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Anura Seneviratna.

The name "Lanka" is derived from the Indian word "alankaar" used by the ancient Indian writers as a nickname to refer to the island country of Heladiva (island of Helas). Even in the Mahavansa initiated by the Indian monk Mahanama, Lanka is the name used to identify the Island Country demonstrating the Indianising factor which has tarnished Heladiva as well as the Hela Nation into a mere degraded "majority Sinhela ethnic community" on a par with the non indigenous minority communities of Tamil, Muslim etc. who already have countries of their national origins elsewhere. Even when the history is and should be written by the nations of countries themselves; our history was written by foreigners. To all these external interferences instead of rising to object to these injustices we seem to descend to further subservience and subjugation. Considering this attitude is from the impact of 58 years of anti-national brainwashing - how come we have not yet got the pecker to rise up to reclaim our NATURAL RIGHT of NATIONHOOD in spite of numerous threats and reminders? Yet, we seem to react in a jiffy for the slightest slip up against one another in hefty egotism and wrath when all this energy could be transformed cohesively against our invasive enemy with real national punch.

When we call SL our country unlike most countries it has no reference to a Sovereign Nation of people to identify national ownership to the land. Neither a language nor culture as Sri Lankan to be recognised as a unique entity. Hence, the world has perceived SL as a land shared by different communities with equal rights, even to have the right for separation. Even many of our people too are under the impression that Tamil minority should have the right for separation. But the stark fact is that the Tamils are only a non indigenous minority and they already have their country of national origin of Tamil Nadu within the Indian subcontinent. When a people settle down in a host country or in another nation's country they need to merge with the host nation into a single nationhood. Exclusivity to NATIONAL RIGHTS or NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY is the natural heritage of an indigenous nation of people in their indigenous land area. Habitation, settlement or even robbing a land does not give the right to nationhood.

The name SL has given rise to total confusion of the inviolable sovereign legality of the Hela Nation and to blatant violation of the fundamental right of the Hela Nation, which is also the basic human right of a nation for its very survival and for posterity. "Sinhale" is the name existed before the island fell to the then British land robbers. Sinhala is a corruption of Hela by Sin+Hela into Sinhela or Sinhala by an earlier illegal Indian intrusion, thus giving rise to a major misconception that we came from India. If so, we Sinhela should be speaking an Indian language like the Tamils of Tamil Nadu national origin or there should be a Sinhela province like Tamil Nadu in the Indian subcontinent. What has happened although, the Indian intruder corrupted the Hela and Heladiva but merged with the Hela nation, and Helabasa too corrupted to Sinhela with Indian words. In order to establish our full-proof of Sovereign National ownership to the whole island, reverting to Heladiva is the wisest option and the wisest choice of our very ancient ancestors with infinite wisdom.

Without the nickname SL for our tiny island country, in reverting to Heladiva, we naturally regain our authentic identity of Helas and the world at large too will finally recognise who the nation of people of Heladiva are and the non indigenous Tamil minority as part and parcel of the Hela Nation of Heladiva. This will also expose the fraudulent Tamil claim to the tiny Island Country of Helas as well to identify the Tamil country of Tamil Nadu where the Tamil national struggle should take place.
There are no Tamil villages, Tamil areas or Muslim villages, Muslim areas but only Hela villages and areas where Hela-Tamil and Hela-Muslims reside with only private ownerships and not Tamil, Muslim national ownerships. This is the universal national political concept practised in very sovereign national country hosting non indigenous minorities.

As the country reverts to its original authentic name of Heladiva, the people in it will be automatically Helas. Although, Mahavansa states of a history of over 2,500 years for the Sinhalese; the Helas who are the original nation and their history goes well over 30,000 years. Sadly, this genuine history of the Hela Nation has been suppressed when replaced with the Mahavansa history chronicle even to the extent of destroying the very ancient Hela Atuwa, Aththa Katha and many historical writings written on Ola leaves. The immense violations and intrusions against the Hela Nation and Heladiva can be the greatest crimes committed against a nation in history. Present seems the most imminent time towards Hela National resurgence which is our justifiable right to live to avoid extinction. Among the nations of the world though we are small in numbers the moral stature is unique and an asset to the world heritage. While the rest of the world's civilizations were based on river basins, the Hela civilization was initiated on hydro-technology in saving the fundamental natural resource of water in building meticulous engineering network of tanks incorporating rain, rivers and streams where every drop of water was utilized to its maximum before reaching the sea.

