as these civilians were in fact being used as human shields by the terrorists towards their own self preservation!

One which in the very near future will be a delusion as the Nation's Security Forces close in on them as their nemesis begins to unfold

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