National Sovereignty and Patriotism

Anura seneviratna.

National sovereignty and patriotism go hand in hand – there is no national sovereignty without patriotism and no patriotism without national sovereignty. Within the context of Sri Lanka, national sovereignty and patriotism can be misleading and misunderstood because Sri Lanka is a concept devoid of national sovereignty and patriotism, lacking the basic ingredient of nationhood in relation to human society and emotion. Identity of a nation of people with natural feelings, in relation to a unique language, culture and history are prime movers in a sense of belonging. Within the Sri Lankan identity, it is a vacuum open for any twist or turn by anyone within this artificial entity of nation. Yet, the nucleus of authentic nation with their indigenous land prevails with breathing patriotism embedded within the concoction of Sri Lanka. The assumed official multiculturalism is invalid and unreal within the paradigm of nationhood and its ethos. Whether we like it or not or if we do not perceive it due to generations of systematic de-nationalisation conducted by the pseudo national rulers; national Sovereignty of Sri Lanka and patriotism rest with and upheld by the very ancient Indigenous Nation of Helas, who are the nation of people borne out of the island of Heladiva, as well as those who built the civilization. Any migrants or intruders who settled on this island leaving the lands of their national origins elsewhere, will naturally become part and parcel of the Hela Nation but never qualify for the right of separate nationhood. Inability or doubt in accepting this fact, is connected with the confusion created by the alien minded and bodied rulers who had no right to rule the land of another nation in their motherland, which is tantamount to the crime of the highest order.

There cannot be another country and nation on the planet who suffered most at the hands of land robbers and terrorists like Heladiva and Hela nation. The injustice and suffering is so immense that even the country’s authentic name is corrupted and twisted in an effort to obliterate the Hela nation’s natural identity. Even the slightly corrupted name of Sinhela from Hela recorded in the recent SinHela history of over 2,500 years was removed, to be replaced by a nickname used by the ancient Indians called Lanka, derived from the Indian word “alankaar”. Such is the impact of alien intruders on Heladiva (island of Helas) but as truth can never be erased; the Helaness is still throbbing within the Hela soil for its rightful place on earth like any other nation for its due place. The major culprits who brought down the Hela Nation to near extinction and invasion of Heladiva to convert it into a second Tamil Nadu were the gang of rulers descended since 1948, parading as Sinhela leaders were our real enemies of alien origin and mindset. Fortunately, they are reduced to remnants presently but still trying to raise their ugly heads, to nurture a section of the non indigenous Tamil minority attempting to make our island a second Tamil Nadu (Tamil Country) of the Indian subcontinent. They were allowed by the previous alien rulers to dance for a Tamil homeland and now they are even calling a part of Heladiva as the Tamil motherland! There cannot be ignorance, fraudulence and barbarity displayed to such an extreme degree anywhere else on earth.

Non indigenous minority whose land of national origin is elsewhere has no right for separate nationhood within a host national country, irrespective of how long settled or how much their population within the host country. Due to people migration many host countries are faced with non indigenous minorities demanding rights of every colour and shape, and the host countries are in a dilemma having got human rights mixed up with national rights. And, the so called human rights and democratic bandwagons too are involved in this game for vested interest perked by major world players, in destabilising countries for the kill.

For a country and nation to gain real prosperity and stability upholding national sovereignty is utmost, enabling it to progress what is natural to a country’s climate, tradition, culture, history and ethos. Even the system of governance should evolve according to their own national world giving rise to diversity in politics without swallowing the pill of divisive Western party democracy as panacea. National sovereignty is the right of a nation of people to manage their own affairs independently. However, an organisation like the UNO need to take more seriously the inviolability of National sovereignty as a basic human right of a nation of people, while a united disciplinary body of nations can monitor and rectify matters in countries unilaterally through negotiation as well as by action.

Patriotism although may sound old fashioned is not the case. Inculcating patriotism through education is paramount for a nation as country comes first before everything else - nothing can prevail without country or land. Mainly, due to self driven life style today, national cohesion and its importance is not reaching home. But once this is shown in action, how a society can be prosperous and powerful in cohesive vision of life, egotism will be shed like garbage as it is. If every nation and country can work as efficient teams with national sovereignty and patriotism as key factors; there is bound to be more contentment in life and more humanity. The sum total effect will be more humanity and less suffering than now the world over.

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