By Walter Jayawardhana

For re-publishing a collection of items that appeared in the Tamil Nadu media a Tamil Nadu based “human rights organization” called Manitham wants India’s federal government in New Delhi to close down the Consul General office of Sri Lanka immediately.

The Executive Director of the “Manitham” (Man) Agni Subramaniam in an interview with the popular Tamil weekly magazine Kumudam said, the book issued by the Consul General’s office consisting of media reports from Tamil Nadu , “has created a stir among the supporters of Tamil Eelam in Tamil Nadu.”

Bringing it to the notice of Pattali Makkalai Katchi leader Dr. Ram Doss, who is an extremist leader of the Tamils, Agni, literally meaning Fire, told the magazine that the media reports carried in the book made the impression that Tamil people in Tamil Nadu are opposed to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

The book that has perturbed a Human Rights organization , although the contents and title of the book, “Tamil Tigers in the Eyes of Tamil Nadu” have nothing to do with human rights and are a collection of objective news reports published in Tamil Nadu itself.

Dr. Ram Doss later addressing a meeting accused the Sri Lanka government by issuing the book the Sri Lanka government has injected venom into Tamil Nadu politics.
Ramdoss charged that the Sri Lanka government has distributed this book among journalists they would carry the contents to a greater public.

Ramdoss said the book might be worth about Rupees one thousand and it had re-published only Tamil Nadu media reports favorable to Sri Lanka. He argued Sri lanka government would have published bews reports supportive of both Sri Lanka and the LTTE. Ram Doss also said, “Further more, we have reliable information that the Consulate has collected the cell phone numbers, residential addresses, official addresses etc of persons such as film directors Thangagpachan, Seeman, Pugalaenthy, Thirumavalavan (Leader of Viduthalai Siruthaikal) and others who are supporters of Tamil Eelam.”

Ramdoss said therefore the Central government should close down the Sri Lanka Consul General’s office in Chennai.

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