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Killing Has Never Been A Current 'Governmental Sport' But Perhaps One Favoured By The LTTE!

It is easy for groups such as the Paris based Tamil Centre For Human Rights the pro LTTE organization to mumbo jumbo over the rhetoric which says "Killing is a sport for the Sri Lankan Government" and probably have a different definition for the same 'sport' when the LTTE indulge in it and their victims can be innocent civilians- men, women and children brutally murdered and maimed over decades where the attrocities are etched in stone and uncomparable!

And what is important, while being an irony for the LTTE is that they have been tolerated despite their status as an illegal and proscribed organization which has indulged its favourite pastimes- murder and bloodletting under the auspices of some of the past Governmentsnot necessaritly with any similarity to the present one as portrayed in the outburst by the Tamil Centre For Human Rights who seem to have their wires crossed about name calling perfectly legal Administrations such as the present one which at times have had to engage defence forces towards maintaining law and order and preserving Sovereignity and Territorial integrity within a Democratic Sovereign Nation.An embellishment and entitlement of justice which perhaps dates back to the ancient dynasties of the land.

With reference to the accusations of eliminating journalists and spokes persons who stand upto their convictions of justice and fairplay, it is an unfortunate practise indeed which in particular, a previous administration under a nefarious leader of megalomaniacal disposition was accused of indulging in though never proven where the ultimate price however was paid by the principal as well as the victims.

The recent abduction and murder of a prominent journalist and editor of a pro- LTTE website has apparently prompted the organization- Tamil Centre For Human Rights, being reviewed here towards the rhetoric suggesting Sri Lankan Governmental involvement which needs to be dispelled in its entirety and the source disillusioned about its lopsided conclusions.

With great emphasis nonetheless it must also be pointed out that, for this foreign based Tamil organization to make blatant accusations of hasty conclusions against the present Administration, (if that is what is being implied with particular reference to "men in civil attire and officials of the Administration " involved in the abduction and subsequent murder of the journalist in question and cited towards these accusations) their sources of information and objectives need to be implicitely accurate, which they are far from being!. They seem so far fetched that perhaps they are only worth responding to as one would to a group of individuals with impaired perceptions, cheap sensasionalists or those with devious intent. In their best interests the sooner they re-think and re-phrase their puerile rhetoric, the better off they might be towards how the world at large views them beyond being rabble rousers as all LTTE supportives are reputed for.

The comments under review of the TCHR - Paris which is being responded to herewith are, as refered to in parenthesis earlier, an overview of the recent inhumane murder of a prominent journalist and editor of a predominantly LTTE supportive Website.The expression of anguish which also constitutes a lament of protestation against the freedom of speech and the individual, is certainly understandable towards the principle involved but to point fingers for the responsibility of the heinous crime at the present Administration seems somewhat ludicrous as the practises outlined towards the related freedoms as well as other violations of human rights have been for many decades linked beyond reasonable doubt to the LTTE whereby its leader is Sri lanka's public enemy no 1, sought after by Interpol and the Governments of Both Sri Lanka and India and proscribed by the legislators of the land including its highest office of the President and there seems no justification whatsoever towards the villifications presented against the Government which has since its inception upheld the principles of freedom within Sri Lanka for all her citizens and recognized globally for the effort.

The human rights violations it has to be pointed out vehemently are a particular notoriety of the LTTE well known for their abuses and disregard for the law. Any rhetoric broadcast by any organization in an attempt to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka in favour of the terrorist group they obviously champion must surely be barking up the wrong tree and appear pitifully misconcieved and for obvious reasons!

While the accusations and counter accusations continue in this never ending saga of wretched violence in Sri Lanka whether it be borne of political rivalry, thuggery, underworld activity, terrorism and internecine terrorist confrontation, the time is probably at hand for the Administration and the official law enforcement agencies of Sri Lanka to confront the dilemma and the sources responsible and eventually carry out a search and destroy mission to rid the Nation completely of the scourge which has sullied and tarnished abjectly this once pristine and tranquil land.A scourge which seems to have its roots in terrorist objectives, idealogies and the impurities borne of the neglect of the authorities towards eliminating them, which to all intents and purposes appears to be a by-product of mixed up priorities.

An expression of great concern and sadness must be emphasized on behalf of all the families universally which have lost many loved ones for merely having stood upto their principles, convictions and attempting to uphold their visions of righteousness and in similar perspective Lankaweb extends condolences to the family of this latest tragedy and abhors the wantonness of the criminals responsible who needlessly snuffed out a life and need to be brought to justice while synonymously opposing the views of those presenting false accusations towards whom they believe are in this case responsible.



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