The Tamil Nadu Factor and Funny Developments


As the total annihilation of the LTTE is drawing closer and closer, a section of the political establishment in Tamil Nadu has started what they usual had been doing at this sort of juncture - playing the Dravidian card to shore up sentiments.

Most of those behind this boring agitation are bankrupt politicians who can't lead a herd of cows, let alone a sensible political party. Nedumaran, Vaiko and some communists head this league.

It is reported that they are to go on a fasting campaign over the Tamil issue. We must keep in mind that these campaigns were never elevated to fast-unto-death, as these folks are very fond of life.

They have got the blessing from an unlikely ally - Jayalaitha Jeyaram of AIADMK. Against this backdrop, the reported clash between the Navy and the illegal fishermen in our waters cannot be a mere coincidence.

Jayalalitha, a convent educated Brahmin is notoriously known for her inflated ego - for being superior to the rest of the political players on social grounds. This attitude has taken its toll on her political fortunes; her recent public declaration that she is a true Dravidian may be an act of desperation to shore up the grass root support to make a comeback to power.

As that manoeuvre did not help much, she has embarked on the other remaining mission - poking her nose into the Sri Lankan Tamil issue. This is her second attempt to turn southwards to grab headlines, since her failed mission to get the Kachchativu island back through the Indian Supreme Court.

The influence on us by Jayalalitha and the newly-formed unholy alliance is nothing more than a minor irritation. Because, there will be folks in certain local media organizations to blow that up, for reasons best suited to them, as if the island nation was going to be swamped by a Dravidian invasion on the instructions of Jayalalitha.

Jayalalitha is someone who carries a political thermometer in her armpit all the time. As her age has made most of her hairs fall, the sensitivity of the area has gone up considerably, leaving the instrument very active and volatile too, that account for her somewhat erratic behaviour recently. She tests the political waters much more often than an average Tamil Nadu politician, just to check the pulse of her arch-rival, Karunanidhi, the sworn atheist and ex-script writer, who is a bit inferior to Jayalalitha in caste.

The reactions of Jayalalitha is activated by Karunanidhi's pulse and very often they are politically complementary. For instance, Karunanidhi is maintaining a calculated silence over the Tigers and Jayalalitha is promoting the opposite. Jayalalitha is using proxies for the game - the failed Marxists - as she doesn't want to be instantly become an object of hypocrisy; her views on the LTTE are well known and well documented too. She used to brand them as a bunch of ruthless terrorists.

To neutralize Jayalalitha, all that needs be is a few words from Karunanidhi on the predicament of Tamil Tigers now. If he utters a single word in their favour, Jayalalitha backs down and in effect, the protest campaign grinds to an inexplicable halt.

All in all, we must be thankful to the Almighty for creation of this pair in our neighbourhood - Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi.

Since they occupy diametrically opposite positions in the political landscape while dealing with anything ranging from the height of a cardboard cutout of celluloid heroes to the welfare of the poor illiterate peasants, we can breathe a sigh of relief – they will never be united to make us a real headache. Let's bless them for being who they are!

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