LTTE Terrorism & The Struggle of Vested Interested Parties to Survive

By Darmitha-Kotte

For thirty years, the LTTE terrorists have had their own way and given the international world a bloated as well as a distorted picture of "A Mythical Tamil Homeland" in which they have tried to tell the world that wishes to believe well cooked up lies that LTTE is "the sole representative of the Tamil community in Sri Lanka." While cooking these stories, these so called sole representatives have been inflicting untold miseries on their own people whom they profess to represent. The majority Tamil community of Sri Lanka does not & will not accept LTTE terrorists to be their sole representatives because they know, that the majority Sinhalese have been extremely tolerant towards the ordinary Tamil who lives in this country.

Most of the Tamil businesses conducted in the south have thrived, because the Sinhalese have been living harmoniously with them in the south. Although LTTE terrorists have been conducting "ethnic cleansing" campaigns of Sinhalese and Muslims from northern areas to justify their claims of a Tamil Homeland, majority Tamils who lived in the north prior to the thirty years of terror, have moved south to live among the Sinhalese or have gone abroad so that they may live in peace, away from LTTE atrocities! This is the truth.

During the last two years, our Armed Forces have been conducting a well coordinated attack against these terrorists with a view of freeing the Tamils in the north from the clutches of LTTE terrorism and have achieved considerable success through which the Tamil civilians in the North and East are now beginning to understand and realize how much they have suffered at the hands of terrorism. These civilians are happy that the Armed Forces have finally decided to eliminate terrorism from their areas, so that they could live in peace and harmony and begin to live normal lives once the LTTE is wiped out. This possibility is becoming more and more evident with every forward step the Armed Forces are taking when they move forward, step by step into what was originally considered to be LTTE controlled areas.

The True Beneficiaries of the LTTE Terror War:

It is no more "a secret" that the true beneficiaries of the thirty year terror onslaught have been the Catholic Church and Christian INGOs and NGOs who entered Sri Lanka in the guise of engaging in "humanitarian & socio-development projects" exactly like they tried during the aftermath of the 26th December 2004 Tsunami. Their survival in this country depends on the amount of misery they can project to their mentors abroad who fund them.

The majority culture of Sri Lanka whether anyone likes it or not- is Sinhala Buddhist going back over 2550 years which has been ever tolerant towards minorities throughout our history. The majority Tamil community of this country are Hindu Tamils with a very strong caste system in which Vellala Hindus have always been held in high esteem within the Tamil community. High caste Tamils will never tolerate low caste dominance within their community.

Vellupillai Prabhakaran was a good target for the Catholic Church and their other Christian affiliates, to patronize and manipulate for them to achieve their hidden agendas of wreaking terror on a harmonious country. All these years, they have hidden behind a curtain not showing their face in this entire drama of terrorist war. However, truth is bitter and will surface eventually surface as has been evident in the recent two years where the Catholic Prabhakaran considered to be a low caste within the Tamil community has had unlimited support and connivance from the Catholic Bishops operating from Mannar and beyond toward the North and East. Their channel to reach the outside world to appeal for foreign intervention- has been the Tamil website "Tamilnet" through which they have been spreading rumours and sob stories of horrors inflicted by the Sri Lankan governments and the Armed Forces on the Tamils in the North. Never have they used this website to tell the world, that the truth about the LTTE, is the terrorism they have been wreaking out on their own community!

On the other hand, they have used the LTTE, to attempt to harm the Buddhist fabric of this country by using them as a "cat's paw" to attack Buddhists and Buddhist places of worship in Sri Lanka. As and when such attacks were made, these "honourably humanitarian" Bishops- have opted to remain deaf and dumb by being silent- in reality, they have been happy at the attacks. Today, they murmur "something" for fear of being seen as the hands behind terrorism in Sri Lanka. This is nothing unusual given the fact that inflicting terror has been very much evident in the eras of The Inquisition whereby, they converted innocent people through horror and terror! 95% of the Catholic Bishops of this country were born, bred and educated in Sri Lanka with even their Birth Certificates being issued by the relevant Sri Lankan authorities. However, to achieve their hidden agendas, they appeal to the Vatican or their representative in Australia requesting them to intervene and stop the elimination of terrorism from this country.

