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Pro Wickremasinghe Propaganda Alone Will Be Insufficient To Defeat Mahinda!

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Mahinda Rajapaksa,the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Presidential candidate, has great confidence that the initiative to make the ethnic question the basis on which to conduct his campaign to become President would be a winning one. There is no reason to doubt from every ethnic standpoint particularly the Tamil and Sinhala communities that his motivation is predominatly based upon upholding National interests as a means to confront the LTTE demand for autonomy/separation which the LTTE have never detracted from no matter what litanies they sing to the contrary.

This has forced his principal rival and has probably prompted his opposite number in the race Ranil Wickremesinghe of the United National Party (UNP), to back pedall and contradict the pro-LTTE stance he surreptitiously once maintained in an attempt to keep up with Mahinda Rajapakse who seems to have acquired a great measure of National confidence which in all probabilities will lead to success in the Presidential Election as the national response would then be motivated by the majority the Sinhala Buddhists and leave Mr Wickremasinghe veritably up a creek without a paddle as he would appear somewhat ludicrous and befuddled if he were to suddenly switch his campaign slogans to match those of his opponent! In short he could well become the laughing stock of the nation with his transparencies towards the LTTE exposed!

While wondering logically how the LTTE have any say in this Election, given their track record, the manner in which they manipulated the TNA's entry into parliament in the last election and the fact that prominent nations and entities have proscribed them disentitling them to any related legitiimacies or premise , they still continue to hover around the fringes of the Election perimeter in such abandon suggesting to the more astute of mind of a 'bad odour which never seems to go away!", it makes the more discerning as always point to the reality that their affront, arrogance and bravado are items which have been promoted by Ranil Wickremasinghe and his UNP cronies themselves together with their comrades in arms Norway which adds to the dubiousness of how under any circumstance such an individual merits being elected to the presidency! despite the latest speculations that the LTTE are expected to remain neutral for some inconceivable reason! as a cover towards helping the Wickremasinghe cause and the expectation that he may gain Tamil votes in the North and East which the analysts have correctly attributed to be a long shot which might not make its target and purely speculative!

To add a bit of spice to the electoral race which Mahinda Rajapakse seems to be leading comfortably at this juncture as the SLFP's candidate committed to finding a solution within a 'unitary' constitution towards maintaining the Sovereignity and territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka somewhat lukewarmly backed by the outgoing President and her Foreign Minister sibling which certainly the support from the Sinhala nationalist Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and the allegiance of Buddhist Monks in parliament Jathika Hela Urumaya(JHU) appear to be truly projecting the Rajapakse image Nationally as uplifting and the candidate most likely to win.

To the contrary and perhaps to the chagrin of the UNP their candidate Wickramasinghe seems to have been put into somewhat of a circumspect spot as his only alternative albeit a can of worms, which he might not want to open would be to promote a 'federal' constitution which is known to be the least the LTTE and the Tamils expect from the Sri Lankan hierarchy and a theme he seems to have cautiously avoided in the past with any perceivable intent.

The cautiousness of the LTTE, given their latest mood indicative through the Thamilselvam rhetoric of granting a free run to the Tamil Voters in the North and East seems also to have been strategically devised so that it may reach the attention of the outside world while synonymous with the expectation that it would boost the Wickremasinghe cause which time, not too far away hence will tell but a strategy which could easily backfire as there are many Tamil voters who are not necessarily aligned with LTTE or Wickremasinghe expectations as the stage is being set politically for some very interesting scenarios which could culminate in joy for the Nationalists and the agony of defeat for the LTTE and their champions!

The most appropriate question then which undoubtedly will more than likely be asked by many would be"What Next? Wiill the ethnic issue and the economic woes which have plagued the nation as a direct result of the insurgencies of the LTTE, and a scant measure of detail paid to the ravages of the Tsunami be resolved and the all important panacea be found by the New President?

Between the two front runners for the Presidency it certainly appears that whilst one is floundering on an issue which needs prioritising in a devil and the deep blue sea situation as a result of false promises made to an impure entity and the resultant direction change as far as where he seems to be headed, oblivion at a guess, the other seems very confidently headed towards a surging wave of National acceptance where the Nation seems to be hell bent on getting it right this time and leaving no room for terrorism or the hunger for personal power to take precedence over the best interests of Resplendent Sri Lanka although it may even then be a long time coming!

In conclusion , it may be cautionary for the bi -partisan Wickremasinghe sycophants who constantly carry LTTE Propaganda sheilded by their status as locally based correspondents for foreign' news rags' to desist from the falsely proclaimed theory in the best interests towards their credibilities!! on the recently propounded quote" that some talks are on to get the Tamil National Alliance to support the UNP, even if only informally. But the LTTE, which decides for the TNA, is unlikely to make up its mind soon.

It is expected to keep the UNP on tenterhooks till the last minute. If it finally decides to ask the TNA to back the UNP, it will be a shot in the arm for Wickremesinghe, who will then get hundreds of thousands of votes, which will be denied to Rajapaksa. In a close contest, which the November 17 election is likely to be, these votes may help carry Wickremesinghe to the Sri Lankan Presidency."end quote where the so called 'Hundreds of Thousands of Votes " an unattainable Pie In the Sky' in a Nation where even through coercion the LTTE and TNA would be ill equipped towards even a fragment of the specified numbers of votes bearing in mind the overall majority, an overwhelming one the Sinhalese hold over the minority Tamils where even in their enclaves the votes are divided and the support of the Muslims and others implicit towards the National Cause and Mahinda Rajapakse!



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