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LTTE Terrorist Representation In The UK And Their Freedom To Exist As Legal Citizens Makes the More Discerning Wonder!

While many in the international community continue in bewilderment to view the preposterous double standard World Superpowers maintain while they seek and destroy or apprehend towards justice all terrorists with no reservations with the exception of one of the terror groups labelled most dangerous the LTTE , it's chief negotiator Anton Balasingam's has had the nerve to appear in public in the United Kingdom's capital London to address a speech at the Hero's Day event there which has not only drawn strong criticism among Tamil expatriates living in Europe but has also irked the wrath of many Sri Lankans around the world who believe quite plausibly that Balasingham and his criminally liable wife whould really be behind bars and prevented from mingling amongst free society anywhere in the world or tried for crimes against humanity at best !

In his typical unflinching manner when one relates to his devious and near criminal personality, Balasingham has attended the LTTE's annual Hero's day event held last Sunday (November 27th) at the Wembley Arena in the outskirts of London which if the British Authorities had any decorum and responsibility towards the protocols surrounding responsibilities in dealing with any form of International Terrorism, should have had banned and the likes of Balasingham placed under surveillance!

Mr. Balasingam as reported has been the 'keynote' speaker at the event in London speaking obnoxiously and perhaps even contentiously considering his devious image amongst the more discerning who know him to be a rabble rouser who has been responsible for many LTTE attrocities and senseless killings at the peak of the LTTE problem in Sri Lanka together with his wife Adele, has had the affront to make irresponsible and unacceptable comments about the peace talks and the last Presidential elections and that that the LTTE were more worried about Ranil Wickeramasinghe whom he referred to as a "dangerous snake in hiding". Mr. Balasingam has said that the LTTE was not serious about the peace talks, but was forced to attend the talks in a manner indicating a perception about LTTE intentions which appear to have been whinnied from 'the Horses's Mouth' considering his status as the LTTE's spokesperson who might be privy to such matters while imparting the ultimate reality towards what the LTTE agenda might be.

There has been a curious reference to the "LTTE being forced to participate in Peace Talks" garbled at best and needing clarification but the presence of Balasingham at this gathering and the fact that the British Authorities tolerate this individual with impunity continues to remain mind boggling and a mystery when his activities have even been questioned in the British Houses of Parliament in the not too distant past yet nothing tangible done about it in typical British apathy where many criminally minded not only the likes of Balasingham wander around the country as the spate of London Bombings in the not too distant past and networks of terrorism recently uncovered bear testimony to !

High handed, arrogant and pompous yet at times almost comical ( in appearance too! ) as any British public speaker at Hyde Park Speaker's Cornermight sound on a Sunday Afternoon probably outdoing the Brits at their own oratory which they are renowned for ! Balasingam has made light and ridiculed the EU's travel ban on the LTTE saying it is ineffective when the fact of the matter is it has veritably cut to the bone and hit deep at any LTTE ambitions to propagate in Europe with any effectivity any longer and troubling at best to an organization now seeking the means to justify its existence with no real means to do so.

Further elaborating his arrogance with scant respect to the EU and the British Authorities he has stated that quote unquote "We anticipate that the EU might ban LTTE. But the Tamil people here strongly believe in us and support the LTTE. Even if the EU bans us, the Tamils won't give up on us. For the things we have to do in public, openly (conveniently omitting what they intend to do surreptitiously and mendaciously given half a chance back in Sri Lanka and in other parts of the world! ) we have to find some other way. So the ban will not affect us. I will not have any problems to travel, as I carry a British passport. I can go there anyhow. Only people from Wanni, like Thamilselvan and Pulithevan(inadvertently perhaps ridiculing his own ilk!) won't be able to visit Europe" Mr. Balasingam has been quoted as saying while further bragging about the freedom he enjoys towards moving around in London openly and unrestricted. Very emphatically and also in further arrogance portraying how secure he feels within Britain despite his true nature Balasingham has stated his case where He said "if I die inside the house from a heart attack nobody will care. But if someone kills me while I walk around, then I will be a Hero" and the conclusions which can be drawn about the man's mentality somewhat obvious.

Mr. Balasingam though said to be rarely seen in public in London, where he lives with his wife in a guarded house appears to use British tolerance well towards his advantage and perhaps high time more attention was paid by the British Authorities towards his clandestine activities supporting the cause of Sri Lankan terrorism and consequently international terrorism while he pretends to be a respectable naturalized British subject where the reality lies more in the direction of a naturalized but contentious 'British object' as humorously quoted by one of his outspoken critics and a prominent public figure who also like Balasingham has his roots back in the Sri lankan Tamil Community!

By rights his freedoms as well as those of his wife Adele's an Australian Citizen debarred officially from her native Australia should be rescinded and restricted from any public activity and the right to move about freely amongst freedom loving people viewed objectively in the best interests of all concerened, being party to a terrorist organization and for his part in LTTE attrocities which have spanned over three decades in Sri Lanka!



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