OPEN LETTER to Mr. Paul Willms Ex-MP Third Chamber of the Netherlands Netherlands.

Asoka Weerasinghe Gloucester . Ontario Canada

March 29, 2008

Mr. Paul Willms
Ex-MP Third Chamber of the Netherlands

Dear Paul Willms:

When I read the Asian Tribune news item of March 27, "Developments in Kosovo Cited by Netherland's Ex.MP Paul Willims Alerting Sri Lankans about Abrogation of CFA", I told my self, "O Me God, here comes another stroopwafel eating Whiteman wanting to be the Saviour of Sri

Having noted that the article appeared five days prior to April Fools Day, I realized that it was no joke and that you were pretty serious in what you had to say jumping with both feet into the muddy Tamil Tiger separatist quagmire, dishing out your opinion to Sri Lankans with a warning like an evangelist. Fair enough Paul, but let me tell you what is wrong with your spiel, and why I consider that your opinion is biased in favour of the Tamil Tigers.

Your wanting the Tamil Tigers to have their own separate, mono-ethnic, racist Tamil state, Eelam, is clear as the Sunday Church Bells in Amsterdam in your statements like, "…historic homeland that legitimates their right to self-determination.", and "…enable self-governance in the North and East," and that certainly is your prerogative which I do not share.

And now to the body of the text of your bit of advice to Sri Lankans, which certainly has locked horns with me.

Paul, you had the gall to short-change me as a Sinhalese when you identified a "Tamil nation" for the Tamils, when you said "…between the Singhalese and Tamil nation".

Aren't you going to be generous enough to say that this Sinhalese man, Asoka Weerasinghe deserves to be a citizen of an ethnic nation by the same right? I resent you for that. That is how foolish your mini-thesis is. "Equality, commitment and wisdom are the required ingredients that should be adopted by the parties and the International community's participation in the peace process", you said. I say, "Helleluja" to that moral statement.

But, hey, Paul, you certainly didn't practice what you preached. You stand guilty by depriving me of a "nation." And what God damn right have you got to dish out a piece of Sri Lankan real estate to the Tamils as their "Tamil nation" and deprive me, a Sinhalese, of a similar "nation".
Where did your " Equality, commitment and wisdom" disappear to ?
That's not good, Paul. Stop trying to fool people. Stop trying to bamboozle me. I only wish you made that statement on April 1^st and not on March 27, as at least I could have reconciled that it was a Paul Willms joke of the year.

Here are some facts, which may help you to revise your "Tamil nation" concept.

Contrary to your claim of a "historical Tamil nation" for the Tamils in the North and East of the island on either side of the 62 mile Gal Oya (river) rising from the Badulla range (/take out your map of Sri Lanka and follow these facts) /in the Central Province, it was dammed in 1949 for the welfare and prosperity of all Sri Lankans. The repository of water after the damming formed the lifeblood of the peasant farmers of this historic region of Digamadulla, which you have assigned as the "Tamil nation". The Gal Oya project was the innovation of the first Prime Minister of Sri Lanka after Independence, the Rt.
Hon. D. S. Senanayake.

Prior to this project in 1949, on either side of the Gal Oya grew relentless jungles. The actual denizens were a few Veddhas (aboriginal people and NOT Tamils) and wild animals.

Until a couple of decades ago, it was still recalled by few old Veddhas, how they trekked a few miles along the jungle trail to visit the dam site overlooking the Inginiyagala rock, which still stands as a giant sentinel. Those days, only foot paths and animal tracks criss-crossed that vast amphitheater which was entwined by dense jungle. I wonder where the heck the Tamils were then, who are claiming the East to be their homeland.

Paul, if you are unable to answer that question, it is only fair that you dissect that part of your mythical "Tamil nation" out from your thesis because it is intellectually bankrupt. With your allegiance to the Tamils and their Eelam cause, you paint yourself as a cunning fool and part of the international mafia trying to get at Sri Lanka to favour the Tamil Tiger cause, with your, "I am Holier than Thou" attitude.

