By Walter Jayawardhana

V. Anandasangaree, President of the Tamil United Front , complained to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu M.Karunanidhi that in the recent interest of Tamil Nadu in the Sri Lankan conflict they have completely ignored the mass of people trapped by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Nadu as a “human shield”to protect the rebels from a military onslaught.

Anandasangaree, the leader of the oldest Tamil political party and the former Member of Parliament for Kilinochchi, before the Tamil Tigers converted that to their headquarters said the Tamil people of Sri Lanka, “are disappointed that the concerns of the Tamil People now trapped in the areas under the control of the LTTE are ignored. LTTE is using them as human shield to protect them.”

Reminding the old saying of Mahathma Gandhi that India and Sri Lanka should maintain cordial relations the TULF leader said in the letter, “The People are also upset and worried that the enthusiasm displayed in Tamil Naad is showing tendencies of confrontation with the majority community the Sinhalese, with whom the Tamils had been living from time immemorial and will have to live in the future as well.”

Strongly reminding the Chief Minister that a Jaffna should not be created within the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Anandasangaree said in his letter, “We Sri Lankans remember with gratitude the innumerable detections in Tamil Naad, made by both the “Q” branch of the Tamil Naad Police and the Indian Navy, of several tons of material, including steel balls, aluminum foils, ball bearings and chemicals, used for the manufacture of bombs, claymore mines hand grenade etc. The credit goes to your Police of Tamil Naad and the Indian Navy for the detections, and if those detections had not taken place only God knows as to what would have happened to our countries. We are not un-mindful of what can happen to our country, if the LTTE is allowed to operate freely in Tamil Naad and that is why I re-iterate that both Tamil Naad and Sri Lanka should maintain close relationship between them. We can’t forget so easily as to what happened to Hon Rajiv Gandhi and there is no guarantee that a similar incident will not take place again, if the LTTE is allowed to operate freely in Tamil Naad. Please see that a Jaffna is not created in Tamil Naad.”

Drawing the attention of the Chief Minister Karunanidhi about the All Party Conference presided over by Karunanidhi, Sangaree said , “The decision of the All Party conference would have been more appropriate if it had also decided to request the Central Government to compel the LTTE to release the innocent civilians detained by force in areas under their control. The ultimatum of two weeks given to the Central Government to act has caused a furore among the hardliners in Sri Lanka, causing embarrassment to the Sri Lankan Government, which is aware of the compelling need to maintain good relationship with India.”

Severely warning about misguiding directions Tamil Nadu receives from the “proxies” of the LTTE the letter said, “Tamil Naad should be warned of the danger in acting on the advice of the TNA Members of Parliament who were fraudulently elected as members with the fire power of the LTTE and they act only as proxies of the LTTE. They carry out LTTE’s orders. No one cared to come to Sri Lanka to find out the truth. The people in Sri Lanka live in constant fear and tension due to the LTTE’s claymore- mine, land- mine and hand- grenade attacks that are taking place everyday in some part of Sri Lanka. That had caused the death of several innocent Sinhala Tamil and Muslim people. This is perhaps why no one from India undertakes a trip on a fact finding mission to Sri Lanka. It is this menace that we are trying to get rid of.”

Reminding that he was the Member of Parliament for Kilnochchi Anandasangaree said “But imagine what my feelings would be to see the people, with whom I lived for very many years, now living under the subjugation of the LTTE, deprived of almost all their rights and detained under compulsion for well over quarter of a century. You say that you are unable to eat or sleep with the Tamil problem not solved. If so Sir, how can I live peacefully?”

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