Your reporting on Sri Lanka- An Open Letter

Asoka Weerasinghe Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

News Editor
ABC, Australia.

Your news on Sri Lanka’s separatist war has always surprised me, and no doubt will continue to surprise me, unless you take off your blinkers and look beyond your tunnel vision of ‘Doom and Gloom’
which indirectly supports Tamil Tiger terrorism and their goal to achieve their mythical mono-ethnic, racist, Tamil separate State, Eelam.
Take off your blinkers and here is what you will discover and perhaps for you to report divorcing from your “Doom and Gloom” scenario as to what is going on in Sri Lanka.

“Since the ‘Black July’ riots in Sri Lanka 25 years ago, which had a reverse effect on the minority Tamils, when as many as 1000 of them were not only thrashed but also killed by the Sinhalese-goons, similar as to what the Tamil separatists were good at meting out the same, on the Sinhalese, since around 1970.

After the Sri Lankan government forces accepted the challenge by the Tamil Tigers in July 2006, to open the Mavil Aru anicut which the Tamil Tigers cut off, stopping the supply of drinking and irrigation waters for over 15,000 Sinhalese, with the intention of starving them to death or hoping that they would abandon this area and find another location where they could find a supply of drinking water, undoubtedly a form of ethnic cleansing.

This is when the Tamil Tigers met their Waterloo. Since then their /de facto/ state of Eelam in the Wanni has been shrinking in size, with the Government Forces taking over their territory which they thought was theirs and quite soon might lose all of it as they did the whole of the Eastern Province last year.

The focus of the Sri Lankan government since July 2006 has been to liberate the Tamils who were controlled by the fascist boots of the Tamil Tigers and reassure the Sinhalese and Muslim people in the rest of the island that they too have a right-to-life and would not tolerate them being massacred by these Tamil Tigers.

It is not unusual to see a bus commuter making the sign of the cross before getting into a bus praying that he or she would arrive at their destination without being bombed by the Tamil Tigers, which has been a recent phenomena in the South of the island.

What has been exhilarating and exciting for the liberated Tamils so far in the East is that the Government has restored civil administration and that they were able to push in a democratic vote into a ballot box to elect their local government officials and to watch the fast pace in the development of this area since 23 years of Tamil Tiger rule.

What may be a stinging indictment on the Tamil Tigers is that the ruling Tamil party of the Karuna/Piliyan faction, an arch enemy of the Government for 21 years, who broke away from the Tamil Tigers in 2004, is to tell the world loud and clearly that Tamil Tiger terrorism is not the way to help their Tamil people. And the Mayor of Batticaloa, who is a Tamil female, wishes that their brethren in the rest of the Wanni will be liberated by the Government Forces, so that they too could enjoy the luxuries of democracy. Her wish, no doubt, is imminent as the Tamil Tiger controlled area is shrinking fast liberated by the Sri Lankan government armed forces.

The ‘Doom and Gloom’ scenario on the Tamil Tigers has no place now, as what we are witnessing is the liberated Tamils in the east levitating and enjoying their new found freedom from Jackbooted-Tamil-terrorism, and marching into an era embracing the trust and friendship of the majority Sinhalese whom they despised earlier, a mindset entrenched in them by their former Tamil politicians.

We will be watching the positive developments in Sri Lanka and reporting back to you, so stay tuned.”

Asoka Weerasinghe

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