Further, this "state aided colonization" in the Gal Oya project refers to the process by which largely unoccupied and unutilized land belonging to the State which was the traditional homeland of the aboriginal people, the Veddhas (and they are NOT Tamils), the elephant, the bear, the leopard, the monkey, the deer and the jackal was given free of charge to Sri Lanka's poor and the landless of all communities. They were given meager financial assistance to enable them to gain both a livelihood and feed their fellow citizens with the fruit of their toil.

Paul, I hope you got this factual information tucked somewhere under your hat to be used when you decide to revise your thesis. May be that it won't be fair on your friends the Tamils who you proffered to hand them a "Tamil nation', but that is how the cookie crumbles - /se la vie./

//"Unilaterally ending a cease fire agreement by a democratic elected government is considered as an irresponsible policy that will have serious consequences", you said.

Let me tell you something, for you to chew on, and with the process of osmosis that you will hopefully get it. It was an extension of what I will say was the reason why the Cease Fire Agreement (CFA) was abrogated on January 16, 2008.

Sri Lanka has a clear right to defend itself, including from terrorists plotting attacks, and bombing to kill innocent civilians. Sri Lanka is duty bound to protect its citizens and will do so as it considers necessary to put an end to Tamil Tiger terrorism which has hemorrhaged that island nation for 25 years killing over 70,000 people. Sri Lanka has joined the post 9/11 world consortium to eradicate terrorism, like what your NATO soldiers are doing in Afghanistan to get rid of the Taliban terrorists.

I believe in the Cosmic Law of Cause of Effect. There was a reason for the abrogation of the CFA, and not that President Mahinda Rajapaksa woke up one sunny morning and told his Secretary of Defence - "Let's abrogate this Ceasefire Agreement." Not so, Paul. It took them almost two years to take that decision. I am not certain where you have been all this while but let me give you some information that would provide you with the insight for this event which I hope will provide you reasons why this happened. It really doesn't matter whether you agree or not as you have conceivably been foolish on this file.

The Tamil Tigers were cunning and smart to take advantage of the Government adhering to the letter of the CFA ceasing all offensive and defensive operations against the Tamil Tigers. So the Government had to contend with over 7,000 violations of the CFA by the Tamil Tigers, and the Scandinavian Monitors did sweet nothing about it.

These violations included claymore mine and suicide bombings of civilians; sniper killing of the Foreign Minister, Lakshman Kadiragama, a Tamil; assassinating 40 Government Intelligence Operatives some in the heart of Colombo. And you have the audacity wanting such dastardly events by the Tamil Tigers to continue. If I were you, I wouldn't. And the Sri Lankan government has shown that they have a responsibility to safeguard the right to life of its citizens and abrogated the CFA to take on the challenge of the Tamil Tiger terrorists. Bravo! to them all, I applaud.

During the CFA the Tamil Tigers attacked the Police Stations of Point Pedro and Valachchanai and the Special Task Force Base at Kanchankudha soon after signing the CFA. The Sri Lankan Government couldn't do anything about it as they were the signatory of the Agreement and the Scandinavian Monitors did sweet nothing about it either. And you have the audacity Paul to Tut…Tut…at the Government of Sri Lanka for abrogating this dysfunctional CFA and wanting to see the continuation of such attacks on other Government controlled police stations. That is sadistic on your part, Paul.

During the CFA, the Tamil Tigers sneaked in 11 ship loads of sophisticated war weapons for their fighters. There was nothing much that the Sri Lankan Government could do as they were bound by the CFA and the Scandinavian Monitors didn't do anything about it either.
Further more the scoundrel Head of the Scandinavian Monitors, General Tryggve Tellefsen radioed a Tamil Tiger weapons ship to get the hell out of the area as the government boats were on their way to inspect it. And so did this floating weapons warehouse get away. This scoundrel was removed by the Norwegian Government with the insistence of Sri Lanka's President. So you wish to see that the Tamil Tigers sneak in more ship loads of weapons to fight for their mythical Eelam another day. You must be off your rocker Paul, to encourage this culture of impunity by the Tamil Tigers.

