Open Ltter to AI
AI bias – Impartial investigation needed.

Ben Silva UK

22 - 02 -08


Dear Sir/Madam,

AI bias – Impartial investigation needed.

Due to the biased nature of AI , an impartial investigation is needed to determine the sources of income of AI and also how the money is spent. When terrorists are killing innocent women and children indiscriminately, you do not see that on the front page of the AI Web site. Instead you see a picture showing a protest on press freedom. To majority of Sri Lankans, the main issue affecting them is the violation of Human rights by Tamil Tiger terrorists. Press freedom is a secondary issue. It appears that AI has forgotten what Human rights are all about. Is it because AI want to shield their terrorist darlings that, they ignore terrorism that has recently killed defenceless women and children (e.g. deaths caused by the Railway station and Dambulla bombings) and show lack of press freedom in Sri Lanka instead. This is again propaganda against GoSL.

If there was genuine lack of press freedom or lack of freedom of expression in Sri Lanka , many would protest. I would be the first in the queue as I value press freedom and freedom of expression.

AI should be concerned about Human rights violations by terrorists and funding of terrorists that violate Human rights. Any HR organisation should pay attention to the funding of terrorists as, if the funding is cut off, terrorists will not be able to operate. AI has been extremely silent on massive violations of human rights by LTTE and they have done nothing to stop the fund raising by LTTE. This expose the biased nature of AI. Further, it appears that AI wants conflicts to continue, as conflicts would produce a market for the Human rights ‘product ‘ of AI. They appear to be after funding, to pay for the ‘jollies’ of some officials.

If they have not visited Sri Lanka, how did they get their biased information. I trust straight from the LTTE propaganda arm.

Why is AI silent on the present and past gross violations of human rights by LTTE.?

Further, is is important to find out how decisions are made by AI. It appears that AI only read LTTE propaganda material and ignores everything else.

AI bias in favour of LTTE and against GoSL is widely published in media. If AI is to have any credibility in Sri Lanka, then AI need to stop being anti GoSL and pro LTTE and deal with facts. Many in Sri Lanka believe that AI is a vicious , racist neo colonialist organisation out to take revenge on Sri Lanka. AI need to listen to critics and also learn to sift LTTE propaganda from facts, to regain its credibility.

The victims of AI’s malicious campaign against GoSL, are the poor defenceless Sinhalese peasants. It is LTTE that gain from AI’s malicious campaign against Sri Lanka.

AI appear to have no interests in human rights. It is time to stop misleading the world and start fresh. Leave your cricket ball campaign behind and move forward to protect human rights rather than the rights of terrorists to kill.

An organisation such as AI, which is biased against Sri Lanka, that has attempted to destabilise Sri Lanka should not be allowed in Sri Lanka, until they show that they are not biased. Evidence not only show that they are biased, evidence shows that they are malicious, revenge seeking organisation that has ganged up against Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka had enough of terrorists and their sympathisers such as AI.

AI website on 16 – 02 -08

This image is outrageous. When many civilians, over (100 ) have been killed in the recent past by LTTE, AI has decided that press freedom is more important than right to life.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Silva


Unedited remarks on AI, in the media (Daily Mirror ) are given below.

Hey Irene, I thnik you have forgotten wee bit O history. People before you in the likes of John Westlake's "Chapters on the Principles of International Law" advised that the 'uncivilized' sections of the globe should be annexed and occupied by the 'civilized' and advanced powers. So take your Neo-Imperialist B.S. somewhere else (I tend to suggest Iraq, Agghanistan ot Gitmo) Posted By: Darshan

Mam, So AI have made all previous statements without visiting? If so then all those were mere openions and NOT facts. Posted By: Rajiv

hay MADAM Go and Talk about your human rights in Iraq and Gaza Strip These people are not uttering a single word against world powers Posted By: Jehan

Dear Mrs. Khan, most of International issues Right organizations are biased. In Sri Lanka some working with government & some with terrorist.really affected people are suffering. Posted By: Yehiya Doha

Amnesty International is a Biased organisation .What country does Irene Khan come from. Tell her to look in her backyard first Posted By: Ronald

Amnesty International, can you please shut up & mind your own business. As Sri Lankan we all know your biasness towards LTTE. By the way what's your commence about the bomb blast in Petta station? Isn't it a violation of human rights huh? Posted By: Aman

We Sri Lankans do not need your advice on how to protect human rights. First get rid of your organisations biasness towards terrorists in Sri Lanka. Posted By: A.A.M.NIZAM-MATARA

Not only AI all the major NGO who cry at government offensive keep silent or pretend not to heard when LTTE Terrorist kill innocent. Because they want save their bacon and to be in the terrorists good book.

Posted By: Zarook Mohamed

Amnesty International is biased. In western Universities it has exhibitions, and al those exhibitions are communist or developing countries. IT never had had a demonstration, exhibition against any country friendly to the Western world. But sponsors of it knows how to hire people, so the unsuspecting spectators believe that AI is honest and true. Mrs. KHAN does not want to understand that AI is a big conspiracy. They are that true, and has has become a part of that. Why she does not question her own organization's work world-wide.

Posted By: A Sri Lankan

Mr.Kheliya is right, Amnesty international members are in various payroll....why they silent on the migrant workers in Middle-east. Does she know only country in the world who puts ban on Labour contract for no reason and asking to pay (Official bribe) to remove it. Posted By: James

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