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The Forthcoming Presidential Election A Precursor To The True Leadership Needed For Sri Lanka!

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) take liberties they are not entitled to probably because the lame duck policies of President Chandrika Kumaratunga and former Prime Minister Ranil Wickrematunga have granted them license to do so. In the words of a prominent anti LTTE Tamil leader who has recently remarked "They seek the protection from the Army and then kill them" refering to the latest, high handedly mendacious killing of a top army intelligence officer T.R.Meedin in the heartland of Colombo.Words which ring true and endorse the apathy of what Sri Lanka has to endure through misguided leadership in an all too familiar pattern.

While the entire peace loving Nation of Sri Lanka condemns the latest killing of Army intelligence officer Meedin and joins in united sympathy to reach out to his family and loved ones it has to be said implicitly that the manner in which the LTTE now have their freedoms to roam Sri Lanka at will is fast becoming a joke of utter bewilderment as they carry the lable of dangerous terrorists who should be gunned down at first sight without negotiations as one would in eradicating dangerous vermin such as the rabid dogs systematically destroyed in Sri Lankan whenever necessary or aprehended and dealt with relatively under the Prevention of Terrorism Act which if not in force presently should be activated immediately.

This should have been done in retrospect soon after the Kadirgamar assassination as these killers, the longer they are tolerated have evey means to escalate their attrocities where and when they choose to do so and primarily under a meaningless Peace Agreement and Ceasefire which seems to be working in favour of the Tamil terrorists. What is sad and regrettable here is that the Army and other law enforcement agencies of the land seem manacled towards carrying out their duties to ensure National Security emphatically while the Government chooses to pay homage to the terrorists and indulge in Russian Roulette with the lives of those assigned to guard the Nation.

The LTTE probably cannot believe their good fortune where the response of a Government which they are trying to destroy at every turn succours them when their cadre are injured during private clashes where they get the help of the Armed Forces to airlift them, get security from the Army and Police, then in return for the favours granted kill them systematically not forgetting the meaningless murder of Intelligence Officer Muthaliph not too long ago to add to a long list of heinous murders which the LTTE thus far have got away with scot free!

What ever promotes the attitude of the Government to this kind of indifference towards one of the world's most critically condemned terrror groups seems mind boggling. Have they mesmerised the Presidency in addition to a fair measure of success in this area with the UNP during its previous tenure? asks the more discerning. Why is is that the Government of Sri Lanka has done little or nothing beyond lip service to go after and confront the LTTE who are presently holding three police officers who were apprehended by their bogus junta while these officers were carrying out their duties in arresting a notorious white paedophile? and the thoughts then filter towards what the international community might be doing rather than sitting on their rear ends warching these events of incredulity unfold in Sri Lanka? Why are they silent and why are they having a hands off approach? while the wheels of the Coalition Against Global Terrorism roll on systematically in other parts of the world and by- passes Sri Lanka but for a few measly, token international agreements signed on paper which are better off disposed into a waste bin as they have not prevented the killings !

With an impending Presidential Election and much anticipation that it will indeed be decided on the issue of National Security, the Terrorist Conflict and the state of dissarray in the Nation relative to its North and East where a so called de- facto LTTE rule is making a mockery of the Nation's Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity, whoever comes to power should feel it a bounden duty of an obligatory nature to the Sinhala Nation to re-structure the Peace Process and Ceasefire Agreement if there is a need for same where the LTTE need to be confronted for all their shamming, threats of a return to conflict and dsillusioned about their confidence that with a helping hand from Norway and the lurking turncoats of the present opposition ever ready to share the pickings of opportunistic nation betrayal, they are about to be handed their demands on a platter!

To the contrary, all the opposing forces which have plagued the Nation of Sri Lanka for decades must surely be pondering over their options which seem to point towards the single direction of nowhere to go with a dragnet closing in on the LTTE (details much too classified to reveal!), Col. Karuna poised in majestic attack mode to deal with his own nemesis, encompassing the LTTE towards their inevitable demise,the possible obliteration of the UNP as the nation has previously known it, and the Nation to all intents and purposes ready to move forward in great anticipation of being rid of the enemy within, which can at present muster only the rhetoric and propaganda they blare out incessantly which seems to ring hollow and end in the crescendo which would more than likely follow towards highlighting their incapabilities to sustain the pulse of the Nation through their many inadequacies!

Sri Lanka will surely rise as a Phoenix from the ashes of iniquity set in place by her enemies in a environment free of terror, the dictates of imperialist Norway and others with similar ambit and the bipartisan treachery of some of her own majority community who will have to deal with a leadership which will help accomplish all of these and more where the integrity of the leader would be unquestionable! Gone will be the days of the plundering coffers, misappropriation of public funds and the ineffective distribution of pledged donor aid and most assuredly a weak kneed approach to the destructive forces which have plagued the Resplendent Isle as the new leadership will be infused with an integrity far removed from the innuendo and theatrics likened to that of a former emperor who despite beguiling the nation with his playacting wore no real clothes!



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