Rauf Hakeem is a communalist and a political merchant. Pillaiyan has risen above communalism, in joining with the UPFA.

By Charles.S.Perera

Rauf Hakeem is a communalist, and a selfish opportunist, who will sign an MoU even with the devil himself if he could get something in return. Only person he could not fool was the terrorist Prabhakaran . Hakeem went to Prabhakaran, as his vassal to pay respect to him and ask for benign favours for his community, even if the rest of the communities were to be burnt alive. Prabhakaran favoured him with a mock MoU.

Rauf Hakeem as leader of the SLMC joins a government always on conditions, not because he is a patriot and wants to defend the interest of the country, but because he seeks self aggrandizement with his political position. He then waits until a political crisis arises, and the government needs every partners cooperation to face the crisis. That is when Rauf Hakeem- the political merchants begins his bargaining, he makes his demands from the government threatening to leave the government if it fails to satisfy his demands.

He did that in 2001, when under Chandrika Kumaratunga, the Sri Lanka army was able to chase the terrorists to the Wanni Jungles. The terrorists declared a ceasefire on their own. The Sri Lanka army was ready to give the final blow to the terrorists, and end the evil cancer of terrorism for ever. But just then Rauf Hakeem with his eight SLMC companion MPs walked out making the Government a minority in the Parliament. The President Kumaratunga had no alternative but to dissolve the Parliament and call for new elections. And the rest is history. UNF government came into power and the Ranil Wickramasinghe's began the greatest betrayal of the country.

It was Rauf Hakeem that was responsible for what happened hereafter , and the death of thousands of people in a terrorist war. Rauf Hakeems was attempting to do the same thing to Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse during the Budget debate.

It is time that the politicians take appropriate action against this untrustworthy hypocrite of a politician. Now Rauf Hakeem is preparing for the Provincial Council elections in the East, laying down his condition. He demands a Muslim Chief Minister for the East. This is a measured proposition that he is putting forward. Making this demand he makes difficulties for the Government, and at the same time makes the Muslims believe that he is doing a service to the Muslim Community.

Rauf Hakeem is a political merchant, he makes use of his position for his personal benefit. He should be boycotted by all political parties. The Muslim Community should be aware of the shame he brings to the Muslim Community, which has an important role to play in the development of the country. He has so far brought no tangible changes to the Muslim Community.

He is a man with his heart in the wrong place. If the news papers were correct he allowed his mistress to commit suicide in his own compound. It is now that the government should take stock of the danger of having Rauf Hakeem as a political partner and isolate him. A political party is better off without associating with this self centred political merchant.

Basil Rajapakse, either has a short memory, or he has no principles in inviting politicians to join in for a common cause, because he has invite Ruf Hakeem to join forces with the UPFA to contest the Provincial election in the East, forgetting that he had betrayed the Government during a crucial budget vote.

Rauf Hakeem is after power in the East to be able to bargain favours for himself and the Muslim Community from the Sun God the elusive Prabhakaran before his rays dim for ever. Rauf Hakeem has forgotten that his people were chased away from Jaffna by the LTTE terrorists, but yet he will attempt to build bridges with the terrorists once again for his political self aggrandizement

No self respecting political leader should accommodate Rauf Hakeem, for a political partnership. Ranil Wickramsinghe –himself a man with out principles may yet accept Rauf Hakeem's calloboration.

Pillaiyan of TVMP is more mature in his political vision. In the present time there should be a national awakening. It is not being a Sinhala , a Tamil or Muslim that counts. What counts is being a Sri Lankan patriot. Pillaiyan in agreeing to join with the UPFA to contest the Provincial elections, has shown his willingness to fore go his communal allegiance to that of a National identity. We have had enough of communal politicals. It is time that we rise above that narrow communalism to be come a part of the Nation of Sri Lanka.

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