From Mannar and beyond through Madhu further up north have been hotbeds of LTTE activities with Church protection-can anyone deny these facts? This is why they have been vehemently opposing any development programmes like establishing the coal-power plant in the region and continuously appealing to the GOSL to declare the area as a "peace zone" so that terrorist activities can go on unabated! If these Bishops consider themselves sons of Sri Lanka, they must necessarily be patriotic towards this soil- they must necessarily prove that they will protect our land- which have they done?

Through a period of thirty years, the Catholic Church and the Fundamentalist Christian groups have networked together to show the world what a hopeless situation is prevalent in our country. To save this country, INGOs and NGOs have been invited with open arms to "suck the blood of this country" and profit while secretly supporting the terrorists. So called world bodies that consider themselves as "Donors" like the UN and related organizations, the SLMM which entered due to our own folly, IMF and World Bank have all been aiding and abetting with the terrorists in the name of "humanitarianism!" Just like an Octapus, they have spread their tentacles throughout Sri Lanka and consider themselves indispensable as well as the "Masters who command" in our internal affairs.

There are officials in these world bodies operating overseas, who still think (in 2008) and address Ranil Wickramasinghe as "Prime Minister of Sri Lanka" little knowing that he lost his powers already 5 years ago! How can such ignorant officials do justice to Sri Lanka? It does not seem evident that Mr. Wickramasinghe has made any attempt to correct their mistakes either, because he may truly "think" that he is still our Prime Minister? His stint was only from 2001-2003 thank goodness for that. During his term, the Christian Churches had a field day when he appointed his Cabinet of Ministers of whom 60% were Christians and during whose term, LTTE nearly achieved their "Traditional Homeland" through his now infamous Ceasefire Agreement through which he acceded as much freedom to the terrorists to establish their own courts of law and police stations in the terrorist held areas.

He also gave full backing to utilize UN funding to upgrade the Tamil Peace Secretariat (TRO office) in Kilinochchi and provide them with the most sophisticated communication equipment and computer rooms! His instructions to the Director-General & Chairman of SLBC and Sri Lanka Rupavahini was to ensure that all sentiments of nationalism and patriotism are destroyed in this country. It is learnt that one of these world bodies is offering Mr. Wickramasinghe funds running into hundreds of million US Dollars for a 3 year programme which is undoubtedly a sinister deal. It is certainly not strange for him to get involved in such deals as we have known him to engage in such games even in the past, while putting the entire country at stake!

During the build-up to the Presidential Elections of 2005 it has gone on record that none less than The Catholic Archbishop Oswild Gomis together with "Dr" Lalith Kothelawela appeared in all local newspapers instilling fear in the minds of readers not to vote for President Mahinda Rajapaske with their "Christians Awake!" message! After 2005 when LTTE is getting eliminated systematically due to the successes of our Armed Forces, naturally the Catholic Church, the National Christian Council of Sri Lanka and these international bodies are becoming agitated because before long, they will have no justification to continue profiting through our misery!

It is no secret anymore that even UN vehicles and vehicles belonging to other Diplomatic Missions as well as INGOs/NGOs have been aiding and abetting with the LTTE to transport contraband to the terrorists. It has also been revealed that Norway has been training terrorists to become Pastors and operate in the Wanni-Wattala areas transporting explosives back and forth, using their Christian religious status as a cover to operate without suspicion!

What is The Latest Ploy of Parties with Vested Interests?

With the possibility of LTTE defeat looming in the air, Christian Churches of various denominations, INGOs/NGOs, Donor Organisations and Western Governments are working overtime, to find ways and means of stopping the GOSL of President Mahinda Rajapakse and The Armed Forces from forging ahead with offensive attacks on the LTTE. They seem to be so desperate, that they are getting lots of wires crossed and their secret agendas are getting exposed!

