Let sanity prevail!! Not political hogwash

Henry Jayaweera

India has always been diluting her support for a united Sri Lanka by trying to guild the lily, saying that the only way to solve the problem there is through a political process.

Many others who have not done anything to solve the problem, and in most cases made things duifficult for the rightfully elected government to solve it are, ad infinitum, plugging the same line, so much so that it is becoming painful to hear.

The government of Sri Lanka is very much aware of the fact that it is the only way to do so. But will someone please tell that to the terrorist leader, who everyone knows wants nothing but his pipe dream of Elam, and has promised some misguided individuals of the Tamil community that he will get it no matter what?

Will someone also tell me how they expect the government of Sri Lanka to do this until they defeat these rascist, hate mongering, chauvinistic, murderers who will continue to betray the majority of the Tamil community by unscrupulously clontinuing their efforts to gain power at any cost?

Karuna and Pillayan, whatever their crimes of the past, have at least shown some semblance of concern for the Tamil people by entering the political process.

Where in the world do they have two armed authorities ruling the same country? Shouldn't all those who are real friends of the Tamil people, including all individuals and groups in the West, bring about real pressure on the terrorists in the North of Sri Lanka as the US is doing on Taleban and Al Quaeda?

If the terrorists lay down their arms, even at this late stage, the problem will get solved sooner than later, for later would mean more problems for everybody in the conflict.

Let sanity prevail!! Not political hogwash!!!!

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