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The Whys ? And Wherefores! About The LTTE Having No Right Towards P-Toms Participation, Being Terrorists.

Has the proverbial Sword of Damocles finally descended upon the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam or about to do so as an aftermath of the terror attacks in London on September the 7th 2005? Any suicide bombers participation if discovered by forensics ever surfaces one could further cement the assertion beyond redemption as a huge lobby to eliminate the LTTE would then gain greater momentum than ever before being the founding fathers of the suicide bomber concept as part of their infamour repertoire!

While the USA has opted out of the Funding program of the P-TOMS it could be more than likely that the the British Government too are presently considering their options towards following the same path as the USA, The LTTE being a banned terror outfit in Britain also and should really have no great interpolations to make towards such a decision.

In the meantime somewhat questionably there are sources within the International Community still determined towards getting the Sri Lankan Government to work hand in glove with the terrorists as equal partners towards the distribution of Tsunami Aid which at the end of it all may end up being a fraction of the original amount of colossal proportions especially if other donor nations play follow my leader and a precedent created.The Government of Sri Lanka would then be playing a somewhat dangerous game of tag with the donors should a global message be broadcast through their own obstinate actions of palavering to terrorists and curtains for the P-TOMS in its present format if the unforeseen happens and the worst case scenario of a full scale pullout is effected! Sweet music in the ears of all opponents of the P-TOMS but not a favourable theme for the Tsunami Victims already undergoing insurmountable and apathetic hardships more than half a year after the disaster!

These international sources(Norway take a leading bow please!) lobbying for Sri Lankan Governmental joint participation with the LTTE terrorists ironiocally carry a massive banner for the cause of preventing international terrorism in their own countries where little sympathy is shown to terrorists or any one with affiliations to any form of terrorism but the call is on within Sri Lanka for its Government to tango with the LTTE and of course there are many dancers including her prevaricating President who seems to like the tunes emanating from the LTTE camp or perhaps tone deaf to the theme of protecting the Nation and securing it from dangerous terrorists while doing the Baila with the tigers!!

While the USA's decision to rescind their financial support for the P-Toms removes them from the liabilities of being a party to it, it may be fortuitous at this moment in the aftermath of the London Bombings, for Sri Lanka through a huge affirmation of the collective voices and petitions amounting to a huge lobby of its citizens to persuade the British Government to stand firm towards opposing LTTE participation in the P-TOMS on the single and very rational grounds that they are unrelenting terrorists who have no real claim towards any recognition as legitimate participants of any activity within Sovereign Sri Lanka while choosing to remain terrorists!

They have neither the legal nor constitutional right to this privilege which needs to be dinned into the mindset of any section of the International Community repeatedly if necessary as there are no two different concepts, double standards or idealogies of terrorism where one is entitled to be recognized legitimately by virtue of their being dubiously ensconced in a Sri Lankan environment ( thanks to the previous Administration which de-proscribed them) and others proscribed elsewhere globally which is somewhat of a joke which may have dire ramifications for the Nation as this scenario continues to unfold!

The nagging concern which faces the purist in quest of legitimacy to all of this is the mind boggling reality that a Sovereign Nation appears to have agreed (never too late to re-consider and re-structure the P-TOMS of course! ) to grant legitimacy to a bunch of ruthless terrorists who have never shown an iota of remorse for their past horrendous crimes against humanity and continue their arrogant stance towards baiting a somewhat naive Sri Lankan President caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, one which seems to be receding further into oblivion as her support dwindles and she in all probabilities desperately ponders her own future perhaps even above and beyond the importance of that of the Nation!

On the issue of the so called rebel held areas needing immediate restitution it seems time opportune to demostrate to the International Community the sheer illegitimacy of the LTTE who either need to be persuaded to give up their terrorist image and accept the singlemost importance of Sri Lankan Sovereignity in order that the suffering in these areas are tended to by legitimate not terrorist controlled means or face the consequences as they have no claims to their ownership or its premise towards administering them wherein the problem lies.

The Government seems simply spineless to confront the issue by following a straight path towards affirming Sri Lankan's overall sovereignity and a lapse which should have been set right many moons ago! A certain Major General who once instilled terror into the very terrorists and virtually had them on the run must surely be heard going Tsk! Tsk somewhere in the confines of his present diplomatic domicile!

The alternative choice therefore seems bending towards the will of the LTTE who neverthelessin all irony seem not only depleted but also without head honcho Velupillai Pirapaharan who seems to have all but dissapeared into the blue yonder and his administrative (cacophonic!) duties seem to have been taken over by a somewhat incoherent backup with a tendency to babble! S.P.Thamilchelvam whose arrogance needs to be brought down a peg or two if the all encompassing lady can swing this reality without the use of a Cleveland Slugger!

Furthermore if the Western World is determined to hunt terrorists without ceding to them as proclaimed in all their manifestos of recent repute, they should assist Sri Lanka in her hour of need without a double standard nor compromise towards the real issue of eliminating international terrorism!

It has also to be considered urgently that the more liberal minded Tamils and Muslims in the North and East who do not voice opposition to the LTTE for fear of reprisals yet vehemently unprepared to accept the LTTE as their representative deserve considerations towards their own safety and freedom. Cause enough for the revocation of the P-TOMS in its present format especially at a time when the USA and UK cite legal problems toward accepting the concept of funding proscribed terrorist groups.

Postscript to this editorial : A quote by a prominent writer to Lanka Web "These Governments could intervene to disarm the LTTE under threat and force them to follow a democratic path." who continues in all wisdom to say "The Sovereignity of Sri Lanka as much as any other Sovereign Nation is absolute! Perhaps a National Referendum to affirm the will of the Nation should have been conducted yet sorely missed!"



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