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  Joint Mechanism, A Signing Away Of Entitlements And Security Of A Greater Proportion Of Sri Lanka's Populace.
Time once again and very appropriately so perhaps to reiterate that in the wake of the stoic Presidential determination to have the last say in the matter of the Joint Mechanism for Tsunami reconstruction,there is cause enough to pause awhile and ponder over the pros and cons of its meritworthiness which seem to be losing credenceby the day and reflected significantly by the dissent and the differences of opinion of some of the major political parties within Sri Lanka as well as its general populace.
Needless to say the greatest opposition thus far comes from UPFA Governmental partner the JVP which certainly seems to have an appreciable proportion of National support for its views on the matter as significantly seen through the demonstrations of recent repute involving the various factions of opposition to the Joint Mechanism comprising of appreciable sections of the High Buddhist Clergy, many National Political Parties and the various enterprises of Tamil opposition to the LTTE of political significance which seem to be growing appreciably as the ordeal progresses!

In the simplest of terms it is hence becoming very apparent that to reach consensus there may be unaccomplishable compromises which need to be made at various levels of Government, some opposition factions of divided opinion nonetheless and the minority communities involved which at this stage certainly sounds like a morass of non tangible anomalies which need to be brought together to avoid Parliamentary disunity but a mountain towards succesful accomplishment. This undoubtedly contributes to the utter delight of the LTTE and its supportives whose aspirations towards causing Governmental confusion probably serves their ends and ambits very well , all this perhaps while theirTNA sycophants eat their hearts out as a cause for misguided elation in the face of which the Sinhala Nation and its lawmakers need to stand firmly united !

The reality of all this has been vividly portrayed by the hurried scrambling of the President's office which seems to show a degree of desperation towards the need to hold together its caucases including the support of the JVP which has thus far not minced its words or backed down from its stance that it is in complete disagreement with the terms and conditions of the Joint Mechanism.A disagreement to which is attached the imminent conditional rescinding of their Governmental support which could then cause the insurmountable disarray of Sri Lanka's present administrative machinery which despite its implications the President seems to be defiant about overriding at least theoretically!
Consequently there has been an intrinsic briefing of cabinet members by the President of matters she believes are relevant to the well being of the Nation and linked to the appeasement of the LTTE Terrorists which are a far cry from what the JVP foresee as beneficial towards the common cause as eventual conflict within the ranks and file of the UPFA seem immnent as they foresee dire reprisals for Sri Lanka in many areas of security, sovereignity and territorial integrity should the persistence of the President and her allies towards reaching consensus on the Joint Tsunami pay off!

Taking another strange twist in the turn of events relating to the Joint Mechanism and its exhortations borne by Presidential opinion, the previously 'Joint mechanism Supportive' UNP under the prevaricative leadership of Ranil Wickremasinghe appears to have got 'cold feet' towards the issue of supporting the Joint Mechanism much to the chagrin of the President and somewhat indicative of the reality that it is indeed a proverbial curates egg, only good in parts and bad in some, projecting the confusion which must surely merit a closer look at whether or not implementing it in its present format is prudent and in the best interests of Sri Lanka!
This conclusion has to supported based purely upon the status of the LTTE as terrorists who have never relented their cause, image and objectives yet seem to have a free ride towards their own interests of accomplishment at the expense of the befuddled Administration which has to come up with a more viable solution which will please everyone concerened who has a legitimate beef to be disgruntled about signing away the entitlements and perhaps even the security of a greater proportion of the Nation's population which includes its majority Sinhalese, the Muslims, its other minorities and those Tamils who want no part of the Wanni Tigers even on a short term basis as it would be acceding control of areas inhabited by them to fully armed, internationally condemned and proscribed terrorists which would be reprehensible and totally unacceptable by any definition.
The envisioned peace which is obviously foreseen as an means towards the end of conflict and ethnic divides based upon the Joint Mechanism given the track record of the LTTE and their hitherto unrelenting stance of maintaining their image, objectives and the unconcealed march towards their goals which have been visibly apparent is more of an unmitigated gamble the Government could ill afford to take which could have far reaching consequences for Sri Lanka.



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