During the CFA, the Tamil Tigers very nearly sank two troops carrying ships each with 800 soldiers. So you would like these rascals try and sink more ships carrying soldiers by extending this CFA, do you now Paul? That is sick, lousy and an immoral wish. It is only a wish that the International Mafia that is after Sri Lanka would possible want. And it is unfortunate that you have become a member of this notorious gang of 10, Louis Arbour, Koichiro Matsuura, Gareth Evans, Radhika Coomarsaswamy, Lord Malloch-Brown, Keith Vaz, Simon Hughes, John Holmes, Bruce Fein, and Rama Mani.

During the CFA the Tamil Tigers air freighted 12 container loads of unchecked cargo in which were four dismantled Czech-built Zlin Z-143 propeller planes which they converted into night bombers. They used these planes to bomb the Air Force Base at Katunayake as well as the Air Force Base at Anuradhapura.

It was during the CFA that the Tamil Tigers built an airstrip at Iranamadu to lift off these planes for the bombing sorties. Paul aren't you barking at the wrong tree when you admonish the Sri Lankan Government? That is sordid. You ought to be careful as the Tamil Tigers will send you up a gum tree wanting you to be one of their proxys.

All these violations by the Tamil Tigers are just the tip of the iceberg, and the reason why the Government of Sri Lanka abrogated this worthless CFA. So stop carping that the conflict has been deteriorating after the ceasefire agreement formally ended on 16 January 2008. It was already marching down the road of villainous massacring and killings from day one when the CFA was signed on February 22, 2002.

If you were not aware of half of these incidents and that you thought you had a right to become a Big player of this neo-colonial 'Saviour of Sri Lanka' war game, then you shouldn't be in this debate at all. Get off this International Mafia gravy train as it would only embarrass you further as you seem to be a perfect candidate to be in the cast of the 'Dance of the Lobsters', turning red with embarrassment in a pot of hot water.

You must be disappointed that the Tamil citizens have embarked on a democratic process in the Eastern Province where you wished to carve out the Tamil Tiger separate State, Eelam. Tough, tiddy, Paul. You have to endure this democratic revolution which began last year after the Government Armed Forces liberated these peoples after 14 years of fascist control by the Tamil Tigers. The beauty of this revolution is that the Rajapaksa Government made it happen without the assistance of international players. They are a mature bunch and they don't need a push from the International community as Sri Lanka is built on a solid democratic foundation going back to over 2000 years, when your people were following the receding glaciers with bows and arrows hunting for your feed. It is that simple.

The first woman Mayor of the Batticaloa District, Sivageetha Prabhaklaran, a Tamil, told the Sunday Observer on March 23^rd , that her party hopes the Government of Sri Lanka would liberate the people of the North from the LTTE terrorists soon.

"We wish that our people in the North too will breathe the air of freedom soon", she said. I hope you noted that the operative word in her wish was "liberate". Liberate from the clutches of the Tamil Tiger terrorists and its fascist-dictatorship.

In this fast moving theatre of democracy in the East of Sri Lanka and hopefully in the North very soon, superficial neo-colonial activists like you have no place. You have demonstrated that you are quite weak even in your pretentious role of "Saviour of Sri Lanka".

Let me reciprocate your advice to Sri Lankans which was tagged with a warning that there will be "serious consequences" if Sri Lanka wouldn't have the CFA back, intimating that Sri Lanka will face a Kosovo style Eelam. That is bombastic intimidation and bully boy tactics, Paul.
That certainly doesn't cut mustard with this Sinhalese man.

Paul, you have no place in this debate, as you have demonstrated to be factually wrong, pathetic in your political analysis, intellectually inadequate to decipher the trees from the forest in this issue, and you were caught being inimical towards the Sinhalese community and Sri Lanka playing Santa Clause to the Tamil Tigers. I am a Sinhalese, and all I would ask of you is, get off your pretentious high horse, and wash your hands off Sri Lanka's separatist feud as you will only get embarrassed more as you lack substance in you to be effective. You are ineffectual to be even a serious April Fools Day joker.

Asoka Weerasinghe
Ottawa, Canada

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