The naked emperors lay down the law of Sri Lanka

Ajit Randeniya, Kandy

The news over the last several weeks from Sri Lanka suggests that the government has had enough of the dictates and preachings from the international money lenders who disguise themselves as the 'moral guardians' of the humen values. The government has said to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) who use sconditional loans to force developing countries to sell their assets and infrastructure to global corporations and other businessmen, and they have packed up and left Sri Lanka. The World Bank is also gone (or are threatening). Surely they must be smarting!!.

The response has already come in the form of 'stern warnings' from the mouthpiece of the US (assumed) empire, a bureaucrat by the name of Tom Casey. Following a diplomatic message that conveyed the US displeasure about the Sri Lankan Government's growing bilateral relationship with Iran, Casey has also sent out a strong 'public warning' to Sri Lanka over the emerging economic ties and diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.The US has also expressed its 'very serious concerns' over Sri Lanka's growing ties with China and Russia.

President Rajapakse or his senior bureaucrats need to ask Casey (and the US agent in Colombo) as to what right they think they have to reprimand Sri Lanka over its relationships with other countries.

Iran is a country in the region with a sophisticated civilisation and history rich in great contributions of art, science and music to the world. After all, Iran has not waged any illegal wars against any country in the world, (like the naked emperor did), illegally killing close to a million innocent people in Iraq. The 'naked' and dishonest emperor has no right to ask Sri Lanka to not to associate with that country.

The Sri Lankan government must ask Where are the human rights of the innocent civilians bombed by the US forces fighting the Sadr army just last week? Why is the 'international community' not outraged over these deaths and other abuses and why are the 'free' journalists of the wire services Reuters, AFP and other dubious organisations such as CNN report these atrocities?

But true to the 'yankee' method (which according to native American dialects means 'thief'), the true intention of this thug of the global village is to get Sri Lanka, knowing that we are under pressure due to the LTTE terrorism, to get their dirty work for them.

Casey has said that "We would hope that any government that was engaging with the Iranians, including with President Ahmadinejad, would call on him to meet the requirements that the Security Council and the international community has placed on him in terms of suspending their uranium enrichment activities and complying with the other requirements regarding their nuclear programme" . The Iraqi fraud showed how much the US respected the UN Security Council!

As it always happens, the US international conspiracy has the support of the EU. They have sent a 'covert' fact-finding mission (including Germany, France and Denmark - the 'real' newly formed international community, especially under Sarkozi!) to Colombo. According to reports the team's visit was carried out clandestinely with the actual reason for their visit not being given to the Sri Lankan authorities.

Following meetings with their paid agents Kumar Rupesinghe and Jehan Perera and a few others, selected media have been informed that the government's lukewarm response towards addressing the worsening human rights record is set to affect the country 'big time', resulting in a severe economic impact via the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP+). .

Imagine the sudden attack of Human Rights 'concerns' of the Europeans!. Are these the same people who sucked the blood out of Asian, African and Latin American countries for over 500 years, raping and pillaging and stealing their wealth!!!!

There is only one answer to these thieves.

Tell them that we will become friends with any one in the world we want and it is 'none of their business'. We are not a colony of the thieves.

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