Most recently, there was a hot hot issue related to the International Centre for Ethnic Studies and the UN. Earlier, there was an issue involving the UNICEF and their attempts to smuggle high protein biscuits to the terrorists. Then there were news reports of Norway trained Pastors smuggling weapons back and forth from terrorist areas in their bid to destroy facilities in the south. There was another case of a Pastor in Wattala storing suicide kits in his residence. Fortunately for Sri Lanka, all these have been detected in a timely manner and the culprits apprehended which ofcourse may as things seem to be happening, end up as a "Fundamental Rights Case" before the Supreme Court with the hope that the Chief Justice will give a ruling in their favour.

It may seem that knowingly or unknowingly, that the Chief Justice is being dragged into an intentional head-on conflict with the GOSL by individuals/organizations with vested interests. This indeed would be a very sad thing given the fact that we respect the Chief Justice very highly and expect him to steer clear of bipartisan manipulations. Such Fundamental Rights for terrorists to act in any which way they deem fit, while the GOSL has no right to defend our nation and protect our rights against terrorist attacks-where and why is this hypocrisy?

The Island of 28th February 2008(today) carried an extremely interesting article titled "Congress of Religions Tells President to Appoint CC Immediately" in which they act as if they are the authority on constitutional affairs of this country! Unfortunately for Buddhists, this so called Congress of Religions is operating from the Bellanvila Raja Maha Vihara where the Most Ven. Bellanvila Wimalaratne Thero is the live wire. It is sad that this monk, together withVen.Kotugoda Dhammawasa Anunayake Thero, Ven. Dr.Ittapane Dhammalankara Thero, Ven. Madulawe Sobhitha Nayake Thero have got caught well and truly inside the Catholic/Christian alliance trap of using them as the front for the hidden agendas of the Christian Churches.

These Venerable Monks have unfortunately forgotten, that there is a huge difference in the Sinhala word "Pujake" where they are laymen enjoying a lay life and "Pujya" where our Buddhist Monks have renounced lay life and taken higher Vinaya rules governing them. By no means are these two categories equal in status nor must they be treated so. There is a lot that these Venerable Monks need to learn about the unscrupulous conspiracies of the Catholic Church as well as the NCCSL! Before long they may burn their fingers when it is already too late! In this article, (quote):…"The CR in a memorandum handed over to the President reminds him that he has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution and therefore he is duty bound to implement the 17th Amendment fully. His failure to do so, the CR warns will result in anarchy………………"(end quote).

The whole memorandum has not been quoted here but suffice to say that the memorandum has been signed by Ven.Kotugoda Dhammawasa Anunayake Thero, Ven. Dr.Ittapane Dhammalankara Thero, Ven. Madulawe Sobhitha Nayake Thero, Most Rev Dr.Oswild Gomis Archbishop of Colombo, Rt.Rev.Duleep de Chickera Anglican Bishop of Colombo, Rev. W.P. Ebenezer Joseph Chairperson-National Christian Council, V. Kailasapathy President All Ceylon Hindu Congress, General Secretary Jamiyathul Ulama, President Organisation of Professional Associations, Mark Fernando PC, retired Supreme Court Judge, Shirley Tissera, Civil Society Organisation, Chairman Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Chairman National Chamber of Commerce and Chairman National Chamber of Industries. When this country really went through a period of anarchy with the LTTE in the North and East and with the then UNP government(upto 1994) floating dead bodies down rivers on a daily basis, when the likes of Richard de Zoysa and lawyer Kanchana Abeypala were either kidnapped or murdered in cold blood( it was probably peaceful?) or tortured at Batalanda Torture House-then all the above opted to be silent.

