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A Rajapakse Win Is A Win For The Nation And A Pointer To The LTTE !

Time appropriate for the general voting population of Sri Lanka to be conscious of how important this forthcoming election would be towards posterity for future generations as well as the days to come in the immediate aftermath of November 17th 2005! If Ranil Wickremesinghe after all his lapses in the past through some incredulous eventuality wins the Presidency a very unlikely scenario if certain apparent anomalies turn against him as events unfold towards the runoff of the election it takes little deduction to conclude that a mandate for Wickremasinghe would indeed be a mandate for the terrorist Wanni Tigers. The rationale is based on the leniencies of Wickremasinghe handed out to the LTTE in the past where the Tigers most definitely would have won a personal victory and coast to their objectives with nothing to stop them should Wickremasinghe be victorious.

This has to be the foremost cognizance the Sinhala Nation has to take precautions against and something which now rests on the deliberations of the popular vote which must expunge and squeeze out even the tiniest semblance of doubt towards an unlikely and unwholesome Wickremasinghe win which could reasily plunge the Nation into one of circumspect doubt about where it is headed with an unpredictable and undependable individual such as Ranil Wickremasinghe at its helm. Someone it must be reiterated who would easily wager the securities of the Nation towards his own quest for personal power while signing off what rightfully belongs to the majority Sinhalese and their supportive minorities who face the danger of being overrun by a group of fully armed unrelenting terrorists through appropriate platforms provided for the cause by an obtuse and indiscriminate Ranil Wickremasinghe!

It has to be conceded in every area of rational thought that this would be a foregone conclusion if Wickremasinghe given his track record in the past is ever returned to power not at Prime Mnisterial level but at Presidential level this time around where the thought alone should send shivers up the spine of any patriotic voter who hopes to see the unitarity of Sri Lanka intact and her progress into the future consolidated through astute leadership which will give no impure concessions to her enemies through a reversal of policies which could jeapordize the preservation of her Sovereignity and Territorial integrity !

The LTTE at present despite their rhetoric which often runs from the sublime to the ridiculous through many pretended strenghts they purport to be capable of mustering, appear confused , in disarray and unsure of where they would end up without their champion Ranil Wickremasinghe and the leeway he would more than likely provide towards their objectives to which the added apprehensions which would be provided by their internecine enemy the Karuna Legions which appear daunting and a two pronged adversity which could cripple their objectives beyond reprieve. In the context of their being unrelenting terrorists this must be written off as poetic justice where they have neither a place for recognition in a Sovereign Sri Lanka nor within their own community!

As things stand despite minimal publicity for obvious reasons the Karuna threat does indeed present an imposing concern to the LTTE come election time when their shenanigans as prevalent as it was during the last general election which projected their proxy the TNA into parliament may very well be attempted encore, where this time around it has been observed by many analysts that the Karuna Factor may well be an LTTE deterrent as time will probably tell! Should the LTTE repeat their mendacious intimidations as they did previously despite the European Union Monitors who reported their activities they should not be reprieved and affirmative action immediately activated in whatever form necessary!

The LTTE however seem to have lost a lot of credibility in the North and East as the non LTTE supportive Tamils and the Muslims appear to be massing towards a surge of their own which refutes the autocratic policies of the LTTE and undoubtedly will provide much chagrin towards the Wickremasinghe cause where debilitated support for the LTTE would work in favour of further upliftment towards a Rajapakse win provided the LTTE are kept at bay from indulging in the intimidations they directed towards voters during the last election! They certainly no longer come across even by way of deception or subterfuge as the overall representatives of the Tamils in Sri Lanka which many Tamils scoff at when questioned and something which they must be greatly concerned about as the cat is out of the bag together with the non showing of their erstwhile leader Velupillai Pirapaharan in public and who it is alleged has taken an eternal swim into oblivion and S.P.Thamilselvam at the controls of a directionless vessel!

The LTTE thus far appear not only to have lost international credibility in the wake of the Col Muthaliph, The late Hon.Lakshman Kadirgamar and Col. Meedin asassinations in brutal perspective to add to a plethora of indiscriminate killings as part of their well co-ordinated on going albeit surreptitious attrocities which have not gone unnoticed both globally and nationally where the latter reference alludes towards the voting public of Sri Lanka!

An anticipated Rajapakse victory would drive the LTTE into deeper uncertainty where their claims of being the the sole representative of the Sri Lankan Tamils will be deeply dented as the victory would assuage multicultural support and make it nearly impossible for the Tigers to maintain this claim.As it is there are reports that LTTE supportive Norway is contemplating a pullout of their involvement in Sri Lanka's Peace effort and perhaps a decision of perception as Norway probably anticipates in hindsight the futility of further involvement in Sri Lankan peace affairs with Rajapakse as President.He has not minced his words about Norway and neither has he sounded conciliatory towards further Norwegian involvement which may augur well towards a completely different approach towards dealing with the LTTE issue without compliance to their directives which they sometimes dispense as though they were the hierarchy for which the Nation has Ranil Wickremasinghe and Norway to blame !!

One of the prime objectives of an incoming President therefore has to be a means to allay any National fears of the LTTE threats which are being uttered at a time when their bluff probably needs to be called in a Pre Election preamble. This is desperation time for the LTTE in a world which more than condemns terrorist organizations and terrorism and their need to survive despite their disoriented guise which is more than apparent by way of their rhetoric but a daunting proposition for a newly elected President to whom the terrorists might not necessarily pay homage. But then as an alternative, homage might be their only real means towards survival and an opportune time to deal with the issue effectively provided it is of a co-existential nature but a very hard sell which will involve the coming together of many strategies !

A Rajapakse win is a win for the Proud Nation of Sri Lanka and a pointer to the terrorists that heir days as terrorists might be numbered!



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