Janaka Dumpty had great fall but all Ranil’s men will never try to put him on the wall again…

A Sri Lankan expatriate living in Australia

Few months ago, I wrote to Gen Janaka Perera and said that expatriates in Australia were amazed by his decision to contest NCP elections on UNP ticket. I clearly said that Gen Perera who has so much behind his name will end up in dirty "cess pit of politics", losing all what he gained in the battlefield by his decision to serve Ranil.

Now, the people of North Central Province have taught him a lesson for his life. Even though there is a village 'Janakapura' named by him in NCP, they would never back him when he joins Ranil to defend Prabhakaran.

Now, the things will get tough for Ranil who used Janaka merely to win at least the NCP province and save his crown in the UNP (but not for the love for the country). We all knew that Ranil would never make him the defence minister (even if Janaka succeeded) and when things get heated up for Ranil there is no doubt that Janaka would be then first one to be dumped by Ranil's men.

What a pity?

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