If the above memorandum has been initiated by "The Congress of Religions"- may we kindly ask how the underlined persons and organizations fall into the category of "Congress of Religions" please? Who planned this and why was this done under cover of the "Congress of Religions"? We may smell a rat in this whole issue? When the entire country is facing a terrorist crisis, how many of the above persons/organizations have helped the GOSL to curtain terrorism in this country? It is extremely easy for ordinary citizens of this country to point a finger at The President of Sri Lanka and dictate terms but, has anyone ever thought that they also have a duty by The State, to hold hands together and help eliminate terrorism from this country for the benefit of the majority citizens of Sri Lanka? The entire country has waited 30 long years watching all the atrocities,brutalities, destruction to civilian and state properties with total mayhem being wreaked out in the North and East AND NOT A SOUL spoke of the 13th Amendment or the 17th Amendment- neither did these people or organizations have the gutts to confront Prabhakaran and his murderous LTTE and tell them "stop this bloodshed!" But they have the gall to dictate to The President of Sri Lanka what and what should not be done.

Similarly, it is learnt that INGOs and NGOs are also banding themselves together with western foreign powers threatening sanctions against the GOSL while yet others in countries like Australia are considering forming smaller NGOs with the support of Catholic organizations like Caritas and NCCSL which again will be with very specific Christian agendas to enter the liberated areas in the guise of humanitarian and socio-development projects. It may be prudent to state that such organizations should not and must not be permitted to conduct these programmes because it will only worsen the situation.

The local residents will not be able to work together with the GOSL to commence programmes which will specifically have a local flavour and will benefit the grassroots level end beneficiaries. Foreign funded NGOs and INGOs as far as we know from past experience have not solved any problems BUT created lots of problems by taking control of situations whereby, they dictate in internal matters. Sri Lanka needs to decide on what programmes we need to adopt after evaluating the situation once terrorism has been completely wiped out.

Organisations like the Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies(CHA) as they call themselves are packed with NGOs and INGOs who work in affiliation with Christian agendas like World Vision. There is hardly any humanitarianism except doing business and earning money for the upkeep of their offices and for their representatives to lead extremely comfortable lives with their families in this country. Even though most such organizations are bound by the laws of Sri Lanka, they pretend that they belong to Diplomatic Missions with Diplomatic Immunity! They feel, they in no way are answerable to the GOSL which is utterly insulting to say the least.

They became so important that World Vision used to say, if your vehicle carries the World Vision Flagstaff, you will be safe in terrorist held areas! CHA with its extremely inhumane Executive Director Mr. Jeevan Thiagarajah against whom his own wife has filed a legal case for inhumane treatment, cannot and should not be permitted to hold such high posts in such organizations. This speaks loads of what other "rights" are being violated by its members?

The new agenda of CHA as per an advertisement they places in the English & Sinhala newspapers recently, is "Our Role in Promoting Peace" - since when have the GOSL given them such a mandate we wonder? According to the message they give (quote):"Peace and harmony have become an important aspect in our social life today. People live amidst disharmony and they live with constant conflicts in their minds. People live with hope of peace and therefore, they evidently become joyous on hearing the words of peace and harmony.

There is no doubt that the ensuing war will not end unless certain parties take definite measures with full faith in peace. The reason for this aggravating situation is that although people desire peace and harmony there is no-one committed to bringing about peace. The public has no clear comprehension of the issue. They think that it is a matter to be addressed by a third party and they forget the responsibilities that lie on their shoulders. Having become utterly self-interested, they expect everything to be provided free. They have lost all hope. We must reach all individuals and all venues to the greatest extent possible and take all possible measures to spread the message of peace. May the ray of peace touch every family, every village and the entire country! May peace prevail everywhere! K. Shridevi "( end quote).

This is the kind of stupid message that is being given out to the public as if every Sri Lankan is rushing to throttle each other and murder each other. It is well known that Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans are the most friendly and harmonious country until the blood-thirsty LTTE terrorism was created by Prabhakaran and the equally blood-thirsty INGOs and NGOs entered this country to create divisions within our communities in order to create a justification for them to live and prosper in this country. The disharmony was created by parties and foreign governments with vested interests who made Sri Lankan scapegoats of their selfish agendas!

It is time to say "NO" to all those who are planning more long-term programmes for them to live like Maharajas in Sri Lanka!

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