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The Aftermath Of The Tsunami A Humbling Reminder of Priorities And Fragilities.

In Sri Lanka at present there is a consensus amongst the more discerning as well as a general optimism amongst it indomitable population that the worst is over and that the two pronged battering this beautiful Island has taken from the evils of insurgency as well as the wrath of mother nature is now behind them and the time for reconciliation as well as rebuilding is at hand.
The task ahead may seem daunting but with the huge outpouring of aid and assistance from a compassionate world quick to respond to Sri Lanka at a time of dire need there is great optimism that the nation would bounce back to more than a modicum of her previous progress into the new millenium and that order and normalcy will be restored much sooner than previously forcast which speaks volumes for the resilience of her people combined with that of her leadership in the able hands of her matriarchal president who has certainly excelled in carrying out her duties to a distressed nation after the Tsunami onslaughts, maintaining the dignity of the land and distributing the requisites to the displaced and needy, completely in charge and unfazed in the face of much oppression from her critics and enemies who have been all but silenced despite their attempts to distract the world at large in pointing out their imagined shortcomings attributed to her unscrupulously and reason enough to the contrary for relief and gratitude for her presence at the helm of Sri Lankas progress still intact and undivided in unison for the best part!

There is much rebuilding to be done by way of cleaning up, identifying the dead and missing, restoring road systems, schools, housing and hospitals while maintaining sanitary conditions and tending to the sick and impoverished at a colossal level and there are already many well equipped professionals who have arrived in Sri lanka from many corners of the world to commence this rebuilding and jump start Sri Lanka's bounce back which speaks a lot for the co-ordinating effort by the authorities and the quick responses from the international community and permeates the Nation with the comforting thought that all is not lost and that the healing has begun.
When considering the initial destruction that manifest itself in a brief moment by the battering of the huge waves which tore everything to shreds in its wake, somewhat amazingly, out of the devastations of the Tsunami there seems to be a geneal air of conviction that some good has materialised and that a new beginning which Sri Lanka seemed desperately in need of having faced the LTTE insurgencies of the past at a heavy cost to both life and property has now dawned unexpectedly albeit with sad dispensations to the innocents affected yet from an unusal quarter, morbid as the concept might sound as already there are speculations that the insurgents might have been dealt a crippling blow with the heavy losses to their fighting machine as well as their leadership which certainly augurs positively towards the well being of the Nation yet too soon to speculate upon as there are greater priorities at hand towards the common good of all of Sri Lanka's citizens rather than worry about a decrepid group of cast aside terrorists who were on their way out nevertheless having been unrelenting towards their objectives which continued to pose a threat to Sri Lanka's sovereignity. While they have aggravatingly continued their quest for secession unabated in the past with hardly any right to do so they have been somewhat fortunate enough to have come this far, unquelled and with impunity to continue to be in the way of Sri Lanka's growth both economically and geopolitically before the tsunami hit, a perspective whicb appears to have changed radically as an aftermath of its devastations and perhaps a divine manifestation.

Sri Lanka now has an excellent chance of creating an all important pluralistic society with no divisions of ethnicities strong enough to destroy her sovereignity as the opportunity has come towards creating a brand new infrastructure where many old things and habits could be replaced by new as a much needed coming together of ethnic divides looms on the horizon where the expectations of such a positive outcome should never be shattered by the inroads of terrorism which has been so destructive in tha past.Time appropriate for the administration to strengthen its charge of the overall operations of Sri Lankas functioning within a sovereign infrastructure.

While being grateful to the International Community for the magnanimity and extent of their help and conscious of the concerns of all world leaders and institutions who have contributed their invaluable advice and expertise together with finances , equipment and personnel as much as they have for the other affected nations there is a humbling of thought towards how fragile all humans are on this planet of ours and how suddenly adversity and disaster can strike any given location with the least amount of prior warning despite all the advances of modern technology or predictable expectations and how helpless the victims of such an outcome could be as has been proven in the fortnight past.



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