Fighting Continue in Wanni -One More Tiger Camp with Six Bunkers Overrun, LTTE Anti Aircraft Defence System Bombed Three Km Stretch of Land Falls to Army Within Twenty-four Hours

VAVUNIYA & WELIOYA: TROOPS ADVANCING towards north of PALAMODDAI, VAVUNIYA had a series of confrontations with the LTTE terrorists during Friday (19) and were able to kill at least twelve terrorists while injuring five more.

Meanwhile, troops killed four terrorists in two other confrontations in PUVARASANKULAM and NAVATKULAM areas during the morning hours of the same day.

More over troops operating in ANDANKULAM area in the WELIOYA sector killed three terrorists and wounded at least eighteen more during their confrontations with LTTE terrorists on Friday (19). One bunker captured and twenty anti personnel mines recovered. One brave soldier had to sacrifice his life and five others sustain injuries.

Further more in two other incidents in the same area three soldiers were wounded due to enemy mortar fire and improvised explosive device explosion (IED) on the same day.

Meanwhile troops rolling further into Tiger strongholds in the deep ANDANKULAM area in the WELIOYA sector overran one more fortified LTTE camp with six bunkers, including one concrete, four cadjan huts, one boat, a kitchen and a few more LTTE items Thursday (18) evening at about 4.30 p.m.

The latest capture, the second within a matter of two days affirmed that Tigers are apparently on the run after hurriedly vacating their hideouts, unable to face the firepower of the troops. On Wednesday (17) valiant troops captured a similar well-fortified Tiger camp that had four bunkers, one drinking-water well and a mortar pit. (See Situation Report Highlight tiled ‘Tiger Camp in Andankulam Overrun’ on 18th September 2008). It is believed Tiger terrorists infiltrating ANDANKULAM area from ALAMPIL or NAYARU lagoon areas have been using this camp as a transit point for their terrorist activities.

Meanwhile, troops under 59 Division continued their onward march in the same area challenging Tiger terrorism for another day. Intermittent clashes rendered at least thirteen terrorists dead on Thursday (18) in and around ANDANKULAM. At least six more Tigers suffered injuries during those clashes.

Three brave soldiers during Thursday’s (18) confrontations sacrificed their lives while fighting the enemy. One more soldier injured in the fighting was rushed to hospital. Two of those soldiers died following explosion of an LTTE Improvised Explosive Device and an anti personnel mine.

Meanwhile, fighting troops in AKKARAYANAKULAM and PANNIWEDIKULAM areas in the KILINOCHCHI district killed two more terrorists at about 7.15 a.m. on Thursday (18).

In the meantime, troops in the VAVUNIYA sector had another round of fierce fighting in the north of PALAMODDAI several times on Thursday (18). At least eight terrorists died due to those clashes and one soldier sustained injuries. Troops were also able to find one T-56 weapon from the general area north of PALAMODDAI at about 10.30 in the morning.

LTTE Anti Aircraft Defence System Bombed

MULLAITTIVU : AS MORE INTELLIGENCE and information flows in, Air Force fighter craft once again conducted heavy air interdiction on an LTTE anti aircraft defence system in PIRAMANDANKULAM, northwest of VISHVAMADU Thursday (18) evening at about 4.30 p.m..

The LTTE anti aircraft defence system was found installed around the perimeter, to the hideout of a senior Tiger terrorist leader who was said to be frequenting the place. The pilots confirmed the anti aircraft defence systems was completely smashed in the aerial attack.

Three Km Stretch of Land Falls to Army Within Twenty-four Hours

WANNI: TROOPS of the Task Force I in WANNI made further progress into KARAMBAKULAM area by another 1.5 km stretch of land as dusk fell on Thursday (18). Today’s domination completes a total of 3 km patch of land that runs along with the KARAMBAKULAM tank bund.

Egged on by the gains on Wednesday (17), troops throughout Thursday (18) advanced further into Tiger dominated areas, north of KARAMBAKULAM killing fifteen more terrorists and injuring eighteen more, ground troops confirmed.

In the latest confrontations for supremacy, three brave soldiers sacrificed their lives on behalf of the country. Twelve more soldiers sustained injuries and were evacuated for treatment in hospitals.

The latest fall of that 3 km long mainland stretch line came as a rude shock to Tiger terrorists, a couple of hours after the Army Commander visited WANNI and returned. Troops are fast consolidating their positions and establishing their presence in the area as this report went to Press.

On Wednesday (17) valiant troops of the Task Force I, getting another mileage in their quest for peace, captured the entire 1.5 km-long KARAMBAKULAM tank bund, about 11 km northeast of NACHCHIKUDA, consequent upon a close fire fight that saw twenty-five Tiger terrorists killed and a similar number badly injured. (Ref Situation Report Highlight on Wednesday).


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