Discrimination, disinformation and the truth

by Ben Silva

The census information in 2001 shows that Tamils live all over Sri Lanka, amongst the Sinhalese, Muslims and others. At the moment, LTTE have driven out the Sinhalese and Muslims from the areas controlled by them, and not a single Sinhalese or Muslim live in areas controlled by LTTE. The area controlled by LTTE have been converted to a mono ethnic area by LTTE , displaying their racist nature.

LTTE chased out 27,000 Sinhalese between 1971 and 1981 through intimidation, terrorizing and killing, from the Jaffna peninsula, where they lived. Muslims were ethnically cleansed and ordered to leave their home in 24 hours. LTTE habitually use terror campaigns to frighten and terrorise poor Sinhala peasant families to drive them away, from their traditional home areas in the North of the country. Such activities of the LTTE amount to ethnic cleansing.

Clearly, LTTE has been carrying out a planned ethnic cleansing campaign of the Sinhalese from their traditional home in the North, coupled with a malicious propaganda campaign against the Sinhalese. The true victims are the poor Sinhalese peasants in remote areas in Sri Lanka, who do not have the wealth or the organisation to report their plight to the world. In comparison, LTTE have the military capability to drive out the poor peasant, defenceless Sinhala families and the well organised rich propaganda machine to report exactly the opposite of the truth, to the world.

The reality is that the poor Sinhala peasants are the victims of a well organised, racist empire building campaign by LTTE [1]. Media reports indicate that a rich criminal network of global Tamils [1], hell bent on creating a racist Tamil state in Sri Lanka. It appears that LTTE is hell bent on creating a Chola type empire in Sri Lanka and has managed to deceive the world of their intentions [8].

Generally, the situation faced by the Tamils is no different to what is faced by many Sinhalese and others. i.e. harsh living conditions for the not so well off. The Tamils have many millions of overseas Tamils to help them and the Sinhalese have almost none. Potential Tamil refugees, supported by the LTTE network, built nonexistent grievances on situations that never existed and incidents that never happened, to become refugees [7].

Census information taken more recently may show even greater integration of Tamils amongst the Sinhalese. I would say that Sri Lanka should be for all its citizens. All Sri Lankans need to work together to defeat poverty rather than create poverty by unnecessary wars. We also cannot forget history [8], that shows evidence that South Indian invaders have carried out destruction of the irrigation system of the Sinhalese and caused the decline of the Sinhalese. We need to learn lessons from history [8], or we become victims again.

The facts are:

1. The Sinhalese have been driven away from their traditional homeland in the North, by LTTE using terror.
2. Tamils live in all areas of Sri Lanka.
3. The Tamils get funding from a global Tamil population of 80 million. The global population of the Sinhalese amount to only 14 million. The Sinhalese do not have a massive wealthy overseas population to give them funds.
4. Tamils have been favoured by Western countries, and the Sinhalese heavily discriminated, for the purpose of residency in Western Countries.
5. This favouritism to Tamils and discrimination against the Sinhalese have caused massive economic, financial and political advantage to the Tamils.
6. The Tamils have used the massive economic and political advantage to spread further disinformation against Sri Lanka.
7. The massive profits of LTTE, in excess of 200 million dollar per year has been used effectively, against Sri Lanka, making use of paid campaigners, LTTE fronts, LTTE NGO’s etc. LTTE has even managed to enlist the help of politicians such as Mr Vaz , well known for sleaze.
8. Sri Lanka do not even have a structure to defend itself against the propaganda war of LTTE.
9. The strength of the LTTE disinformation campaign is seen from the Alan Rock affair. Ms Coomaraswamy, a Tamil, with tribal marks over her face may have deliberately picked Mr Rock, a known LTTE sympathiser, perhaps to engineer a situation to discredit Sri Lanka. It is strongly possible, that LTTE induced civilians to lie to foreign dignitaries, to give a poor image of Sri Lanka, by death threats , money or other means. It could have been possible that Mr Rock was misled by civilians, at the instigation of LTTE or another interested parties, which were still operating in Batticaloa, during his visit. Although Mr Rock made allegations, he did not produce any credible evidence.If the GoSL can be blamed for taking no action against various groups, then UK and other Western Governments should be held fully responsible for allowing terrorists to raise funds for terrorism in their respective countries.It is certain that, unlike the LTTE or paramilitary groups , the government never recruited under aged soldiers into the military.
10. The fact that LTTE is winning the propaganda war, ultimately boils down to the fact that LTTE is able to use its massive wealth to campaign and generate disinformation. Sri Lanka need a team of competent researchers and communicators to defeat the propaganda war of LTTE
11. Clearly, the Sinhalese are the disadvantaged and discriminated group, that need protection from the wealthy, powerful terror group LTTE. LTTE appear to repeat the destruction done to Sri Lanka, by the ancient Chola invaders from South India. In deed, the world need to wake up to true intention of LTTE, which is to create a Chola type empire. The International Community need to help Sri Lanka to defeat this racist menace, that will set fire to the whole of the Indian Sub continent. If Sri Lanka ignores self reliance on defence and do not have a structure to counter massive LTTE disinformation campaign and propaganda war, it is only inviting trouble and R2P type intervention. Clearly Sri Lankans need to campaign and get their act together. GoSL and the people need to act before it is too late, otherwise Sri Lanka would be lost for ever to Tamil racists.

2001 Census Information given below.

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