Re: “So-called Sri Lankans living abroad”

Nimal R Melbourne Australia

In defending Maj-Gen (retd) Janaka Perera's decision to join the UNP, Duleep Singhe, a pseudonym, no doubt, says (in The Island - Opinion on 21/07/2008) that the writer from Australia who criticized this ex-Army officer is "enjoying the creature comforts of life in developed Australia, perhaps with his family as well."

Singhe adds: "These so-called Sri Lankans living abroad are those who have forsaken their motherland for greener pastures. Most of them have done so for economic reasons. They have forfeited the right to speak for Sri Lanka."

Janaka Perera too has done just that. He is another one of these “so-called Sri Lankans” who had taken up residence in Australia with his family. He has gone over to Sri Lanka temporarily to contest the elections, with the sole intention of having one foot in Australia and one foot in Sri Lanka. According to Duleep Singhe this “so-called Sri Lankan” has no right to speak for Sri Lanka. So what is Janaka Perera doing there?

Obviously, this “so-called Sri Lankan” is there because he wants to have the best of both worlds. When this “so-called Sri Lankan” loses the election he will come back to Australia “forsaking his motherland for greener pastures”, eh Duleep Singhe? When that happens what is going to happen to the voters of the NCP to whom he had promised the sun, moon and the stars?

And by the way what is his solution to the rising cost of living?

Nimal R

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