By Walter Jayawardhana

A young enterprising inventor in Colombo, Sri Lanka claimed in front of his country’s Prime Minister that he had invented a miracle converter of hydrogen from drinking water to run a motor car using a regular engine.

Sri Lanka’s Sinhala language newspaper, The Divaina, said Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka invited to his office the inventor who claimed that a miracle hydrogen generator making use of water he made is capable of running an internal combustion engine replacing gasoline.
The newspaper published a photograph that showed the young inventor Thushara Edirisinghe showing the new apparatus that he claimed having the capability of producing hydrogen from water that could be installed into a car to convert the vehicle from a gasoline run car to a water run car.
The engine called internal combustion engine has been using gasoline as a fuel ever since it was invented by the German engineers Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz in 1885. Thushara claims water could be easily broken into hydrogen and used as a fuel inside the car, without leaving any traces of pollution into the atmosphere.

The newspaper said, the young inventor was present inside the Prime Minister’s office as he was invited to be there by the Prime Minister.

The newspaper further said the prime minister came to know about the new invention through Sinhala language newspaper reports and invited Thushara to demonstrate it.

Earlier newspaper reports said how the inventor ran cars with water after borrowing cars from others since he did not have his own car to convert and test drive. The reports said how the owners always wanted him to return their vehicles.

According to the Divaina news story the inventor told the prime Minister how he could not buy his own car to convert to hydrogen since he did not have money .

Thushara Edirisinghe, reportedly told the Prime Minister that his converter could run a car for 80 kilometers from one liter of water.

A molecule of water is made from two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. The water molecule could be broken into the two basic elements and hydrogen could be used in the internal combustion engine, Thushara claimed.

Businessman Vijaya Undugoda said in the Prime Minister’s office that he was ready to provide a car for further test the apparatus and some money for other experimental expenses, the newspaper reported.

If Thushara Edirisinghe’s invention is true, that could also provide a solution for another problem, the global warming created by burning fossil fuels like petroleum , which are hydrocarbons made from ancient animals died in a catastrophe. Another fossilized fuel is coal made from ancient forests buried in earthquakes. Both fuels add carbons to our atmosphere through a process called “green house effect” that warms up the world melting icecaps on the poles and creating great weather disasters, scientists have claimed.

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