KOSOVO marks the low depth to which UN System has fallen.

By Charles.S.Perera

Kosovo is the result of the low depth to which the UN System has fallen since George Bush became the President of USA. USA under Bush made the UNO and its sister Organisations mere departments of the US Administration.

The UN Security Council was pushed aside when Bush decided to declare war against Iraq.

The USA ignored the UNO when it warned North Korea and Iran against their nuclear projects. So will it be, with regard to Burma, USA will not consult the UNO on what action should be taken against the Military Rulers of Burma, before he takes a unilateral decision. He may ask the UN to back him after he has caused enough damage to the country..

The USA under Bush , as well as under the previous Republican Presidents was a dictatorial regime. It uses its military power, dictates economic sanctions, proposes trade embargoes without logic, merely with a view to subjugate governments.

Unfortunately the rest of the world has to follow the big leader. The UNO was set up to make the member states, big or small to assemble and decide on various issues placed before it, and take action under a democratic voting system. A member state should not normally take any action against another member state, without first having consulted the UNO, placing their disputes before the Security Council of the UNO.

Kosovo was the USA's need to break up Yugoslavia, other Western Countries merely followed the US leadership. UN spineless as it is, contributed to breakaway Kosovo from Serbia despite its Charter signed by all Member States forbids such state manoeuvres. The result today is Kosovo- not an independent state, but an American Colony, with a permanent USA Military presence.

It was not for any love America and the Western Countries have for the people of Kosovo, that they helped the break away from Serbia, but because Kosovo is a significant step, in the American Agenda to have a US Military presence in strategic places in the world, so that it will have along with its spy satellites in the space, a controlling military net work.

It may be also be in their Agenda, to set up an Eelam State in the North East of Sri Lanka with a permanent Military camp like the Bondsteel Camp in Kosovo, that will help USA to keep in check India, China and Russia.

It is another Mafia- lead by USA to put the world into an American Safety net.

USA would like to make Cuba also one of its satellite states-a colony, and were gleeful when Fidel Castro announced his decision to resign from being the President of Cuba. But Fidel Castro is a far greater strategist than the militaristic American Presidents, and he had already prepared another elder statesman to take over power after him. Small minded American Administration will continue with its age old sanctions.

UN under pressure will continue sending their Arbours, Martins, Evans, Kanes etc. with the monologue of the establishment of a UN Human Rights Mission in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka Government should not give in to these diabolical missionaries whose intensions are to divide our country.

Now Bush is turning to Burma for his next and perhaps the last military adventure and a possible Kosovo style colony with the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, UNHRC, International Media Federation preparing to follow the cavalcade like the vultures, and the hyenas following the trails of savage felines.

Let us hope that the next Presidential election in USA brings a President from the Democratic party to heal the world, wounded by George Bush Administration. Let us also hope that the next President of USA be an intellectual, more human and cultivated, without a militaristic mind set, who will believe in dialogue , who would give back to the UN System its lost prestige, who will help countries to unite, and remain united..

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