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Petty Differences Within The Ruling Coalition Needs Immediate Ironing Out!

The recent discontent between the SLFP and JVP which continues to simmer over issues which the greater power within the UPFA coalition the SLFP treats as petty, could have far reaching ramifications for the Sinhala Nation should there be an unconditional pullout of the UPFA coalition by the JVP whose charisma amongst the nation's voting populace has not only grown but the more discerning amongst them(and there are many!) realise that the JVP has indeed lent stabiliity to the coalition with their no nonsense approach to policy, its attitude towards the
Nation destructive idealogies of the LTTE relative to sovereignity and territorial integrity and the JVP'sr implicit discipline towards responsibilities which keep many wayward politicians within the framework of present Sri Lankan politics on the straight and narrow path.

In short the JVP have proved themselves to be a boon to the Sri Lankan political infrastructure and it would be a folly on the part of the SLFP to trifle with them as it could pave the way for the hyenas of the UNP and the LTTE waiting in the shadows for the slightest opportunity to bounce back while licking their wounds of past oppression created by this same UPFA coalition which has virtually scattered their objectives and hold the reins of power as well as holding the impure objectives of the UNP/ LTTE alliance at bay, undoubtedly feathers in the caps of both the JVP and the SLFP.

The JVP for its part have every right towards their dissentments which are based on the patronising attitude of the SLFP towards accords and conditions once mutually agreed upon by both sides which the JVP see as being unfair and their importance to the coalition slighted and something which needs the greatest priority at this critical time towards addressing. The unity of the coalition is the key factor towards the stability of the rebuilding of the Nation after the Tsunami devastations where perhaps the future of the entire Nation and the direction it is headed in may be jeopardized in no minor perspective.

Notwithstanding the implications of disagreement between these two key factions which are indeed the hub and nerve centre of the current Sri Lankan Status Quo, the State Media appears to have somewhat inadvertently contributed towards aggravating the discontent shown by the JVP in that it has low profiled the JVP and shown very little importance towards their position within the coalition in the broadbased news reporting which has become painfully obvious nationally and that it has been all Madame President and her benevolence which she is well entitled nonetheless but with without the need to sweep the JVP under the carpet as their efforts towards maintaining the normal order of things within the nation too has a right to recognition albeit in the broader perspective of things, somewhat petty and the JVP anguish if containable would augur well towards National stability and unity!

This is no time for existential differences between the JVP and the SLFP to surface where the former support a rigid Marxist dogma and the latter perhaps in pursuance of the late SWRD Bandaranaike's middle path policies which are greatly altruistic towards the masses yet of a more liberal vein which sometimes tends to circumvent the rigorous disciplines of Marxism has initiated a coming together of heads and its consequences beginning to surface where a workable pragmatism towards the well being of the Nation seems to be of the essence and the differences related to the current coalition hiccups needing quick resolution.

The first conciliatory move towards appeasing the JVP discontent by the SLFP has been initiated by the Media Minister Mangala Samaraweera who has met with the JVP leaders at an all important meeting to which all the heads of the state media institutions (print as well as electronic) were summoned where the minister has implicitly conveyed to the JVP leaders that there was no policy decision to blackout the JVP and that in future full and fair publicity will be accorded to them. To all appearance the extension of an olive branch of sorts by the SLFP which has indicated to the JVP in no uncertain terms of their importance and the significant role they play in the UPFA coalition which must surely leave the JVP with a feeling of moral victory over an issue they have long thought to be imperative towards the success of the coalition where they have constantly complained of being sidelined.

Given the circumstances and statistics to go along with it, the strength of the UPFA infrastructure is totally dependent on the symbiosis between the JVP and the SLFP towards political and hence the present status quo survival where neither party could possibly win an outright election and of primary consideration towards the need for internal unity within the UPFA. Any disruption of the coalition leading to disintegration would speculatively permit the UNP towards re-gaining power and even a speculated eventuality which could spell trouble for an already troubled nation better avoided where discretion would surely seem the better part of valour!

There has to be an immediate healing process to settle differences between the SLFP and the JVP where petty bickering over media coverage, political blackmail, the avoidance of key issues to signify protest such as the non participation in significant events such as the 4th of February Independence celebtations, coincidentally also boycotted by the UNP! has absolutely no place towards the posterity of the Nation and the dependence of the voters who thought fit to usher in a new political era replacing the old lamps which were waxing thin the illuminations their forefathers once provided!

The generally puerile mentality totally unbecoming of a mature political perspective involving seasoned responsible leadership where the gnashing of teeth over marginally important issues, the continuation of egotistical rhetoric towards their own merits to recognition which the political climate of Sri Lanka is presently experiencing from a ruling party perspective in some moderation of course, and the attempts by the opposition UNP to take advantage of the ensuing differences towards their own means and that of the LTTE have to be overcome with wisdom and the re-unification of the JVP and the SLFP where differences have to be cast aside for the common good of the Nation.

The greater priorities towards the well being of Sri Lanka and bringing together the many broken lives and dreams of the Tsunami victims as well as providing a safe passage for the entire nation into the future cannot harbour petty differences within the ruling coalition which need immediate ironing out! A time appropriate for all concerened to think about a famous quotation with great intent towards its reality with respect to Sri Lanka!



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