Traitors-Elections- & Pro-LTTE Anti-National Forces

By Darmitha-Kotte

Not so many moons ago, our Opposition Leader and UNP Leader Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe gave a new definition to the word "traitor" and pointed out that the greatest traitor we have in recent times is Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse. Why? Because he resigned from the Army and migrated to the USA but returned to Sri Lanka when his brother President Mahinda Rajapakse came into power and became the Secretary of the Ministry of Defense. Why may we ask, did he return to Sri Lanka? To save the nation from "continued brutal terrorism" at the hands of LTTE terrorists who have brought on untold miseries on the people of the North & East as well as other parts of our country and to bring about lasting peace to Sri Lanka! The mere fact that Gotabhaya Rajapakse left Sri Lanka to reside overseas according to Mr. Wickramasinghe- is a traitorous act. Pardon us for stating this but, that very same UNP Leader Mr. Wickramasinghe has today brought back to Sri Lanka a once decorated Army Officer who after resigning from the Army(because he was not promoted to the post of Army Commander) but was later sent by former President Chandrika Kumaratunga as Ambassador to Australia and Indonesia to appease him.

After completing his assignments, instead of returning to Sri Lanka Gen.Janaka Perera applied and migrated to Australia and is now considered a citizen of Australia BUT Mr. Wickramasinghe requested him to return to Sri Lanka to enter UNP party politics. Why? Because he thought that he could play Gen.Janaka Perera against Gotabhaya Rajapakse who was doing his utmost even after an attempt on his life by the LTTE- to do everything possible to eliminate terrorism from this country. In other words we could assume, that Mr. Wickramasinghe still wished to give the LTTE terrorists "another lease of life" by putting a stop to the war against terrorism for them to continue with their brutality!

If the definition of "Traitor" as described by Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe holds ground, then even Gen. Janaka Perera can be considered to be a "traitor"( more qualified). In actual fact the biggest traitor among these three names mentioned above has to be Mr. Wickramasinghe himself and no other! Why may we ask? The Oxford Dictionary defines the word "Traitor" as: (quote) " A person who betrays their country, an organisation, or a cause"( end quote). According to this definition Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe fits into all three sections which if betrayed such a person is called a " Traitor"- he betrayed the country when he signed the CFA with a terrorist organisation which was intent of destroying Sri Lanka without even the signature or approval of the then Executive President, he has betrayed his party the UNP by taking unilateral decisions which are detrimental to the mere existence of the UNP as a party and he has also betrayed the cause of maintaining Sri Lanka as a Unitary Sovereign State! Wonderful indeed. There is an age old saying "People in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones"- we sincerely wonder whether or not Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe had read or learnt this proverb during his school days at Royal College?

According to the various definitions of "traitor" it seems that from the three individuals mentioned above, Gotabhaya Rajapakse seems to be the last to fit into that category because he returned to Sri Lanka, to save it from terrorism whereas Gen. Janaka Perera returned to Sri Lanka to support the UNP and Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe's policies of appeasing the LTTE terrorists. How about that? Today, we heard Gen. Janaka Perera say in his own words over the radio (possibly over TV channels as well) when addressing a political gathering that he did not come from Australia to get beaten or defeated but to win the elections for the UNP! Then dear readers, is it difficult to understand who the real traitors are? In every sense of the word it is extremely ironic. This unfortunately is the nature of politics in Sri Lanka.

Politics is not about personal agendas but national agendas which are of benefit to the entire nation and to all citizens of this country to live a life of peace and tranquillity with economic and social development. For three decades in Sri Lanka personal and party politics has deprived the country of these aspirations because even the terrorist war was manipulated to suit the personal agendas of the "powers that were" during that period. They all opted to fan LTTE terrorism on the one hand for them to hold on to power while on the other hand, they themselves terrorized all their personal and political opponents- be it the UNP, JVP or the SLFP until recently when two years ago Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse became the Executive President and vowed to eliminate LTTE terrorism in this country.

In this endeavour his brother as Secretary of Defence, has proved that the once considered "invincible LTTE terrorists" have proved to be otherwise. With the able & excellent coordinated efforts of our Armed Forces to which he has given un-stinted backup support, to systematically move forward into enemy held territory, defeat them and regain territory once lost to LTTE terrorists and bring them under government control. Even though these successes are glaring before our eyes, anti-national forces dare not acknowledge the achievements of our Armed Forces- they even dare not admit that such successes could have been achieved even in the past, if only we had patriotic leaders that were willing to make that commitment.

While these victories are being achieved, anti-national politicians and parties feel uncomfortable in the thought that should the Armed Forces achieve ultimate victory over terrorism (which we sincerely hope they will) , then the political aspirations of these anti-national forces will be lost for ever! Therefore it is of utmost importance to band together all the "spent forces" of SLFP(M) group including Chandrika Kumaratunga, the "Ranil Wickramasinghe faction " of the UNP, the JVP, the Christian Churches who have supported, protected and fanned LTTE terrorism throughout, Pro-LTTE Media groups and all the foreign and local INGO/NGO groups together and begin a propaganda campaign to instil fear in the minds of local citizens on rising cost of living, fuel hikes (which we all know are not only confined to Sri Lanka but the world at large), human rights violations etc etc. - the list can be extremely long. What they fail to realize, is that no where in the entire world including the aggressive wars conducted by USA towards sovereign countries like Iraq, Afghanistan does an army first think of human rights and then fight a war?

The prime objective is to defeat the enemy first and that is what the Sri Lankan Armed Forces are doing right now moving forward eliminating terrorism step by step. During this process they cannot afford to stop and "pat the backs and fondle the child brigades" of the LTTE! No western country in the world fighting a battle will openly state their war strategies for the Media goons to write "Breaking News" articles. BUT, here in Sri Lanka this is what the so called Free Media Movement(FMM) expects. No country in the world fighting a war, will permit and escort any and every person who claims to be "a journalist" or "humanitarian official" into the battlefront to spy on internal secrets of the Armies. BUT they expect that from our Armed Forces and the GOSL in Sri Lanka!

Today, let us not talk about the highly intellectual segment of our society(most of which have exposed themselves as pro-LTTE anti-national elements, but the ordinary man on the street or the "commoner" all wish our brave soldiers would wipe out LTTE terrorism from this country completely and are willing to bear with economic difficulties until the war is finally won. We have foreign and local NGOs piping out "Gandhian Values of non-violence" and "Buddhist tolerance" tunes like Sarvodaya and Foundation for Co-existence while they are helping Norway to help the terrorists! When they help the terrorists why is it that they do not extol the virtues of Gandhian non-violence or Buddhist tolerance- atleast they could extol the virtues of God having stated that if the LTTE must stretch out the other cheek when one cheek is hit! These individuals talk about human rights, peace and non-violence to the GOSL and the Armed Forces while installing surveillance cameras in their own residences to protect them from possibly those very same terrorist attacks- would you call this hypocrisy or not?

Politicians who supposedly are entering politics now and hoping to serve our country honestly are much more concerned these days of security for themselves and even going to courts for Fundamental Rights-what is there to fear, if one is genuine and sincere in one's aspirations to serve the people of Sri Lanka?


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