Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the Eyes of Contempory World Leaders.
(March 23rd – Founder’s Day of world-wide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Islam)

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In the year 1889 in a small, dusty Indian town in Punjab, some 90 miles from Lahore, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, accepted a covenant of allegiance from his first followers. That first initiation ceremony took place in Ludhiana (Punjab) on March 23rd, 1889, as commanded by God. By taking the Bai’at or the oath of allegiance, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad laid the foundation of this Jama’at. To mark this event, Ahmadi Muslims throughout the world are celebrating the 23rd of March as the “Promised Messiah Day” (Founder’s Day).It was an event that was destined to change the course of history.

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835 – 1908) under Divine command, declared that he was the Promised Messiah and Mahdi and that his advent was in fulfillment of various prophesies of major religions regarding the Promised Reformer of the later days. After his demise in 1908, this Jamaath has been blessed by the institution of Khlafat (Caliphate). The Khalifas (Caliphs) so far have been Hazrat Moulavi Nooruddin (1908 – 1914), Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Nahamood Ahmad (1914 – 1965), Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad (1965 – 1982) and Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (1982 – 2003) and the community is now led by the fifth Caliph (Khalifa), Hazrat Mirza Masror Ahmad since 2003.

Some Muslim groups oppose the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community; but many fair-minded persons have observed the Community, its morality and service to mankind and have spoken highly about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and its work for the benefit of mankind, as well as its amazing motto of peace: “Love for all and hatred for none.” The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community strongly believes that love and compassions are the important ingredients for peaceful existence of a multi-ethnic, multi-religious society. In the international dimension, the Community is established in 190 countries and claims to have around 220 million followers.

Traditionally many friends and well-wishers of all faiths and various walks of life come to visit during the Annual Conventions being held in various parts of the world to understand and experience True Islam in practice. They include Academics, School Teachers, Students, Local Councilors, Mayors and Members of Parliament etc. There were Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, Catholics, Protestants and Quakers among others, as well as those who believed in no religion at all. The few messages and the speeches delivered in such convention held in U.K. in 2005 have been mentioned here for the benefit of the readers.

In her message to the Ahmadiyya Annual Convention held in U.K. in 2005, the former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumarathunga said: “Islam is a religion which professes love and brotherhood amongst various sections of people in order to promote peace and harmony. Therefore, it is heartening to note that Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in U.K. is working to achieve this goal”

President of the Republic of Ghana, in his message to the same Convention said: “Your Congress is being held at a time when your motto: ‘Love for all; Hatred for none’ is of great significance to the entire world given the space of violence and conflicts spread all over the world.”

The Ahmadiyya Community has established for itself, worldwide, a reputation of peaceful coexistence in the more than one hundred and eighty countries where its members are to be found. Its many social projects aimed at helping those in need bears testimony to the Ahmadiyya’s humanitarian concerns in respect of all human beings, regardless of religion. This is very much in keeping with its motto: ‘Love for all; Hatred for none’. At this juncture in International relations, when many questions have risen concerning the doctrines of Islam, which some interpret as endorsing violence and terrorism, it is important that the spirit of tolerance, good-will and true brotherhood, as demonstrated by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, secure a place of prominence in the international context, says the President of Republic of Trinidad George Maxwell Richards, in his message to the above Convention.

Hon. Stephen Hammond M.P for Wimbledon, in his speech at the convention said, the message of Ahmadiyya Community is loyalty to one’s nation and one’s country, the rejection of physical holy wars, that terrorism and violent acts of any kind against any one are to be rejected and that your community adhere to the Quranic teachings which declare that there is no compulsion in religion and is captured by your community slogan ‘Love for all; Hatred for none’. Your message was clear sighted, it was visionary and it was one to which we can all hold and agree. You are a community that does wonderful charitable works throughout the world.

Hon. Lars Rise MP, Member of Norwegian Parliament in his address to the Convention said, I am happy that your community do not believe in Jihad by sword, guns and bombs. You believe that jihad is peaceful preaching and an internal struggle for purification of hearts. I fully appreciate your services in the field of humanity.

Prof. Elizabeth Howlett, a member of the London Assembly, in her speech at the convention said, I have enormous admiration and respect for the work that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is doing throughout the world-not just by words but by an example of a way of life. An example of impeccable conduct and an example of undeniable faith in God Almighty and an example of peace and tolerance.

Tariq Chaudhry, a well-known member of the Pakistani Community in England, in his address said, I speak today as a brother and a Muslim. Let me say that even though I do not subscribe to the Ahmadiyya doctrine of Islam but I have never let such differences of opinion change my views on these wonderful Muslims. They are the people of faith and people of vision. “Humanity First’ (A charity organization of the Ahmadiyya Community) is the theme synonymous with the Ahmadiyya Jamaath and their excellent charitable efforts are proof enough of their achievements. The brothers and sisters involved in this charity are not talking the talk, they are walking the talk. On days like today, when we are all together and united, we truly feel the goodness of man. I am proud to be associated with such positive thinking and proactive concepts. You, my brothers and sisters, you make me proud to be a Muslim. You are setting new benchmarks and standards for the code of conduct for humanity and integrity within ourselves and the community at large. Your motto is “Love for all; Hatred for none”. It is so simple and pure. How can we go wrong as Muslims, if we adhere to such a simple ideology? Some of you I know and others I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, but let me say that those I do know, my being here today is a testimony of my opinion that you exemplify what it is to be a Muslim in these modern times. For me anyone who says “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger” is as much of a Muslim than myself or any other Muslim for that matter. Ultimately I believe that no human being may decide who is a Muslim and who is not. For, the truth exists deep within our hearts where Allah’s gaze may penetrate only.

Dr. Prem Sharma, Founder patron of Conservative Parliamentary Friends of India and an active Human Rights campaigner, in his address at the Convention, said, the Ahmadiyya Community in particular has always spoken out for peace and harmony amongst all people. The Ahmadiyya doctrine, which has brotherhood, peace and tolerance as its core pillars, provides a clear and shining path for us all to follow, whatever our creed or color.

A. Abdul Aziz.

Press Secretary,

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamath,

Sri Lanka.

Mobile: +94 777753440

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