Human refinement in philosophy, poetry and skills in iron-crafts and earliest aviation attempts can make any nation proud. With all these potential we are a nation who faced numerous invaders, plunderers and terrorists perhaps in sheer envy. The Hela people's living concept can be most up to date and the lesson for today when we see the damage done to nature by the present so called self-acclaimed leaders of the world and their development and democracy. Since 1948 with the so called independence, we have not gone one inch forward in terms of overall well-being and genuine progress. This is a challenge to take stock of who we are and what we are doing wrong. Independence from robber nations cannot be truly conceived as long as we are grid-locked in their web still ruling us indirectly following a system of governance, economics, an all pervading alien life skills eating into the core of our mind and body. To be free from this slavedom we need to stop the outbound journey through the five senses and start discovering the inward journey using the vehicle of mind and heart in order to choose the wholesome life in affinity with nature.

The conflict in the country spread like cancer deserves closer examination for a lasting cure. Ethnic conflict, civil war, terrorism and Tamil national struggle are the current definitions to the conflict. A section of the non indigenous Tamil ethnic minority is resorting to dastardly killing the Hela people. Hela people being the nation of the Island Country, cannot be classified as an ethnic group who do not retaliate, hence it is genocide committed by a settler minority against the sovereign nation. The civilians of SL is not at each others throats except some SL citizens of Tamil ethnic origin are on a barbarous killing spree. Terrorism is committed some times in demand of better social conditions but this is an attempt to rob a part of the country as the the second Tamil country when the Tamil country is already in existence as Tamil Nadu within the Indian subcontinent. This is definitely not the Tamil national struggle.

The non indigenous Tamil minority is not a separate nation within Heladiva (SL) and any Tamil national struggle can ONLY take place in Tamil Nadu. Therefore, the conflict is an attempt to convert HD (SL) into a second Tamil Nadu and genocide against the tiny 14 million Hela Nation. This confusion of wrongly identifying the conflict is nothing but primarily due to anti-national Hela brainwashing perpetrated by the past rulers whose loyalty rested with the Tamil minority due to their hidden Tamil ancestral origins. If the Tamils are a nation and their indigenous land is a certain part of Heladiva, then they should be allowed to exist as the independent Tamil national country today with Tamil sovereignty. But while the existence of Tamil Nadu as the indigenous Tamil land with 70 million Tamil nation - any Tamil national demand in Heladiva or anywhere else is an attempting crime of invasion. The Tamils in Heladiva are Hela-Tamils and if any Helas chosen to live in Tamil Nadu they will become Tamil-Helas. The only people who have a right only for community based devolution are our Vedi generation who are the pristine section of the Hela nation and they will never be a threat to us.

The cause for the conflict is the absence of the independent Tamil country for the Tamil people of the world. This being justifiable it is imperative to discover where this independent Tamil country should be? Tamils are a non indigenous ethnic minority in Heladiva while Tamil Nadu with 70 million Tamils is the indigenous land of the Tamils as a nation. So the Tamil national struggle can ONLY take place in Tamil Nadu as it is currently the Tamil Federal State of the Indian subcontinent. A nation can have only one country and the Tamil national country is Tamil Nadu. But the Tamil nation cannot clash with India for independence which they tried and failed. Hence, attempted to try in host countries where Tamils have settled down as migrants. First attempt was in Malaysia but failed miserably but continued to scheme for other outlets. Soon the then Ceylon was found to be very generous to excessive Tamil demands even as a non indigenous minority in the country of the Sinhela Nation. The generosity extended to Ceylon-Tamils and later Sri Lanka-Tamils largely contributed to the fact that rulers had Tamil ancestral origins in favouring ethnic Tamils. With Tamil Nadu as the epi-centre and Diaspora Tamils masterminded the global Tamil plot to capture SL as the first step before venturing to free Tamil Nadu.

Talk of Tamil federalism or Tamil devolution is rampant. Already, Tamil Nadu is a Tamil Federal State, which is fair as it is the Tamil country where even full separation is justifiable which is the major legitimate Tamil grievance and Heladiva has been used to take the brunt of it. Any form of devolution based on Tamil ethnicity in Heladiva will be a direct encouragement to invade the whole island. Solution is simple though due to excessive rights granted to SL-Tamils and annulling these rights will be the path to solution. This will be confrontational but given the reality what all minorities in every host country have as rights are what the Tamils are entitled too legally and morally. Armed with this justifiable approach first action should be to regain and rejuvenate the National Hela Sovereignty so that minorities will be able to respect our sovereign command over the land. Once the national Hela resurgence is set in motion and the facts of nationhood is brought to the fore in merging and uniting into a single file the whole country will settle down to the task of living

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